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The Truth Spilled

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  1. Wil Rutar

    Wonder if Hazmat was called to the scene?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Good point!

      1. Norma

        Dear Susan, Is Pedigree dog food a good dog food choice for my dog

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          The only way I can respond is to tell you that I would not provide my own pets Pedigree dog food. I only give my pets a food grade ingredient food – Pedigree is a feed grade ingredient pet food. You can read more on this site about the difference between feed quality ingredients and food quality ingredients.

        2. Ellie

          Look at the ingredient list and use your own judgement. If you did not have pet food available is this what you would choose to give your pet? I doubt it.

  2. Terri Janson


  3. Jude

    Lovely. I can’t seem to make a dent in helping people to understand what’s really in their pet food. I think denial is much easier for them to swallow than accepting that they are giving their pets food that can make them sick or kill them from diseases.

    Very sad.

    1. Ellie

      They eat poor quality highly processed food as well. Everyone thinks the government is watching out for them. By now it should be very evident that this is not true on many levels.

  4. J King

    Totally disgusting!! But to a suit in an office, apart from sheer volume, this spill isn’t too fundimentally different from road kill. Why do I suspect they just scraped the crap of the asphalt, hired another truck and sent it back on its stinky way? Or am I just getting way, way too cynical?

  5. Erica

    Susan posted a great article the other day , called “The Pet Food Consumer’s Mantra: Food, Not Feed” › Pet Food Ingredients

    It gave the suggestion how to easily explain how bad pet food is to the pet food consumer. In summary it said to explain the difference between food and feed to them. Then explain that many pet foods are really pet feed. same laws a regulations apply to pet food as does pet feed.

  6. anne

    I know a couple who have owned and operated a very high end pet food and supply store for more than a decade. They have many of the top brands available,organic, freeze dried, holistic and raw etc. Yet they feed their own animals home made food, even though they have access to all the top end choices …tells you something, doesn’t it!??

    1. Ellie

      Even many of what people think are some of the best brands are still highly processed food. No one pays top dollar for fresh foods that are going to go through such an extreme process.
      When foods are processed they lose the original nutritional value so the manufacturer has to add synthetic vitamins in an attempt to bring the product up to speed nutritionally. Any nutritionist will tell you that you cannot replace the real nutrition of fresh food with synthetic vitamins..
      Few people pay attention to nutrition these days. Convince seems to trump common sense.

  7. sage

    Too bad someone with a dash-cam couldn’t follow this fish after it’s picked up to see where it ends up!

    No wonder pets are getting sick and dying in record numbers. It’s not just government regulations (or no regulations) that allow the worst possible ingredients into so called food for pets, but then the already contaminated material can travel with no refrigeration getting more toxic by the minute.

    Actually maybe it’s more amazing that any commercial pet food is safe.

  8. Terri janson

    Yes I too get the looks from people who I tell the truth about what’s really in dog and cat food. Also guinea pig food too. I’m tired of some people thinking I am a nut..bit I will continue to tell all. I will never shut up! They say..well then how can it be on store shelves if it’s not safe. Then they glaze over…of course they don’t understand about GMOS either…..

  9. Lisa Parker

    Oh my. How nauseating. I’m going to keep this email so that I can send these videos to my friends who still feed their animals this so called “pet food”.

    And yes, I agree with the other posters. They probably shoveled it into another truck and sent it on to its original destination. Horrible.

  10. Pat P.

    I read more articles that upset me about pet food, which really makes me want to make it for my cats. Unfortunately, I am not well and can barely manage to feed them any food, let alone make it. I ordered Susan’s 2015 list, and there is only one canned cat food on it, which my cats won’t eat. Neither cat will eat raw, at this time. So both are eating lousy foods that bother me, because I think/know that I am harming them. One has kidney disease, with little appetite, the other has something unknown, with little appetite. I want to assume that the reason that they are both ill is because of the poison that they have been fed. I am at a loss at what to do.
    I have tried to tell others about how bad cat food is, and they won’t listen. I went to a small boutique pet store, today, and mentioned Susan’s study, which the employee was aware of, yet she is still selling the food and feeds their resident cat anything it likes, whether it is crap or not. Although they don’t sell grocery store brands, there are many with poor ingredients and who knows what else. I didn’t ask her what she feeds her own pets.
    It is interesting how the video mentions that pets DON”T LIKE the taste of too much MEAT! Is that a way of justifying the abundance of grains? Of course, the video, also, mentions how pets are, probably, eating better than humans! Well, that may be true with some humans, but not even the worst junk food eaters could be this bad! I lost respect for Discovery and Animal Planet a long time ago.
    The fact that pet food is actually feed is doubly upsetting, in that poor farm animals are fed that garbage, too, and worse! They are abused in every way possible!
    What does a person in my situation do?!

