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TAPF’s annual Christmas Poem

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  1. Donna Chicone

    Merry Christmas Susan and wishes for a prosperous new year! Thanks for all you do to make life better for our beloved dogs.

  2. soozyb2013

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and the best of wishes and dreams come true for the year 2017. I thank you for all you do for us as pet guardians and for the fur babies all over!

  3. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Love this poem, Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work. God bless

  4. Pam Wein Grimes

    Have a wonderful holiday knowing you re saving the lives of our wonderful fur babies. If I am near the isle of death in the store and see a consumer looking I try to inform them about the dangers of pet feed. I have been making my three little angels their food since I lost my beloved Buster 5 years ago. No more strange illnesses. Each batch I make I feel good knowing I am feeding them healthy and safe food. Thank you for all your work. It is rare that an individual can make such a positive impact in the world.

  5. Adriana Rojas

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do on behalf of our beloved pets – truly a labor of love.

  6. deniese

    Drain the Swamp of the Government FDA! Hopefully with the new Administration things may change in the next four years with the new President in power.

  7. jan blanco

    wonderful poem!! echoing the previous comments, yes, Thank You Susan for all you do on our behalf!

  8. Keller

    ; )

  9. Michelle A Kontzamanis

    YES! we can only hope. Also, that more people still feeding feed grade food, will stop! I Love the poem! Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year! Thank you for everything you do to help us help our fur babies.

  10. misspugg

    Thank you Susan! You are an inspiration and have changed my whole thinking about dog food. When I was young, many moons ago, my mother fed our German Shepherd dog people food (not much commercial food in those long ago days) and Mitzi lived a good long and very healthy life. Now the circle has come around and I’m back to cooking for my four dogs.

  11. Batzion

    BRAVA on the poem, Susan! Clapping wildly and flashing my laser light all over the place!!! A million thank-you’s for all the effort you put into this site to help us help our pets. I just know there is a special place in heaven for you. A blessed holiday to you and to the people and animals you love, and a Happy New Year!

  12. Marilyn C. Klein

    Loved the poem. For all of us that subscribe to your blog agree; you are the best to our pets, found under the tree!
    That’s my best try at rhyming. Hope things are better for you and your puppy.

  13. Terri Janson

    Merry Christmas Susan and thank you for all that you do! Loved the Christmas Poem!!!

  14. Pacific Sun

    There once was a Caped Crusader!
    The FDA and Ag Departments didn’t faze her.
    She attends all the meetings,
    Endures the verbal beatings.
    And still keeps her eyes on the Prize!

    Susan Thixton is her name.
    The Truth About Pet Food is her game.
    With Followers and Believers she owns the fame,
    And writes with aplomb, her views never tame.
    And still keeps her eyes on the Prize!

    We’ve been through the PF Testing,
    Crowd Funding was a Blessing.
    Now showing that FDA Law is missing,
    With our pet’s lives they keep own risking.
    Ahead, always with eyes on the Prize!

    So in 2017 we mustn’t give up.
    The road ahead isn’t short; but it’s rough.
    So continue to share no matter how tough.
    It will be Susan’s work calling their bluff!
    In the eyes of our pets, Susan is the Prize!


    Wishing for a Happier New Year 2017!
    Thank you for all that you do!!

    1. Marilyn C. Klein

      Your poem is a complement to Susan’s! It shows how much we need Susan and others to always look out for the safety of our animal companions. To challenge what we believe to be a danger to them no matter what “those in power” say is safe. ROCK ON!!!

    2. Sherrie

      Love the poem

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