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Still No Response from FDA

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  1. Kent Petersime

    The FDA seems to work for itself so I’m not surprised that they ignore your or anyone else’s request for information or assistance. Most of the Government agency’s along with elected officials pretty much do what they want once they cross the border into Washington D.C. What a shame!

  2. joan

    Not to even give you a response is unprofessional and rude! Please don’t give up. We need you to fight for our pets. You opened my eyes and I am grateful.

  3. Tammy Baugh

    Although I am glad you are attempting to open lines of communication with the FDA, on Petsumer’s behalf, I am not a bit surprised they are ignoring you. The fact that they are, further justifies my lack of trust for all Government Agencies. You cannot trust what you don’t know. And you know what else? They will probably continue to ignore your requests. Because they’d like to keep us all in the dark. The smarter we are about our Pet Foods, the smarter we will eventually become about our own human foods. Most of us know virtually nothing about what all they are doing to our human foods as well. And though it is being sold as “fit for human consumption”, I am sure a lot of it just really isn’t. It’s just that FDA standards are way below mine.

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