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  1. KAH

    When I was in school in the ’60’s there seemed to be enough money in the budget for “public service” communications, including the ramifications of littering and the tragedy of reckless driving just to name a few, in the interest of teaching public responsibility. We learned young, and the messages were imprinted at the right time before bad habits could begin. Right now in the Northern California media market there are frequent public service announcementd aimed at encouraging families to eat healthy foods. They are primarily aimed at Hispanics teaching about Type II Diabetes, but absolutely apply to everyone. They are repeated frequently, same simple messages about preparing fresh vegetables and replacing sugar laced snacks and beverages. I think that if our responsible minded public service employees, such as the one quoted above, really want to make things better, they would insist that nutrition be a part of education from the primary grades up. The message has to be repeated over and over, so that it becomes the habit, not the exception. So that filling half your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables becomes “acceptable” and not contrary to fad. Just as the appeal of cigarettes is losing its appeal among the independent thinking young people, compared to decades ago – the next message has to be about fighting CONVENIENCE fast foods – and promoting healthy choices instead! The communications have to be done fashionably and trendy, not preachy and boring. But it starts at a fundamental level because we can never depend upon our Government to do the right thing, unless it is compelled to do so on a financial level.

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