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Another AAFCO Update

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  1. Nina Wolf

    unseen detrimental effects? I’m so angry I could spit. I am spitting. Right now.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      So agree Nina –

  2. Batzion

    Nina Wolf, I am spitting, too.

    Susan, what do you think about contacting the Presidential candidates again after the Iowa Caucus?

  3. cathy

    you said: Waste material recycled into animal feed/pet food is right now a violation of federal law. It’s just that no regulatory authority (FDA) chooses to enforce those federal laws.

    I am constantly asking my politicians and on social media: why do we over pay the US congress to keep passing laws? if they are not enforced? and why tax us? if Washington can just print and spend dollars with no correlation to anything?

    we elect these people. we need to cut their pay to the national average wage and hold them accountable for all these laws they pass such as pet food quality and immigration. our ONLY power is at the ballot box. voting out every incumbent, every election, every time would get their attention.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      You are so right Cathy. Something that was discussed this morning in the Pet Food Committee is The Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act. In 2007 after the 2007 pet food recall, Congress wrote the Amendments Act and told FDA to have several things for pet food completed by 2009. Some of these things STILL have not been done. But no one in Congress is following up with their own rules. Plus, Congress doesn’t fund FDA well enough to enable them to get things done in a timely manner. It all circles back to our politicians.

  4. Jude from Maine

    Is there anyone who represents Maine in an official position or an activist group whom I could contact?

  5. Marisa Siconolfi

    Hi Susan, would you have that woman’s name from the canadian regulatory authority? I would like to know where all these meetings will be held in Canada as I am from Canada.
    Susan, thank-you for doing what you do…..we are all very lucky to have someone like you on our side.

  6. Anthony Hepton

    “unforeseen, detrimental consequences” were not being experienced by the pets or their owners in the eyes if FDA, so they must be there representing the rendering companies and those who sell their products to pet feed manufactures who then claim these products as “meat”. Some of these products should be disposed of as fertilizers, FDA should see that as a realistic alternative.

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