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What is Gluten Free Pet Food?

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    1. Sammy

      Took the word right from my mouth Kate… it is very important to know the facts!

  1. june lay

    Oats should be grain thst is gluten free us quinoa. Also, an intolerance to gluten not an allergy can develop/manifest in adulthood.

    1. Reader

      Oats do not necessarily create gluten sensitivity, but it is the quality of the oatmeal and it is an issue of cross-contamination. Now, there are a few oatmeal brands that are labeled as “gluten-free.” Caution is still advised when trying out these products however, as there is a range of total gluten sensitivity to milder forms.

  2. Kendra

    Susan – Thank you so much for your very informative article. I found out how important a grain free pet diet is over the last several years when veterinarians could not resolve my kitty’a feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). I recalled how much pet foods contain grains and how humans get celiac disease and thought that the negative impacts of inflammation in the body caused by grains would likely apply to pets. I decided on my own to put my kitty on a completely strict grain free diet and it resolved all of her FL UTD symptoms of bladder wall inflammation, blood, and pain (not due to bacterial infection). Vets don’t know what causes FLUTD and I think they are going to find out how many kitties have this due to the consumption of grains. They seem to deny any relation to this link. Urinary tract based diets still have some grains and gluten so they never solve the source of the problem. They may lessen symptoms for some time, but they will always come back. Bottom line – grain laden pet foods are causing health issues beyond the GI tract.

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  4. Jay

    The FDA “gluten-free” ruling does not apply to pet food:

    Food and Drug Administration
    21 CFR Part 101
    [Docket No. FDA–2005–N–0404]
    RIN 0910–AG84
    Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of
    AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration,
    ACTION: Final rule.

    … “Additionally, we wish to clarify that
    this rule pertains to food intended for
    human use. Although we are aware of
    gluten claims with respect to food
    intended for animals, our rulemaking
    activities have focused on defining the
    term ‘‘gluten-free’’ in a manner that
    would help humans concerned about
    managing the gluten in their diet.”

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