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The number of holistic veterinarians are growing

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  1. Kenneth

    The first part sounds like my vet, treat the immediate problem but also work on the underlying cause, otherwise
    you are just treating symptoms, not sure why it needs the “holistic” moniker, it’s just sound medical advice.

    As for the rest, if it’s not backed by science published in credible peer reviewed journals, I discard it as so much trash.

    “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    1. Dr Cathy

      There is a growing body of evidence supporting many holistic methods. Just as started with conventional medicine, the literature is replete with case studies. There are research funds set up and larger cross-sectional studies being reported in the literature. Holistic medicine has evidenced based support.

    2. Heather

      @Kenneth – keep in mind, many scientific studies require a lot of funding. Many studies are funded by those with the capital to do so (think Big Pharma), mostly because the findings will yield profit (for their new drug, etc).

      Just because science backed peer-reviewed publications are not as widely available on holistic remedies as pharmaceuticals does not mean it is “so much trash.” It just means the money isn’t there – for studies or profit. This is changing, as Dr. Alinovi indicated. Keep in mind, too, most natural remedies cannot be patented as synthesized drugs are, thus Big Pharma has little use for them.

      The holistic vet I’ve had on my animal wellness team for the past 20 yrs is one of the MOST scientific professionals I know (I’m an animal professional myself). She continually researches the science and efficacy of holistic medicine, authors books and articles on the subject, attends plus presents lectures on cutting edge research, and is world-renowned for her work. She’s saved countless lives.

      Holistic veterinarians are conventionally trained (same as your vet). Yet they have additional education on holistic therapies. Hence, a more knowledgeable healing professional with far more tools in their arsenal to help your animal.

      Please do not discard a valuable healing aspect of veterinary care.

      “Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates
      (Food = natural substances.)

      @Dr. Alinovi – thank you for the article!

    3. John M

      science is not have to be the law of everything in the universe. you need to be open to the possibilities and not follow it like a cult and its mainly because science has not explored every detail and ask every question needed until you do science is incomplete.

  2. corinne Beuchet

    I adopted 2 dogs who came with their food Beneful (that had been given to them) Those 2 dogs were so sad, looking so sick, which precisely got my concern in ” rescuing them”…they were also on medications..diarrhea….etc.
    I naturally put them on a quality dog food…and now they have become Athletes ! They run etc.
    So I am furious at stores that still sell this Purina Beneful…
    I put flyers up, tell everyone…and would like to join an active campain against Purina, especially Beneful.
    What you you sugest ?
    thank you very much

    1. Susan Thixton

      Hi Corinne –
      To me – the campaign that educated consumers like yourself can share is the difference between food and feed. Most pet food consumers are not aware that some pet foods are made with actual food ingredients and others are made with often illegal (per federal law) feed ingredients. Stores that sell feed grade pet food don’t realize that they could be selling a pet food that is illegal/adulterated per the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act laws. I would like to see a warning label on all feed grade ingredient pet foods – like to see federal law require that. So my suggestion would be to help educate consumers and retailers of the laws that govern pet food – the difference between food and feed.

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