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Pet Food Past and Present

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  1. Mirsades McIver

    The FDA is useless when it comes to caring for our pets. Here is a comment I sent out online.

    More proof for you to make you think about what you are feeding your precious pets. Maybe it’ll be the stray dog or cat you saw running down the street the other day. Or maybe it’s your neighbor’s pet that had to be put to sleep. The FDA is not as great as you think it is when it comes to protecting the health of our pets and yes….even our health. Why you ask?? Because they use animals from animal control, veterinarians, slaughter houses, road kill, store waste, restaurant grease/waste, etc. to manufacture pet food and also animal feed that is fed to cows, pigs, sheep, fish etc. that end up on our dinner table.

    Click on the link and read it for yourselves and then use your voice to speak up for the animals that can’t, and tell the FDA to start obeying the law and stop this madness!!!!!

  2. Jeanne Anderson

    Thank you for your extra time.

  3. Pat Lee Carignan

    unfortunately my library doesn’t have the Keith Wood article, nor do any others in the systems near me, I did read the .pdf about Valley Proteins. Is there another way to read the dark side of recycling? How you found these is amazing to see how many years the FDA has let this danger be ignored.

  4. Pat Lee Carignan

    never mind I found it via google search.

  5. Pet Food

    i always thought that pets food should be home made thank you for the time you put into this, this info is for all of pet owners.

  6. Deep Search

    I remember reading about euthanized cats and dogs being shipped overseas to be fed to farmed fish and shrimp raised for human consumption around 2005. When other countries stopped buying beef from the US due to health risks and concern over mad cow, they also stopped importing rendered euthanized pets because the cats and dogs were sold under the umbrella term “beef by-products.” The bodies of companion animals were stockpiled until the ban on US “beef” imports was lifted.

    Euthanized remains of cats and dogs can also be found elsewhere, as the rendered oils can be used in other consumer products as well as farm animal feed. We just don’t know. At least one rescue in CA was investigating West Coast Rendering and wanted to “build a case against them” back around 2009.

  7. kake79

    And now a recall due to pentobarbital in pet food…

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