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What is DL-Methionine?

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  1. Connie

    I have been told that l-methionine is better than dl-methionine.. can you address that?


    Hallo,is it the dl methionine works for animals only or it can works on human as well?

    1. Connie

      DL methionine is a lower quality version of L methionine. L methionine is sold at most health food stores and supplement stores, so I am assuming it has a purpose in human health since it is an amino acid. I think if you want answers as to what it does for humans, you would be better off to ask a human health / supplement website.

  3. Marge

    DL-methionine, from reading Dr Mark Peterson’s blog about idiopathic hypercalcemia, is one of the suspected causes. To AVOID the vet recommended Fosamax treatment (my doctors recommended this for osteoporosis, and I refused it ), I sought out information about the condition. As a result, I have ELIMINATED chow completely, not just for the cat with this Dx and his sister (all kinds, grain free or not, that I checked contain this “stuff”). Reading in more detail here about what it is and how it is made, I am VERY happy to get this out of my house! The cat in question has been tested over the course of two years and at last check the vet said I do not need to test him anymore. Of even more concern, there are companies adding this to CANNED food. I was using a combination of frozen raw cat food and canned food until I discovered one has this, recently added as I have some older cans that do not list it. Another was an Rx food (I dislike them as well, consider them almost garbage, but used it briefly treating another cat for a different disorder). This finally pushed me to using a recipe Dr. Lisa Pierson posted on her website to make my own cat food. Then I know this “stuff” and other “stuff” that is usually unpronounceable will not be in our food. The full transition is still in progress, but several have taken to the home made food and prefer it! I realize this is not for everyone, but we all as pet care-givers need to be fully informed. Obviously we still need to work with our vets, but read up, be informed!

    1. Dianne Rackin

      I need to know the truth about what’s in my cats diet

  4. Kristen

    Marge, have you been able to find a dry food without this dL-methionine? My cat was diagnosed as hypercalcemic and changing her diet to canned food that doesn’t contain this has helped relieve all her symptoms so far. I would really like to find a dry food that I can use though

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