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A Pet Food Ingredient to be Wary of: Menadione Sodium Bisulfate

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  1. Phil

    Hi Susan – thanks for your hard work in maintaining your web site with helpful and up2date information.

    I have a question about wet cat food. I have 5 cats raging in ages of 4-11 years. Currently I feed them one can of Fancy Feast Elegant Medley per day and for dry food – Innova Low Fat Adult dry cat food. Are these good and healthy foods to feed them in your opinion?
    What are the top 3 healthiest wet cat food I can feed them, again, in your opinion?

    Thanks Much!

  2. Georgia Picton

    An example for pets, veterinarians will administer an injection of K1 (not the synthetic K3) to a pet who has consumed a rat poison which causes internal bleeding. Food sources of natural vitamin K (K1) are green leafy vegetables; which are not on the ‘top ten’ list of many pets.

  3. goodforu2002store

    Why aren’t the manufacturer’s also required to post warning labels on there cans, and bags, so that I can make a better decision as to what I will give my dog? Right now I give him the Rachel Ray dry food, but now what, I heard that “Menadione Sodium Bisulfate” is bad?

    Also, why aren’t daily allowances of vitamins, and nutrition labels on the food, so I can see how good it really is? I guess the manufacturer’s, and veterinarians have us owners where they want us (confused state) so we will continue purchasing there items without any questions regardless of quality.

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