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Paying Double for Pet Food

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  1. Chris

    What is “provided they are not otherwise in violation of the law”?

    including those using animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, provided they are not otherwise in violation of the law.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      That means if the ingredient violates any other law (one that they enforce). As example FDA enforces a zero tolerance for live Salmonella bacteria. but the agency could care less about dead Salmonella bacteria which produce endotoxins that are more dangerous to the pet than live Salmonella bacteria. FDA practices “selective enforcement” which means they pick and choose which laws they enforce.

  2. Faith Jones

    Thank you, Susan for your continual research and information! Your unrelentless work has to make a difference! To just get FDA to do their job!

  3. Sharon

    So terribly sad!

  4. Anne

    Making the FDA accountable for doing its job in protecting the public and our animals would be a long and arduous battle.
    However – we are not powerless and we need to use our power where it will count. Stop buying dog and cat food. This will hit the manufacturers where it will be noticed — in their profits – until they become accountable for what they put in their food. Stop the chain of blame! The FDA doesn’t do its job, the meat suppliers sell tainted meat, and the pet food manufacturers don’t care about our companion’s health.
    Making your own food takes a little more time, but is better for our animals in the long run. I’ve been making my animal’s food for over 35 years and the payoff is in better health, longer lives, and fewer vet bills.

    1. Opie Catt

      M-A-N-Y animal care-givers are elderly, handicapped or both — physically unable to COOK for themselves or their companion animals….how can they “stop buying petfood”???

      1. Anne

        Hi Opie Catt. I am 77 and have physical issues also. There are quality food (not feed) grade pet foods available and I believe Susan has a list of manufacturers who have pledged to be transparent in their ingredients. Check out Find Healthy Pet Foods under Special Pages, Anne

  5. Robin

    Go super women Susan Thixton!!!!

  6. D

    It’s good you posted this, but I hope people don’t come away from this thinking the USDA are heroes. The USDA has a ton of their own problems, mostly due to under-funding. The main thing is corruption due to their being “captured” by business they are supposed to regulate. I mean, the companies the USDA are supposed to be regulating *pay* for the USDA. Anyone can do the math on that. Plus, just for fun you can do a search for ” USDA regulatory capture applesauce mold school lunch ” for a story from years back that sticks in my mind.
    Then there are the “privatized inspections.” Food and Water Watch did a recent article on some disgusting problems and how supervisors are pressuring workers not to stop the processing line no matter what here:
    Definitely check out whistle-blowers here:
    There’s been problems with line speeds for eons but the USDA won’t change them. Mother Jones did a long article on Hormel processing a long time back. Didn’t mention the USDA directly but the line speed problems. The phrase that sticks in my mind is “pig-brain machine” making some kind of blood mist, which caused neuro problems for workers. The most recent story on is about the food privatization and the “dangerous and disgusting high-speed pork slaughter inspection system (NSIS).” It’s related, so the MJ article is a good backup to see what that means for workers.
    Also, so much of our food goes uninspected because there aren’t enough inspectors. Which absurdly reminds me of the joke, “Such awful food. . . And such small portions!” It’s especially concerning when considering foods from other countries and that so much ‘meat’ is sent for processing to other countries and then sent back here.
    There’s just not much good to be said about our regulatory agencies 🙁

  7. D

    We are disabled, too. The pet food list Susan has available on this site was helpful to us, even though there are very few companies selling cat food. If you have dogs there are a lot more choices.
    I hope you can find something. For us, we were glad to find companies that delivered food and had already portioned frozen raw food.

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