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Zuke’s (aka Purina) Announces New Pet Food Line

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  1. Dr. Laurie Coger

    Trail tested? Because pet owners now feed their dogs “on the trail?”

    1. Dianne

      I noticed that too. 🙂 I did not know that Purina owned Zukes. it was one of the few treats I use. Sigh!!

      1. Jacquie Andrews

        Zukes had become our go-to treats. But, I can’t trust Purina so it’s back to making our own. Sighs all around 🙁

        1. Sue

          Purina does not own Zukes, Nestle does! You can continue to feed Zukes treats!

          1. Susan Thixton Author

            Nestle owns Purina. All the same company.

  2. Sandy Van nostrand

    Oh no🙁. Purina bought Zukes. Ugh.

    1. Vi

      I’m with you Sandy. I used to buy Zukes; ugh indeed!


    Let’s wait to see the unbiased analysis when it happens.

    Let’s hope that Zukes is not going to fall into the abyss of grocery store marketing ploys. People should stop buying for thier selfish convenience reasons and consider the animal’s longeivity. Pure human selfishness.

  4. Anthony Hepton

    Purina has nothing to worry about, FDA will give them a free “avoid compliance” card and it will be business as usual. Any tests conducted will be tests they are already doing and will add little to the safety of the finished product.

  5. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    I didn’t know that Purina purchased Zukes, I used to feed my dogs Zukes for a treat. No more. Thank you for the good information here

  6. Karen Jones

    I wasn’t aware that Purina bought Zukes 2 yrs ago. It was the only treat I would feed my dog because I liked that it was natural and it also went to support cancer research for animals. Like the rest of you, no more.

    1. Sue

      Zukes is owned by Nestle, not Purina. The treats have continued to be made by Zukes. Purina has nothing to do with them!!!!!

      1. Patrick

        Are you a Nestle/Purina employee? All I see you do is stick up for Nestle/Purina. They are basically the same company, and with the lack of quality control they put into their pet foods and the ingredients that go into them, they are a corporation that is not to be trusted when it comes to pet food.

        I used to feed my dogs Zukes treats and Merrick dog food, but since both were purchased by Nestle/Purina, no more!

        1. Jennifer

          I just had to comment on the lack of quality control into their pet foods. I would really encourage you to fact check your information. Purina has one of the strictest quality control and testing in pet food manufacturing to date. No other company standards match it. I assume your basing your comments towards the Beiniful allegations that were dismissed by the presiding judge in 2016. Purina has been around for the last 80 yrs and continues to (in my opinion ) provide honest, quality, nutritional foods that allow every person no matter financial status to enjoy, receive and love a pet.

          1. Tammy

            Well I’ll be feeding my dogs Victor yukon salmon and sweet potatoes ive heard nothing but good things about this dog food but ill give xukes treats to them BUT if you get a recall zukes ill come after YOU! cause my babies mean the world to me and i have proof i feed them nothing but your treats i already had my baby Annabelle die from cancer from feeding her MILK BONE dogs bisqists treats because it has BHA red 40 yellow 5&6 in it which causes CANCER! I didn’t know it until it was to late

          2. Kim

            Actually you are wrong. Origen and Acana have the strictest quality control above and beyond any brand. One of the main reasons why their food is so expensive. Have you read the labels on a Purina bag – I would assume not. If we can’t digest corn – why expect our pets to? Since when gluten anything is healthy? Oh and let’s not forget the Chicken by products – gross. And Soy – thyroid disease. This product screams Vet Money Maker. Just because they have been around for so long doesn’t make them knowledgeable in actual good nutrition. When feeding my pets – if I wouldn’t feel it wasn’t healthy for my child as a meal – then my pet isn’t going to be fed it as a meal. Did you know corn is the #1 ingredient that cause hotspots, eczema, and cats throwing up extra? I have proven that fact many times over. I want you to eat flavored corn chips for the weekend and nothing else (cause when a product with that much corn becomes animal corn chips). Keep track how many bags you eat, how full are you really and by Monday how do you feel? That is why Purina food is so cheap because they know you will buy more bags that month compared to a brand that is holistic and is packed with good stuff. Compare the ingredients of any Purina dry food next to Halo, or Blue Buffalo, or Wellness, or Fromm, or Taste of the Wild, or Acana ( or any holistic brand) I know if I had to eat it I wouldn’t eat the Purina.

    2. Kait

      If you have been using something for 2 years with no issue why switch? They haven’t changed anything. It’s made in the same plant as before. On top of the fact do you eat nestle chocolate?

  7. Joanne Carlson

    I also didn’t know Purina bought out Zukes! I have several packages here I bought from Amazon that are now going into the trash. I don’t want to take a chance on the lives of my dogs just because some companies think of nothing but the bottom line. I don’t trust most large manufacturers at this point.

  8. Kathy Fischer

    I didn’t either until recently but They still make Zukes in the Zukes factory and Zukes still use the same ingredients . Initially I went nuts when I heard . Zukes assured me nothing has changed

    1. Sue

      You are correct Kathy! Nothing has changed!

  9. Pinky Collins

    As far as I’m concerned if it has any connection to Purina – FORGET ABOUT IT

  10. Nouble

    At least I’ve learned about a new pet food to avoid.

  11. Sue

    Zukes and their new food are being made by Zukes, NOT PURINA!!! Nestle owns Zukes, Purina does NOT OWN Zukes!

    It’s a high quality food and consumers should be glad for another quality food on the market!

    1. Charlotte

      “We are very excited to announce that Zuke’s is now part of the Nestlé Purina family.” <— this is straight from the announcement Zuke's posted to their fb about it.

      Tell us again how Purina has "nothing!11" to do with it? Nestle and Purina are the same company and it kind of baffles me how you'd try to mislead people into believing otherwise.

  12. Tammy

    Omg I’ve been feeding my babies this for 2 yrs im gonna have to go to the zukes website THIS IS VERY UPSETING

  13. Robert

    I had to search the Zuke’s website but I did find the information in the private policy area that it is owned by the Nestle Purina companies and they may sell your information to third parties also. I have my cat and I know that he goes nuts over the single ingredient treats I usually give him. What concerns me most is that for a carnivore, Zuke’s for some reason adds vegetable glycerin, gelatin & rice & barley along with lots of other chemicals I try to avoid in his regular food let alone what I call *cookies* for him.

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