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Pet Fooled

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  1. Laurie Raymond

    As a store owner who constantly coaches customers on pet food selection, only carrying 3 lines of kibble and still insisting that these foods be augmented with fresh, whole foods, I would love to obtain a copy of this film! I would hold a showing and use it widely as an educational tool! Will it be possible to purchase the DVD?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know if it will be available for sale, my guess would be it will be however. You could message them on Facebook and ask (Pet Fooled).

    2. Linley Dixon

      what are your 3 lines of kibble?

  2. DJ

    I sure wish this film would be shown on a TV program such as Frontline… is likely to be watched by many more people that way….

  3. Jane

    Yes! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Maybe some of the doubters will come around if they see a documentary showing many of the things we’ve been sharing with them. I’m definitely going to see this. I live about 10 minutes from the theater showing it at the Utopia Film Festival. I’m going to let my veterinarians’ office know, too. They are right down the road. Maybe one of them can attend and learn something. It would be great for all our vets to see this movie if we can get a copy to them if it is released on demand or can be streamed on line in the future.

  4. Pat P.

    This film needs to be seen by the pet-food-purchasing public–more than just the D.C. film festival. This opportunity must not be squandered! I hope they really promote, publicize and make this documentary highly accessible!

  5. Peter

    Among other issues, if the finished film contains images of recycling ingredients through rendering, it will have to be censored or probably rated for restricted audiences in the US. And perhaps a requirement for vomit-bags to be distributed to viewers in advance.

  6. Sami Thompson

    I’m waiting to see what kind of push-back there is from the Pet Food Business. (Not meant to be depressing.) However, since Susan has experienced less-than-pleasant “push-back” simply for publishing facts, it makes me wonder.

  7. Cheryl Bond

    As other commentor’s have mentioned, I also think it is imperative that they offer this movie in DVD format, as well as being able 2 b purchased through on demand, & Internet streaming. Once it gains some momentum, it should definately be pitched to mainstream TV programs such as 20/20, 60- Minutes, etc. It sure will be an uphill battle because their “parent companies” probably own some, if not all, of the companies that make & sell the offending pet products that they are exposing in this film.

  8. Gary Hollis

    I don’t know if the bought and paid for liberal media will touch this or not! I am afraid it will be up to people like us in this forum to spread the word about this film to all our friends and family by word of mouth and social media and in addition, continue to support people like Susan Thixton and Dr. Karen Becker.

    1. Tammy Swift

      Ridiculous. Conservative policy makers – and the news sources that churn out their propaganda – are much more likely to insist that minimal regulation is needed in industry. Their bottom line is profit, and they routinely push back against increased regulation because that increases corporate operating exoenses and oversight. You may have many other reasons to skewer the ‘liberal media,’ but this is not one of them. In my experience, the liberal media is more likely to ‘afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted’ (i.e., children, animals, minorities) which is actually the whole point of journalism and the Fourth Estate. It is NOT to play crony to corporate greed, which is largely responsible for lousy, dangerous, unregulated food for our pets in the first place.

      1. Reader

        This has nothing to do with politics. And everything to do with ethical behavior. Sorry to burst your bubble. The Evangers’ debacle and the foundation for the Mars lawsuit (to name only two) happened during the last 8 years. Doesn’t mean the next 4 years will be any better. Only that it doesn’t make any difference. Which is the point. This is about PEOPLE (voters, stakeholders, employees) not choosing to do the right thing concerning the health and safety of humans and pets!! READ the Mars lawsuit … you’ll get the gist of things. The problems at MARS was pointed out, and would’ve been a very easy situation to address and correct.

        EXCEPT “somebody” chose to make the matter “go away” instead. How can these individuals sleep at night.

  9. Eve

    For YEARS i have been educating my house pet sit clients and friends this EVEN trying to re-educate ignorant and might I say some arrogant Vet Nurses – who am I oh, just a Animal Attendant who has worked over 20 years in veterinary husbandry in vet hospitals, zoo parks, rescue and rehabilitation for animals – I’ve owned companion pets since I was 5. I know more about Pet Nutrition than majority of Vet Nurses – I mean the ones who PUSH Processed Pet Food in their workplace – I actually REVERSED FELINE DIABETES from 5iu per day to 1iu per day in just 3 months! And got verbally abused by few vet nurses working at the ryde clinic – I HOPE they WATCH THIS FILM…It would be a healthy slap in the face. Some people don’t believe or want to listen to you if your not a celebrity. When all it is is 40 million years of revolution and COMMON SENSE – feed your pet junk food and your pet will live like junk PERIOD.

    1. Faerie DogMother

      Bless your heart #inspiration I too help reverse pet health problems caused by these “Processed poisons”… cleaning up after the mess created by an immoral and “not present” medical & pet “food” community. It’s OURgrassroots effort: Vets, manufacturers & drug co. are entrenched/invested in “sick care” & profit from *OUR* animals. They are making our animals sick! Dogs bodies are designed to live 25-30 years

  10. Alex Kislaitis

    Hi Everyone,

    I work with Dr. Royal and we’re excited to announce that we have a release date! The world wide release of Pet Fooled, an investigative expose of the inner workings inside the commercial pet food industry, which has went largely unchallenged until now, will be January 10th, with a premiere screening in CHICAGO. You can buy your tickets right here –

    We hope to see anyone and everyone that cares about the pet food industry at the screening!

