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  1. Sigrit Morghen

    Susan I Really admire your fortitude in this battle. Don’t know what we would do without your willingness to take them on. Hopefully more people will support your efforts. THANK YOU SUSAN…Sigrit…

  2. Nora

    Susan, I applaud everything that you’re doing to see that our beloved pets live long and healthy lives. I worry that the “powers that be” will see the deaths that they’re causing. I wonder what they feed their own pets???!!! Susan, I do hope you persevere and that a breakthrough will come soon. In my opinion your efforts will not go unheeded. I do think though that you should start your own pet food factory. I would be the first to purchase your products. Right now I do feed my cat Wellness and some Purina wet food but most of the time I feed her human meat either cooked or not depending on what she prefers…raw chicken hearts, cooked chicken drumsticks (no bones), a little cheese, sardines packed in water, pink canned salmon, raw ground beef, etc. She is thriving not just surviving. On top of that she catches her own mice, birds (sorry bird lovers), squirrels, etc. Keep up the good work Susan. God bless you!

  3. Duncan Ness

    Oh Dear: our tax money at work!

    1. Jude

      Our tax money at work? It would be nice if our tax money was, indeed, at work. Unfortunately, I think it’s the pet food money at work to maintain the status quo. I’m going to send this to my senators and reps to give them a head’s up on what they probably already know about, because I really want to get their responses.

      It makes me so mad that the citizens of our country have lost control of having a regarded say on how our country is being run. Just because it’s been this way for eons doesn’t mean it has to continue.


  4. Kristi Clark

    This meeting made me furious to think about the millions and millions of our tax dollars that are spent on FDA bureaucrats and operational costs, as they refuse to do their job to protect people and animals from harmful food and drugs. This brought tears to my eyes about the pets and their families who will continue to go through the heartbreak, pain and expense of disease as a direct result of the FDA’s refusal to stand up and declare that no pet food shall contain non-slaughtered animals. What are we paying these people for? Hey, FDA, show us you are not corporate puppets, but instead professionals with integrity!!!!! I stand proudly with Susan, Truth About Pet Food and all pet parents. Enough is enough!

  5. Barb

    Thank you for all of your efforts, Susan!

  6. Laurie Raymond

    On the question “So you want to see billions of animals in landfills?” the correct answer is, there is a solution to biological waste on this scale, and it has to do with employing mushrooms to convert decomposing animal tissues into soil-enriching material. What to do with dead beings, including ourselves (other than convert them into cheap and potentially deadly “feed” for other animals) is a serious question that deserves serious attention — NOT to be used as an excuse for corporate intransigence in pursuit of short term profit.

  7. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    Would any group of lawyers even consider taking on litigation of the FDA? It is blatant obstruction of LAW! How the hell can they get away with this?!!!!!!!!!

    I just love how they completely disregard & disrespect the USDA! When a branch agency of the gov’t is even vocal about these endotoxin concerns, & the FDA’s response to that, is trying to throw it on them, “maybe the USDA should do the testing” when they damn well know it’s their job to do! it is totally infuriating!!!! Then to add insult to injury, the FDA says, if they tested the food, they would only test a handful of foods! WTH!? Oh, I see, they spend a ton of money completely unjustifiably , testing a whole bunch of raw pet foods, yet many many brands of “feed”, millions of pounds, were shown to be contaminated with micotoxins, but thats just no big deal! Now they have slim to none concern about the endotoxins as well.

    The FDA is as corrupt and negligent as you can get! I trust them, NOT!!!!!!

    I wish it could have brought up to the FDA, the issue about euthanized pets in pet “feed”.
    That issue, is something that is beyond a horror story!. I swear, when I talk to people about that issue, people look at me like I am making up a story! They can’t believe it could be true…just like a lot of people wouldn’t believe that the FDA BLATANTLY is turning a blind eye, just as they clearly know that 4D animals used in pet “feed” is causing illness & death due to endotoxins. Clearly violating government laws!

