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The “Food Talk”

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  1. jb

    Most people should not have the responsibility of a pet or children. They just do not understand or care to research what it takes to rear & care for another being, let alone themselves.

    It is really sad. Most rely on erroneous information for Vets, Doctors, Nutritionists, all of which have been indoctrinated by Pharmaceutical Companies, Pet Food Industry, Large Unconscionable Conglomerate Food Companies. All of which are primarily concerned about PROFITS! Not your well-being.

    If it advertised or endorsed by these sources named above . . . . . RUN AWAY! It is most likely CRAP!

  2. Ellie

    Great article. You can read ingredient lists all day but the fact is that when those ingredients go through the extensive high heat processing that is used in the making of pet food those ingredients are no longer what they were when they started the process. The nutrition (if there was any) is gone and that is why you see a long list of synthetic vitamins tacked on the end of your ingredient lists. Usually the list of vitamins is much longer than the food ingredients and those synthetic vitamins are actually what makes the “feed” meet industry standards.
    Our pet’s bodies are designed to assimilate real fresh prey. They do not brush their teeth in nature and have no need to because the food they eat keeps a natural balance of enzymes in their mouths that naturally keep their teeth clean. The processed foods that pet food companies make cause tarter and gum disease. You can try to brush their teeth everyday but few pet owners do. We now see pets with serious tooth and gum disease at age 5! The cat food industry is actually making canned cat food that can be easily lapped up by cats that have had their teeth removed. Totally unnecessary and criminal in my opinion.
    There are many easy and inexpensive ways to make your pet’s food at home. You can invest in a good book or search the internet for recipes that suit your needs. Feeding a pet is no more complicated than feeding a human. You don’t need a degree to feed yourself and you don’t need one to feed your pet a good nutritious meal of fresh food. If you don’t want to feed raw then you can cook your pet’s food at home. That kind of cooking is not nearly as bad as the processing that pet foods go through. At least it still resembles real food as the doctor said.

  3. EAshton

    Is there ANY type of canned catfood that’s recommended? or dry?

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