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The Unofficial Pet Food Regulation Theme Song

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  1. Maria de la Rosa-Young

    Susan this situation is an indecent assault on our pets’ lives. Why not start a petition through to have everyone who’s concerned about the FDA’s practices voice their opinion and send a clear message requesting that the FDA adhere to federal law? It’s worth a try. Thank you very much for your efforts in exposing this and for all the wonderful information on your website.

    1. Jude

      Sounds like it’s about time for that and/or sending info to all of our elected officials. It’s an election year and you know what that means.

    2. Tatianna Vandestaan

      Maria, you are great! Excellent idea!

    3. Jere Joiner is George Soros-funded screed. hates what this country stands for. It is so far left that whenever I hear they are for or against a particular person, group or idea, I know to go in the opposite direction. Responsible dog lovers might consider doing the same. is dedicated to spreading political hate and I spit these people out of my mouth.

      1. Iva Kimmelman

        Moveon has one thing against it. They are of the animal rights zealot types. I am for animal welfare, for ALL animals and am vegan so put my money where my mouth is. I don’t agree about the political statement Jere made. Do you think Trump will change anything for our animals? Doubtful.

    4. Batzion

      jere joiner, you and me both. Much better off going through

  2. Batzion

    Great green gobs of money passing hand to hand
    Buying off the FDA, oh so common in our land
    Fat cats in D.C. laughing at the rest of us
    Trying to throw us under the bus
    Taking away what belongs to us
    But harm our pets, and that’s where the tables turn
    And turnnnnnnnn theyyyyyyyy willllllllllll.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Great version! I like it!!

    2. Nina Wolf

      Terrific second verse! Let’s add it to the official version!

    3. Tatianna Vandestaan

      Don’t call please those FDAs “cats” (even the “fat cats”) – it is insult to the cats. They don’t deserve to be called by that name. They are creeping, crawling creatures on pet industry’ payroll.

  3. Peg

    I’m with Tatianna

    How about “fat bacteria”?

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