    ***SUSAN—IMPORTANT!*** Several blogs ago, there were many people speaking of how we can expose many of these issues on a grander scale, in an expose. Well, I just had a pretty good idea. Please consider contacting Bill Maher. He is a huge animal advocate, & he is executive producer of VICE, on HBO. The show does exposes on many relevant societal issues. Of course, a full length documentary is what needs to be done, but if the topic was first introduced on VICE, it could elevate the issue more wide-spread & maybe Bill Maher could help be a catalyst to open doors & possibly even help partially finance a full documentary on the plight of the struggle uncovering toxic “petfeed” & how it’s sickening & killing our beloved pets. It can’t hurt to try!

    1. M Jones

      Excellent idea!

  8. Casey

    It’s all down to profit. They see profit in the non-slaughtered animals, but only if they are fed to OUR pets. Our pain and loss does not factor one whit.

    What we need is new leadership there. New leadership that puts consumers before special interests.

  9. Caron

    This is truly horrifying. I wonder if these FDA employees are getting kickbacks from Big Pet Food? I would love to see a documentary and expose on what is going on behind the scenes.

    Thank you for standing up for us.

    I am speechless.

  10. Cathy

    Why don’t we start an online petition on this issue? They are very effective when the public be comes aware and a government agency is brought to task?

  11. Dianne

    If the FDA person is who I think it is, that person used to work for Monsanto and we know how concerned they are with our health and the state of the environment. They have more money than they know what to do with and it still isn’t enough. They wont be happy until every farm in the world is growing only their gmo seed. As soon as marijuana became legal, they started working on gmo marijuana. Just disgusting.

    Anyway, he probably honed his skill at deflection and turning a blind eye during his tenure working with/ or for Monsanto. It is also shocking how many people in government positions started out with Monsanto. The Clintons have strong ties to Monsanto. I wish someone at one of the rallies asks them about the FDA and pet food.

    I also wonder what Michael Moore is doing these days.

  12. Lori S.

    This is so bizarre. Can the FDA just decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore based on their own assessment of the risks? Or are they supposed to enforce **all the laws**?

    I do understand and believe that funding is critically short (thanks to conservatives in Congress), and they have to prioritize what to do with severely limited funds. But it sounds like they are making choices (and excuses) based on opinion, and, probably, lobbying. The galling thing is saying that their lack of enforcement is, at worst, irrelevant, and, at best, a good thing. They never just say: we are failing to enforce the law. It is a failure.

  13. Flick, Dot and Buzz

    Thank you for all your hard work Susan, for your fortitude in listening to this shocking s*&( from the FDA. Is there any process by which the public can petition the USDA to control the FDA?

  14. Debi Cohen

    How the heck do you keep sane Susan???? your are a much stronger person then I, I know walking out is not an option, but it would be hard to speak to people that will not listen.

  15. Epony Mousime

    Thank you for your advocacy and persistence. I wouldn’t have been able to perform as well as you did in the midst of such frustrating inanity. I fear that nothing will be done in the near future to resolve this unless/until hundreds of thousands of people speak up. And most don’t know about it. I’ve had 4 animal companions dies of liver and kidney failure. The vet speculated it may have been due to chemicals in the carpeting. It’s probably due to a combination of toxins in the environment; but we should certainly expect to have safe and healthful food for our animal companions. Without influential big bucks and lobbying muscle, I feel we will continue to be ignored.

  16. Virginia Chapson

    “Enraged” is not a strong enough word to express how I feel about the FDA’s complete lack of responsibility
    and concern for what their illegal actions, which go unpunished, have done to our pets. I feel like opening
    my window and screaming my outrage to the world,
    Thank you, ad infinitum, Susan for fighting for our rights.

  17. Ron W

    It’s a real travesty the way FDA is responding to the inquiries on pet food. Remember this is also the same agency that approves all the Medications that you may take. If you observe the ads that are aired or published in various periodicals you will find limited drug trials and so called fast track approval all through the payoff of the governing agency. Stands to reason it’s in their best interest to accept the payola and ignore the safety of the public and pets. Until that changes we’re banging our heads against a very hard brick wall. There was far more oversite of drugs prior to any advertisement of drugs and the agency was staffed with people that were interested in enforcing regulations it is entrusted with. As concerned pet owners and lovers we have a very long and hard road to travel. (20+ years in clinical research)

    1. Jude

      You are spot on, Ron. The FDA doesn’t protect our pets or us as citizens. FDA fails us both. Pet food, pet drugs, human food and human drugs are supposed to be monitored for validity and safety. The FDA “drops the ball” on all of this.