    1. Ambree

      Pat, I had a similar problem a while back with my cat. She is very picky and will not eat most of what I put in front of her. I now feed her dry food and wet food alternating. My favorite brand is Halo, the co-owner of the company (the other co-owner is Ellen Degeneres) also wrote a book about pet health and the brand has very good ingredients. I also like Orijen and Evo’s 95% formulas, and if you live in the UK, Lily’s kitchen is another one I recommend. (everything listed here is quite expensive, you get what you pay for). I haven’t bought Susan’s list yet, but might in the near future. If all else fails, at least upgrade your cats to a better dry food if they won’t eat wet. It doesn’t have to be the best, but an upgrade is certainly better than nothing.

    2. Ellie

      I have my own indoor cats but I also have feral cats that I care for. They all love fresh meat. Salmon, sardines, ground turkey, chicken hearts and gizzards, they love all of it.
      Many pets that have been raised on garbage food are addicted to the flavor enhancers that pet food companies put in the feed in order to entice pets to eat such an unnatural form of food. Sometimes it is difficult to get them off these feeds but it can be done.
      I know of cats that are only 4 and 5 yeas old that already have gum disease and bad teeth. Pet food companies are making canned food for middle aged cats that can only lap their food. This should be evidence enough that these companies know what they are doing to our pets! It is criminal!

  11. Laurie Larson

    I remember this ‘accident’ a couple of years ago on I5 when that truck tipped and spilled the fish all over. They said the fish was going to a fertilizer plant… not for pet food. I wonder who’s tell the truth. That’s real nasty if they would make cat and dog food out of this. I want to know how do you know it was headed to a pet food facility.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      In the article (linked in my post) it states the fish was destined to be cat food.

  12. Kenneth

    I’m so glad after all you show and teach us that I’ve switched to RAW.

    Meat is pretty expensive here in DK, but after about 6 months now, I’ve gotten pretty good a sourcing quality whole cuts of meat cheap, so it’s just around the same price as feeding my cats expensive premium brands and they go NUTS at feeding time, I have to watch my fingers when I put their bowls down hehe.

    Sure, once a month I spend an hour grinding and vacuum packing, but the results when I go to vet checkups and she can’t believe these are the same cats from when they were on commercial food as they are now beaming with health and problems like bad breath, lack of hydration, greasy skin and eye goo (3 Sphynx) is gone, and the peace of mind are priceless.

    Only negative if you could call it that, is that they’ve stopped regarding store bought treats as “food”, they just sniff at them and look at me like “You actually want me to eat that, are you crazy?” and then walks off 🙂

    Never going back.

  13. […] Pet food  regulations do not require raw materials to be transported or warehoused under refrigeration or frozen. In other words – pet feed ingredients such as meat or fish – could be spoiling/rotting for days before it becomes a pet food. Click here to learn more. […]

  14. Charlie

    the video and article is very indicative of cheap pet food such as purina. I use a grain free, additive free, food made from fresh never frozen and preservative free human quality ingredients. While it is a dry kibble, it does not contain the cheap ingredients shown in the video. I use Orijen.

  15. Ellie

    The video is what I would call a sanitized version of pet food manufacturing. They do not show the scrap pieces of animal bodies that would ordinarily be considered garbage that are used for the pet “feed.” They do not show the large vat that these ingredients go into and are heated to extremely high temps. The same with the rotted, discarded vegetables. The key to using old, rotting ingredients is the high heat processes that they use to kill the harmful bacteria. This high heat also destroys any nutrition that may have originally been present.
    This mass of goo is then mixed with the finely powdered grain and cooked again and again. Nutrition? Very little. The original nutrition that may have been present cannot survive that high heat processing. This is true of processed human food as well and that is why we have a huge synthetic vitamin industry, much of which is processed in China.
    That long list of vitamins tacked at the end of your ingredient list on the pet food package are what brings the pet food up to industry standards.
    Any good nutritionist will tell you that you cannot substitute synthetic vitamins for the natural nutrition of fresh foods but western society has gotten used to ignoring ingredient lists and consuming highly processed foods full of synthetic vitamins. Later when their bodies weaken or become diseased it is off to the doctor for some more pills. No one ever considers the foods that they consume to sustain their lives.
    The human and pet food industry has become focused on two main considerations: profit and convenience. THEIR profit and THEIR convenience.

  16. darlene

    i’m surprised the pet food (pet feed) company allowed them to film with the conditions shown in the beginning of the video. i wouldn’t expect a busy production facility to have spotless equipment but the lack of any cleanliness is ridiculous. it appears that they never clean their equipment or even wipe it down. and yet i have to wonder if for the video if they actually had made an attempt to clean the equipment up before the filming crew came. how do these places even stay open? the people who own/run such filthy feed production facilities as well as the fda and whoever else may be involved in the inspections should have to eat meals prepared in equally filthy conditions. i couldn’t even get to the concept of the ingredients as the appearance of the uncleanliness left me nauseated. and this is an opinion from someone who isn’t much of a housekeeper.

  17. Kelly

    AMAZING!!! That Discovery Channel video does not mention MEAT one time in the processing of kibble. Wonder why that is??? Probably they don’t want to tell the truth about pet food because the meats they use would not pass the human/consumer’s approval of the type of meats they are using (3D & 4D-dead, diseased, downed dying). #thetruthaboutpetfood

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