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Steve’s Real Food Voluntarily Recalls Raw Frozen Dog Food Turkey Canine Recipe

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  1. brit

    glad I switched to home cooked, too many raw recalls =:0

    1. Reader

      Well recently there was a recall of ground beef (meant for human consumption) for e-coli. The point isn’t so much “how” we’re feeding …. but “what” we’re feeding, meaning every single supplier and producer HAS to be held accountable. It’s called batch testing …. and maybe someday they’ll get the news.

    2. Ima

      Home cooked is not species appropriate or
      a balanced diet. You denature proteins once you add heat to them. It works for pet food companies because they add back in the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. People like you give raw feeders a bad name because you start throwing grains and other species inappropriate feeds in the mix and you quickly have a deficient diet. Vets love to use you guys as the reason not to feed raw or veer away from commerical feeds. Look up “prey model raw” if you want the best diet for your animals. Also, dogs and cats carry salmonella in their digestive track so much of these warnings are for humans handling the food.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        I give my own pets both raw and home cooked. And my belief is that home cooked AND raw can be balanced. The decision for raw or cooked is personal, and I always try to respect everyone’s personal choice of how to feed their pet.

      2. brit

        I am probably alot older than you are, did raw for many years until my dog got cancer so switched to cooked and my dogs are doing great for many, many years so please don’t talk down to me, very rude

      3. Reader

        We have to remember many new Readers (here) are just getting started on feeding better. Their dog has had an issue, and they’ve begun researching. And landed on TAPF. Many can’t jump into raw feeding immediately. Either the pet doesn’t like it, or owners need transition time. Or the format doesn’t fit their lifestyle. But if they see an “all or nothing” recommendation, then they’ll quit. And that’s how rabid raw feeders come across. So I would say, your tone is more fanatical, than encouraging! And by the way, dogs are/were opportunistic feeders, eating anything that would sustain them.

        I feed raw. I get it. But do it in rotation. I’ve also seen a dog get VERY, very sick on the all raw approach! One way to get started, is to dethaw a frozen raw patty, in the oven. It can be browned on the outside, yet very raw in the center. But another approach is to feed human grade ingredients. Including lightly sauteed ground turkey or beef patty! A trusted kibble (no recalls, no compromise) can be a filler (for vitamins & minerals) or use THK, with a human grade protein! That’s a great step upwards. Maybe a few steamed vegetables.

        New Readers: be sure to check out Susan’s 2018 “The List” to help determine those trusted elite PF products.

        Please tell me you never eat a side of French Fries, and always adhere to a perfectly prepared “vegan” meal 365/7. We all need some “joy” food, and pets are no different. I’ve seen beautiful, lovely pets raised to old age, on whole human grade foods. And I raised a Poodle to virtually 17 yrs. through a rotation diet (including raw, and whole food towards the end). And who (thankfully) didn’t die prematurely from cancer. So please be encouraging to new Readers, who’re just getting started on feeding, at least better, than they have in the past!

  2. Pet Owner

    Okay. There’s a problem here. Either the FDA has been turning it’s head on raw food manufacturers all along. Thinking maybe feeding raw was just a fad that would go away. Or somebody’s dog REALLY really got sick from it. Which as always been my fear anyway. So now the FDA has cracked down.

    It just doesn’t make sense, that there had been virtually no recalls on raw for all those years (so people thought it was the magic “antidote” to questionable kibble. Or else …. the FDA has finally decided to do it’s job!!! What a shock. Maybe somebody was in danger of losing their job!

    I do feed raw. But usually because I haven’t planned well enough ahead (in terms of thawing) I put the patty in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes first. If my dog ever got really sick on raw (like I’ve seen happen) I’d be furious. And it would seriously dent my pet supplier’s business model, where he has 11+ freezers full of raw products, especially if customers started getting scared off by all these recalls!

    The (raw protein) ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers absolutely MUST be called into question! And mandated to test batches of product before release!!

  3. Tracey Parrish

    I really thought I could trust this company. 🙁 What’s worse is I just finished feeding my dogs the 13.5 lb. turkey patties. A few had diarrhea and looses stools. I thought it was odd since that never happened before and it stopped once they started on the chicken. I just assumed it must have been something else they ate. Now I wonder!


    The best food is human grade food so maybe we should be feeding the beef and chicken, liver, heart, etc that we eat, to our pets. I have fed our cattle dog human grade for a year now and I do have to add the bone meal and make sure the omegas are fed…all learned from Steve Browns book. My meat comes from the butcher shop. There is little worry if I cook the meat but have chosen to feed raw and so far there has been no problems.

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