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The Perfect Pet Food Safety Advocate Tool

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  1. Adriana Rojas

    Too funny! Susan, I think it’s the “perfect” tool! If nothing else, it’ll make the meeting a rather memorable one!

  2. Woofielover

    I LOVE this! Next you just need a large red flashing “NO” sign on a post that connects to the button when you press it!

  3. Wendy

    Ha ha. Susan, we love you. Thank you for fighting the good fight!

  4. Elizabeth McMahon

    What would we all do if you weren’t fighting this good fight on the behalf of not only yourself, but all of us? Loving your button. It’s aces.

  5. Debi Crawford

    I wish we could all go with you (wearing bright shirts with NO all over them)

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I wish everyone could be there too! Thanks to everyone for your support.

  6. Kent Petersime

    Youv’e got the Plan Susan. Hey It might even work. And when you get them straight I want to to go to Washington because that will be your next project. Toss them out and bring in a fresh batch. Ha.

  7. joan

    I went to the AFFCO meeting website to see where it is this year. Is it the one in New Mexico? If it is…..Good Grief! They want $500 to $600! (I think that is designed to keep us consumers away). Then there is the lodging for about $100 per night. And travel to get there. All that adds up to $$$$ I think it would be great if we all could hire you as our representative and help pay for some of that.

  8. Anita Guns

    You go girl!! Thank you for all you do for us – I also wish we could all go with you and stand together! All the Best.

  9. Annie

    Ms Susan;
    Can’t wait to read all about it!


  10. Wanda Sanders

    Love it!!!

  11. Sharon O

    You are great – but don’t forgert ACE is the place!

  12. Timothy McCarthy

    We have the “Bullshit” button at work. Think about takin’ that one with ya too, you’ll be workin both buttons when you hear what they have to say:o)

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Another great tool!

  13. Wayne Byrd

    Good for you, Susan! Give ’em hell for all of us.

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