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What to Know Before You Shop for Pet Food

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  1. Joan Johnston


    Currently there are no human grade
    canned pet foods. There are moist pet
    foods that are human grade, sold frozen
    in tubs. Because canned foods are
    so popular in human food, canned pet
    food could easily become human
    grade if the manufacturer followed all
    food regulation (human grade ingredients
    and supplements). But to our
    knowledge there are no human grade
    canned pet foods currently.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes. In the past there was a canned pet food made in a human food facility, but that company sold and the new owners do not manufacture in a human food plant. To my knowledge, no canned pet food is human grade right now.

  2. lorraine penick

    Love it! Can I purchase several pamphlets as I am always being asked what I feed my poodles and my first reply is human grade food? Would love to have a few to give to people who ask that question. Thank-you Facebook hacked again, second time this year, but they also got my phone. Lorraine Penick Paris

    Printer is not working

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no purchase for this – you can print as many copies as you like or share digitally.

  3. CM

    I got this info off Weruva’s site. I’m a bit confused! So does this mean that their food is or isn’t “human grade”?


    Is Weruva human grade?

    Though many brands use the term “human grade” to describe their ingredients, “human grade” is not defined by the pet food industry or by pet food regulators. Sure, a human could eat the ingredients in pet foods, but are the same quality ingredients actually being used in products for people?

    Not only do we use ingredients that truly go into products for people, we also make our pet food in a human food facility according to international human food standards. As it is not defined, we avoid the term “human grade” and instead provide the details and facts about our ingredients and processes and let our customers make the decision. We best describe our foods as “Weruva Grade!”

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know if human food facilities in Thailand are accepted here for pet food, but human grade is officially defined. I was on the working group that wrote the definition.

  4. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Very scary

  5. Beth Marousek

    Thank you so very much for providing such a well constructed guide!! I will share it with others. Will be sending a donation, too.

  6. Johanna

    Susan, this is absolutely brilliant! Thank you, will be sharing like crazy!

  7. Jude

    Wonderful booklet filled with detailed info. Now if we can get our friends and their friends… To read it and digest it!

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