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Treat Recall – Maybe?

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  1. jb

    Interesting. Maybe they had some customers voice problems & made the link to these RR treats.

    That would be Refreshing instead of the deaf ear found at Kroger, Walmart, Publix when I voiced the problem with the Jerky Treats.

  2. Dorothy Sinkler

    They need to inform the customers of WHY the treats are recalled, and what symptoms the dogs might have who have eaten these treats.

  3. Jackie Grimmett

    Any idea if these are available in UK under a different name? And are they by any chance flat shaped and soft?
    Coming in chicken, beef or liver flavour?
    Doe anyone have a picture of the chews by any chance?
    Reason I ask, is I used to buy soft chews from a High Street company in UK, but last lot when I transferred them into an airtight jar, within days appeared to dissolve and show signs of something dissolving them turning them to powder. I thankfully haven;t fed any to the dog’s, and intended taking them back to the shop, for a refund, but if there could be an issue, I’d rather tkae them to our local council Heath department for them to check them out. Thanks xxx Jackie

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know Jackie if they are sold in the UK or not. Ainsworth makes several brands of pet foods – but I don’t know if any products are shipped to EU. Sorry –

  4. Iva Kimmelman

    Isn’t it just typical that Rachel Ray with all her vast knowledge of nothing would get “into” the pet products segment and never consider she might actually have to know a damn thing about her products.

    1. jb

      Iva, you nailed it!

      It burns my tush, when these Chefs use aluminum foil, white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, microwaves & a host of other unhealthy products & methods.

      I would not trust RR, with her vegetable, filler laden, pet food!

      Everything she makes includes pasta, is seems. Bet that is in her pet food too!

  5. Emily Jones

    Few months ago I decided to go only with human grade USA made dog food and treats. I didn’t wanna deal with recalls anymore.I trust only dog food and treats made of ingredients suitable for human consumption, so I did some research and I found Pets’N’Nature hypoallergenic treats in our local store in Sunnyvale. Oh my what a difference! I didn’t even know that something simple as one ingredient treats can make such a difference in the overall health of my dogs.

  6. ladysailor98

    I just took a package back last week to Bi-Lo of the beef treats, they were full of white mold. YUCK! I told the clerk to please have the manager either check for a recall or report this to headquarters. I assume the rest of the batch on the shelf was also spoiled.

  7. AM

    I only looked this up because my dog had diarrhea & was spitting up after having just one of these treats. She is fine now though…very fishy that they won’t say why!

  8. Linda Muir

    Fromm is a good canned food’ and I don’t see any red flags from Susan Thixton.
    Pride by Natures logic has no red flags either. The 2 my cats love are Davesl salmon and tuna in aspic and Fussie Cat premium…..but they both have carrageenan…….I have to weigh that against what they should eat…..and what they love to eat! There are healthy treats and there are lousy treats.
    My cats LOVE Fromm surf and Turf dry food. I give that to them after they have eaten a days worth of wet food……also as a treat.

  9. Barb

    How to I find your list ( if you have them) of recalled or really bad and dangerous dog treats? I just subscribed and am having trouble finding this info. Thanx

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If you click on ‘Recalls’ you get a list of all the posts of recalled products. It’s all I have.

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