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USDA Gives PFI $1.3 Million in 2014

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  1. Marlene Rossman

    That is just disgusting. What about the small producers of REALLY high quality pet food? They are the ones that need the infusion of cash the most.

    Many of us feed pet food that no one ever heard of. The producers of these foods do not advertise nor promote their foods. But the proof is here:
    I just lost my precious almost 14 year old Labradoodle. The oncologist said that for a big dog (75lbs) she had a long life. Part of that was high quality kibble and partly mommy’s (my) cooking, exercise and love.

  2. Pat P.

    It is infuriating! The wealthy companies with crap food get government hand-outs, whereas, the companies that care about what goes into pet food get nothing. It is similar to our human food industry. The multi-billion dollar companies receive subsidies and great gov’t insurance to grow GMO corn and soy, etc. The small organic companies, growing healthy fruits and vegetables get nothing.

    Unfortunately, political collusion is the name-of-the-game. We should be able to have a petition protesting a waste and unfair allotment of our tax dollars–if only it would make a difference.

  3. Peter

    Certainly not something the typical taxpayer would endorse, and thank you for exposing this. The “Market Accesss Program” is notable, since the purpose of PFI is to lobby before (I thought US-based) government agencies.

    PFI readily acknowledges and promotes the use of by-products in pet foods as additional income for processors and farmers. (from Pet Food Institute. Fact Sheet 1994. Washington: PFI, 1994): “The growth of the pet food industry not only provided pet owners with better foods for their pets, but also created profitable additional markets for American farm products and for the byproducts of the meat packing, poultry, and other food industries which prepare food for human consumption.”

  4. Kristi

    Outrageous!!! It is just more “corporate welfare”.

  5. Amy

    Un-flippin’-believable. I agree with Peter, Pat, and Marlene. Tax dollars being given to Billion dollar organizations for the basic costs of doing business is an obscene fleecing. It is an unjustifiable use of tax revenue from individuals and the small businesses who compete with those giants.

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