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The FDA Four

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  1. karen mcclellan

    Dog Food containing “Animal Digest” =

    “New”Purina One Smart Blend True Instincts (Turkey/Venison

  2. Chris Beane-Martin

    I was wondering if you know of any brands that do not contain any of the 4 risk factors the FDA tested? I knew about animal digest but not the other 3. I didn’t know about the proverbial though, I had looked up animal digest and thought it was gross so I found a new food. But, I’m not sure if it contains the other 3.
    Plus, I had no idea that these food companies were taking our euthanized pets and putting them into our pet food. That’s sickening!!! Isn’t that how mad cow disease came about because cows were made to eat cows and they aren’t carnivores?
    Anyway, our pets aren’t supposed to be eating their dead brothers and sisters. How do they get away with that??How long Has that been going on?
    Thank you for your time.
    Chris Beane-Martin

  3. Chris Beane-Martin

    My spell check changed the spelling for the name of the drug found in dog food in my earlier comment. It changed the spelling to PERVERBIAL or something like that. But I had spelled Pentobarbital. So now maybe my comment might make some sense. Thanks again.
    Chris Beane-Martin

  4. Abby

    At one time I worked at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. The anatomy course would embalm large and small animals for its courses. This included injecting colored latex into the blood vessels. When these animals were no longer needed, they would be sent down to the necropsy coolers and added to their waste to be collected by rendering plants – to ultimately be utilized in the preparation of animal food products. So Pentobarbitol was far from the worst chemical to be found in this source of animal digest.

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