  11. leannan

    There is a possible (58 more people needs to sign up, by Nov 14th?, for the viewing to go forward) screening in Denver Nov 29th 2016

  12. Reader

    Actually the DVD is now for sale, available on Amazon,com

    People who watch it should provide feedback here, as to, whether or not it will help convince people who are not already following TAPF to change their dog’s diet? It’s the public who needs to be convinced in order to help our Advocacy efforts!

  13. […] Pet Fooled. Great documentary for all pet owners If you haven't seen it yet, check out Pet Fooled. It's on Netflix worldwide and you can also rent it for 99c on iTunes. It gives some insight into our pets diet and the pet food industry for those out there curious to learn more and feed the best diet they can for their pets and pet health. Pet Fooled – Truth about Pet Food […]

  14. Chris

    I’m sorry, but the masses say they care but they don’t. You can see it on Craigslist. I was a disbeliever for many years and a very distant but dear friend made me go to a seminar about an alternative diet for pets. Reluctantly I went and to my surprise the woman giving the seminar had brought her Newfoundlands and she was feeding them turkey necks. She started talking and none of it made any sense right up to the moment she said this, Dogs/wolfs are scavengers all through history eating dead animals left overs from other things left behind, but domesticated dogs have been only eating processed food for 75 years, I’m sorry evolution doesn’t happen that quickly.” Meaning that their digestive track has not caught up the change. From that statement I knew she was right. Since that time which was 15 years ago, I made the change in diets from processed foods to raw meat & bones. After watching the movie, I started buying Jack Links beef jerkey as treats for my best friends and as a treat yes I give them a McDonalds burger. The only table scraps they get is to lick the plates before they go into the dishwasher. They get the carrot peelings, cucumber peelings, apple cores minus the seeds head lettuce leafs, strawberry tops, plus we give them crushed/ground flaxseed. When you start getting into this you need to look at other things also. Cleaning products on hard surfaces on the floors. Remember dogs and cats lick their feet. As a weed killer on our paver patio I use salt, which I think is a lot better than anything else I have found. I can talk bout this for a long time but let me end by saying I liked the movie. I know a little about the subject of processed foods since I work at a meat processor with a rendering facility on site and a render on the north side of our company. I see both sides of the story, but before you poo poo come up with a “better” way to “use the products from animals that people wont buy well alone eat.

    1. Reader

      This is a nutty comment. So what are you saying. And what does Craigslist have to do with the point (or the post). For one thing, people “don’t care” because they don’t know any better. Even when informed, they can’t believe the worst of it. So most (unfortunately) learn from hard experience. It can take an abundance of exposure to the facts to be educated on the subject. I would’ve liked to have read a little more about the specifics of the film. What was the point THEY were making and what could be learned from it, particularly from the perspective of an uninformed viewer?

      Dogs and wolves are related, but their survival dependency is different. Wolves MUST scavenge constantly. The energy expended on the hunt, is barely offset by what is acquired. So nature has made sure they access the purest form and the most instantaneously bioavailable source of nutrition possible. Dogs “can” survive scavenging (though it better be balanced). But through the domestication process, they have continued to be bred based on formulated diets. The quality of which is a different focus, than the idea of it being a ready-made meal. Meaning the PROBLEM with commercial PF diets is the inferior ingredients and other risk factors involved. Also compromising the nutrient value are degrading processing methods. There are advantages to consuming completely bioavailable nutrients. But carefully balanced and prepared home cooking is also valuable. Formulated diets “could” be, it they were indeed rich and reliable. So a 75 year “transition” period isn’t the issue at all. The fact of incorrectly manufactured and damaged food sources … are.

      Table scraps are vilified because most people eat highly processed, sugar infused diets of fast food and other inappropriate pet food ingredients (toxic, excessively fatty, incorrectly seasoned, etc.). While wholesome treats are fine, jerky “can” be excessively salted and highly and artificially preserved. Personally, am not sure I’d trust McDonalds’ meat sources (targeted for economy burgers) any more than I would mega-chicken producers. But sin rests in quantity, not tidbits.

      Serving raw is admirable, keeping in mind the sourcing (and processing) of it is just as important. Perhaps you have direct access to meat that is indeed USDA Approved for human consumption! But it would be rather unnerving to work anywhere near a rendering facility, given what we already know about some horrifying mistakes suppliers have been making lately. I do hope your plant is the exception. Not sure about what other “better” way there is of using organ meats and non-prime cuts. But we can only HOPE they’re being targeted for ethical and appropriate use in the marketplace! Unfortunately, the reports on processed meats lately, aren’t exactly stunning either. Back in the day, our local butcher sold every part of a carcass or would supply any on demand. The problem is, people don’t do enough scratch cooking anymore, to make volume sales work, so those ingredients have disappeared from retail, or can only be obtained through special order.

      The most disconcerting part of the post was reading about dogs (on a raw diet!) licking plates before going into the dishwasher. Unless that water is running at a sterile temperature, with a good disinfecting agent, the results could be kind of dicey. I would guess an accumulation of bacteria over time. But to each his own! And I happen to be a germaphobe anyway. 😉

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