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What’s in the Bowl?

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  1. ktg

    I shared. I always bring this subject up when discussing pet food or when buying pet food and an employee or customer approaches. I preach it loudly. But sometimes I fear those who buy into cheap, big name pet foods will still feed this trash even after learning the truth. It is very sad, and I ache for whatever these misinformed pet owners’ animals go thru when they pay for the owners’ mistake and lack of research. If only they knew how much marketing is killing pets.

  2. Amy Renz

    Susan, it seems that the FDA’s compliance policies would be written proof of a violation of federal law. So couldn’t consumers file a class action against the FDA for violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as it pertains to “food” for animals?

  3. Amy Renz

    Susan, This is a great graphic. I’m curious what your source is for the $100 MM estimate for pet foods that meet the legal definition of “food” . Also, I think Euromonitor puts 2014 estimates for US pet food industry size at $23 Billion (APPA, I believe has it at $22.6 B). So both a little higher than the $21 B in your graph.

    Best, Amy

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