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The FDA Meeting on Proposed Regulations

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  1. Mollie Morrissette

    I can’t wait. I finally will have an audience with the FDA. And I’m getting some one on one time with Dr. Dan McChesney.

    I asked three questions at the first meeting online that were not posed to the panel live — instead they were referred to Dan privately. I got a nice letter from him with a confusing explanation, and he suggested we discuss the issues in person at the meeting in Sacramento.

    I’m still slaving away over my comment on the proposed animal food rule – it’s turning into an epic piece of work. I will condense my comment into a short speech for the meeting, and then I will have the opportunity of asking the panel any question I want. It should be priceless.

    I will be joined by a long time reader of TAPF who also lives in Northern California. It should be lots of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

    If anyone else wants to come, I would love to meet you. I also feel it is important to have pet parents there letting the FDA have a glimpse into our world and how we have been personally affected by a contaminated pet food or treat.

    To find out more about the meeting:

    1. Laurie Matson

      Good going Mollie!! I can’t wait to hear about all this!! So very much appreciate what you and Susan do for all of us!! Would love to be there but $$$ are an issue!!! Good Luck!!!

    2. molly

      You are a true blessing for leading the charge! I’d love to go to a meeting with such “important” Government officials. Although, I would have been thrown out for trying to strangle them. I have no tolerance for their complete disregard for life (human and animal) over the almighty dollar.

  2. Mollie Morrissette

    Oops! Almost forgot — the meeting in Sacramento (that yours truly will be at) will be broadcast live over the interwebs via Adobe webcast and those wishing to attend virtually simply sign up ahead of time. For registration and webcast information, go here:, where you may register online by completing the electronic registration form. The meeting will be available for public viewing via Adobe Connect at at the time of the meeting. Pretty cool!

  3. Gindy51

    If the pet food industry is unhappy, there must be something good in the regulations. We all know they’d love nothing more than to slop any old crap into pet foods in order to further their bottom line. It is ALL about the profit for these industries and their lobbyists.

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