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  1. Concerned

    Why re-email stories from 2009, let alone stories that were never substantiated? It was confirmed in this attack by that the FDA was not investigating Nutro. If you’re going to re-air what was supposed dirty laundry, then add a follow-up with what the truth turned out to be when the facts were found out-although the facts should’ve been found out before any story was ever posted. I used to value the information provided by Truth about Pet Food, but now that I’m receiving these dozens of emails daily regarding past stories, I question the authenticity and truthfulness of it. I had believed that the stories posted on the site were investigated and proven such as recalls. I see time and time again (thanks to the massive daily emails) that this is not the case. Peculiar that millions of dogs lead perfectly healthy lives eating the very same foods that a handful of dogs supposedly get sick or die from. If the food is the cause, proof will be discovered such as in the recalls. When there is absolutely no proof linking pet sickness or death to a particular food, and you air these stories with no viable back up, all it does is fuel the fire and put people into a panick. I very much appreciate the work you do to better the pet food industry, but the power you hold must take into account those who believe everything they read without investigating the whole story and just running with what little they know (and not knowing if that little is true).

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Concerned – I am moving the content from (which was hacked) to this site – that’s why you are receiving the dated stories. I’m not emailing the stories – but if you are subscribed to this site, you do receive notice when new content is posted (even if it is dated content).
      As for this particular story, I spent a great deal of time speaking with Lisa Wade McCormick (Consumer Affairs journalist) who was in charge of this investigation. They did many FOIA requests from FDA and had significant evidence. There was no judgement made. However, I represent pet owners – not industry. I believe pet owners – when they know the food caused the death or illness of their pet. It’s happened to me – 20 years ago. And it was my vet (thankfully) that opened my eyes.

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