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  1. DavidZ

    is Tylee’s,’s raw food lying about being “Human Grade”? It’s a raw food, I didn’t know they’re not allowed to say that.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi David – I have not seen the Tylee’s food, but is telling me the meat is cooked. If this is not accurate and the meat is raw in the food, please let me know.

      1. Elizabeth

        We tried Tylee’s once on their sale. I called Chewy to ask about ingredients and how the meat “balls” are made. I was unimpressed with this food because it essentially looks like a processsed kibble with slices of cranberries and chunks of veggies. It’s a cooked food, but they would not give me the temperature it’s cooked at. They said it was human grade on the phone but I didn’t research USDA registration # because I wasn’t impresssed. Now that we have our Dane on raw we don’t need cooked. We used Farmers Dog when we were cooking for transition and it was great! I tried it and thought it was good and it is just like recipes we were making at home.

  2. Hannie

    After doing a lot of research in ’07 & learning what pet “food” actually is, that’s when I pulled the plug on pet “food” & started to give my fur baby human food. I did a lot of research on what dogs’ need so I didn’t go into this blind, I did my homework. I think the pet “food” companies are seeing a decline in profits as people realize what it is they are feeding their beloved four-legged kids. I don’t go around telling every pet parent I see but many ask because I have a 12-1/2 yo Lab who looks many years younger & is still chasing her ball. They ask what I feed her & I think many are kidding when they say that. Most are shocked to find out that I cook for her & have for 10 yrs now. I do give her a very small amount of dry but the best money can buy. I just don’t want her on a totally soft diet, I want a little crunch in there. She gets dried yams to munch on for snacks…….I don’t now nor will I ever trust pet “food” because it isn’t food, it’s garbage.

    1. Debi

      Hi Hannie, I have done the same for my dogs, since the recall, I also feed the “best” dry, just a little added once a day for the crunch factor, mostly homecooked food by me, I am so with you !!

  3. Pam Roussell

    Even though this film and study was based on dogs, I would presume it’s safe to say it would also work on cats, right? After all, animals’ bodies work the same way on a cellular level, and cats are suffering from cancer, too. Raw diets do make for healthier pets.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I asked the folks from KetoPets that question over the past weekend. And yes, it is possible to get cats into ketosis.

      1. Laura

        I asked KetoPets that same question when I had a cat with nasal passage cancer last year and I saw the article posted on this site about the KetoPets study, and though I no longer have the email now, I believe they told me that they couldn’t guarantee the same results in a cat.

  4. Angie

    It would be really expensive for me to feed my dog duck. He has terrible food allergies. And after a long food trial he does great with duck and potatoes.

  5. RevLinda

    Hello, Susan, I purchased your 2017 food recommendations, and, after exploring web sites, I decided to try Lucky Dog. I’m so glad I did. This food is convenient and my dog loves it. Since switching, his coat is extra shiny, he is beautiful, and he’s slimmed down to our weight goal! Thank you so much for what you do, and for your guidance in teaching pet owners about the pet food biz.


    Karen and dr. Rodney are amazing I’ve been following dr. Karen Becker for many years and now also mesmerized with dr. Rodney keep doing what you’re doing

    1. Dog lover

      Um, he’s not a doctor buy he is a very educated and incredibly dedicated pet owner. It’s a huge understatement to say he went above and beyond when his dog was diagnosed with cancer. Yes I follow Rodney too. He’s amazing! (Dr. Becker too)

  7. Tkitty

    This is so AMAZING! Thank you, Susan, for bringing us some great news too! As a kitty parent, I sure do hope that they will tell us how it will be done for kitties too! ♥♥

  8. Elizabeth

    This is so close to my heart and has brought me to tears. We have seen our 18 month old double merle Great Dane beat severe skin allergies and IBS by eating amazing fresh food he loves! For a recent unemployed graduate of course it is tough to afford to feed a growing Dane 100% real food, but so worth it! I went vegan to help cover the cost and we are both healthier eating more species appropriate diets! You don’t have to be rich, even with a large dog. You just have to prioritize it. But I’m a Dog Mom so I’d do anything to keep my fur babies healthy! I’m just unbelievable grateful all it took was diet to heal my Rolf!

    Rolf used to have more diarrhea than not and vomiting spells several times per month. He was a 2/9 body condition and we did everything we could to keep weight on him. Several vets and many people told me my dog was normal and that Danes just do that. Those people are wrong and now he is 3 months free from a single IBS episode and we haven’t given allergy meds all summer! We also don’t have to go to the vet every other week for eye/ear infections. We share on Instagram @foodnotfeed and @rolfthedane

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I LOVE your hashtag @foodnotfeed !!!

      1. Elizabeth

        Thank you!! And thank you so much Susan for your work! We would never have known how to help heal Rolf if not for finding your website last winter.

  9. Colleenyts

    Great news, glad they are being heard. I had 3 cats die of cancer that’s why I feed raw and spend more $ on my cats food then mIne now. I have to admit I stopped flowing Ridney’s site though because I don’t own a dog,. Ya I know the same curruption applies for both species when comes to pet food, but I think there is more info and focus on dogs then their is for cats. I think it should be more balanced.

    1. Colleenyts

      I wish I knew how to edit comment, that was suposed to say Rodney.

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