  18. barbara m.

    The FDA’s reply regarding the testing for endotoxins, that it:
    “would be a multi-million dollar testing project that is not within the FDA budget”… rather than complying with the law.

    Could it be the FDA’s decision to ignore the law is due to financial concerns? When proposed changes to the status quo presented to the hierarchy within the FDA, it no doubt comes down to a decision regarding money.

    In 2015, the military spent $601 BILLION. That’s BBBillion, folks. Whereas the FDA spent only $335 million, and the USDA spent $139 million. Billion vs. million. In a perfect world, I can see some trimming done to a certain part of the government, that could benefit both the FDA and USDA.

    1. Anthony Hepton

      Barbara m, the FDA could avoid that multi-million testing for endotoxins by requiring those who choose to use the potentially contaminated products and the renderers who choose to sell their products as pet food rather than fertilizer, to pick up the tab for this much needed research. Until the manufacturers of the potentially contaminated products have data that have been peer reviewed and are available for public review, they should be required to put a WARNING label on every container of product.

  19. barbara m.

    Yes, Anthony. That is a great idea, to require the manufacturers and renderers to pick up the tab for the testing. Unfortunately, this is a non-issue. There will be no testing, because at this time there are no minimum levels established for endotoxins. This will be decades down the road. In the meantime, what do you do with 4 billion pounds of rotting carcasses? Make pet food, of course. So, the public needs to become more informed as to what exactly is allowable in pet food, such as: Cancerous tumors, liver flukes, abscessed tapeworms, (too name a few of the hundreds allowed). The parts of the animals “stick marks”, where animals have been injected with antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs that are cut from the carcasses that are going to human consumption. Carbolic acid, kerosene…Flea collars.

    1. Anthony Hepton

      Barbara M, You are correct in stating that there are no minimum levels established for endotoxins, and FDA stated that they were not about to undertake that chore any time soon. However, there is a requirement on the part of the manufacturer to produce a safe product and USDA has already stated that the ingredients of rendering contain endotoxins that can cause disease. I contend that the manufacturers are obliged to develop data that they share with the public that shows their products are safe.
      Dr McChesney of FDA/CVM has written ” The simple assertion of this safe use thus does not satisfy the burden the proponents of the use bear to establish general recognition” and further “General recognition cannot be based on an absence of studies that demonstrate a substance is unsafe, there must be studies or other information to establish that the substance is safe” My question to Purina and the other users of these products is WHERE ARE YOUR DATA SHOWING YOUR INGREDIENTS ARE SAFE? Purina will not allow this topic to be discussed, they just assert that FDA allows it.

      1. barbara m.

        We seem to be going around in circles.
        You say that manufacturers of pet food are required to produce a “safe product”; but regarding endotoxins and the minimum levels issue, the manufacturers do not have to test their product for endotoxins until a N.O.A.E.L. test has been done – determining the No Observable Allowable Effect Level. This can be done by a university. Then Congress can enforce the law. Until then, a WARNING label would be a great idea, but who is going to enforce them to do this?

        1. Anthony Hepton

          These are great points, but USDA has already stated that endotoxins cause disease, isn’t that an observable adverse effect? I would be delighted to see a warning label on those products containing endotoxins until a tolerance is set, unfortunately the manufacturers have FDA protecting them.

          1. barbara m.

            Yes, USDA stated that endotoxins were unsafe, and it may or may not be “an observable adverse effect”; but, because it’s not their purview, they can’t do anything… is how I see it. USDA – human food. FDA – pet food (feed). Then there are the manufacturers.
            The whole thing stinks.

  20. Nora

    I still wonder what the employees and CEO’s of these huge pet food manufacturing facilities right down the line to the guy that sweeps the diseased crap off the floor of the processing rooms feed their own pets? Boggles the mind! Hey! Maybe they don’t know? Secrets abound. Horrifying!

  21. Dianne

    I don’t suppose there are publically available minutes for these meetings?

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