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The Cutting Edge of Cutting Edge Canine Cancer Research

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  1. Tracey

    Thank you for sharing! This is the type of program I like to support. Not only is this good news for our pets but for people as well!

  2. lili

    Great article. I recently donated to a drive to fund research on this very topic. Richard Feinman is a professor of biochemistry, and Eugene Fine a professor of radiology who are expert in this area, and having to crowdfund in order to do research. There’s no money from the drug companies for them. I had wondered if keto was a possibility for dogs. In fact, I came to a very low carb, sometimes ketogenic, way of eating through my dogs. I became so well-versed in canine nutrition, that I took a look at them, and figured I’d give it a go, too. Amazing results ditching the carbs and processed foods! Reversed every single health problem I had in a few weeks, just as raw does for many of our dogs. So I’m confident my dogs’ excellent diet will keep them with me for years.

  3. Janice Alexander

    Scientists and doctors presented evidence (and not just one source) back in the 40s and 50s that told the USDA and the FDA that food was the key to staying healthy for humans. Eating very little dairy and meat, and lots of plants, was the important part of what they advocated. The government totally rejected this because of a backlash from the diary and meat industries. So now, even though we are the richest country in the world, we are also probably the sickest. What you eat has more to do with your health that anything. Cancer is not overwhelmingly a result of genetics. Most cancers are a result of environment, bad food, I.e., processed, chemically laden, GMO foods, and a lack of fresh veggies and fruits, and it is increasingly being proven. Of course, just like we all know, with the attitude of the USDA and the FDA about pet food, the money interests are what is important. No people, not pets. If you are feeding your pet either the food you have prepared for it, or are buying only the ones that Susan recommends, you are unlikely to see cancer in your pet. My oldest dog is a standard poodle who is 14 years old. She is still free of any disease and doing very well. She gave us a scare back in 2007–which I believe was the result of the bad dog food on the market, and possibly the chicken treats–with a liver issue. Her vet could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong. That is when I started researching what could be the cause. I don’t know what led me to believe it was her food. But that is when I started preparing my dogs’ food, and giving her supplements like milk thistle seed. She no longer has any liver issues and is doing very well. So not only should you be giving your dog really good food that is not laden with chemicals, you should be eating more veggies and fruits, and very little meat or dairy. And make it organic–so you are not eating pesticides and Roundup.

  4. Maria de la Rosa-Young

    Susan, thanks for sharing this information. One of my relatives, who was a clairvoyant and natural medicine healer, told our family 50 years ago that there was a natural cancer cure but that cancer was such a big business that mainstream medicine would not support it. I’m very excited to learn more and follow the amazing work of the KetoPet Sanctuary.

  5. carole henry

    Yes, a big thank you for sharing this.

  6. Eileen Crosby

    I didn’t know this organization even existed. Thank you very much for sharing this information. Would they be willing to give your readers some guidelines on what to feed our dogs to keep them cancer free and healthy if we are giving them people grade food?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know if they have advice to keep pets cancer free, but remember what the science shows – that glucose feeds cancer. Lack of glucose starves cancer.

  7. Johanna

    Susan, thank you SO much for sharing this! To me, what the people at KetoPets are doing is the stuff of dreams… “if I won the lottery I would…”. God bless them for what they’re doing! I’m very interested in learning more about how to apply a ketogenic diet to dogs, as I’ve only heard about it being used for people but I know I would have to tailor it properly for what dogs need nutritionally. Is there any way KetoPets will be sharing a more detailed diet plan that people could follow at home? I’m anxious to get my lab mix on it, since he had a very large (benign) tumor removed last year, and although he’s doing fine, he’s getting a lot of those lumps and bumps that older dogs get and I worry for him. :-/

    1. lili

      Look for the ketopet Fall 2016 newsletter for a snapshot of their dog ketogenic diet. Basically, ground beef, MCT oil powder, pureed raw fibrous veggies, ie brassicas, green beans asparagus, and a changing rotation of healthy fats, ie unsweetened coconut cream, avocado oil/mayo, coconut oil, red palm oil, olive oil, ghee, kerry gold butter, heavy cream.

      1. Johanna

        Thank you!

      1. Johanna

        Thank you so much, I’ll do that! 🙂

  8. Jane Eagle

    There are human doctors who have been saying that the cure for pretty much all diseases is wholesome food, especially a ketogenic diet…so this article does not surprise me at all.
    After reading about how garbage is turned into pet “food” I understood why about 85% of American dogs die of cancer; that’s when I switched to a human grade, homemade raw food diet for the dogs. This is the future of health for all of us. Thanks for great, timely info as usual, Susan.

  9. Pacific Sun

    Yes, if such a serious (often fatal) disease can be treated with healthy, whole food, then it only stands to reason that a healthy, whole food PF diet, would help to prevent disease in your dog in the first place. It certainly stands to reason, it would add some good years to his lifespan.

    This is such valuable information, and thank you so much for sharing!

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