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Stella & Chewy’s Voluntarily Recalls Products Due to Possible Health Risk

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  1. brit

    hmm well I mostly cook nowadays for my dogs but have occasionally used raw and I think from now on I am just going to stick with cooked and stop wasting my money on these pricey frozen foods.

    1. JAN


      1. Konnie

        I disagree. Dogs are not getting sick. Handle raw food as you should and you won’t get sick either. There’s a witch hunt on against raw diets prompted by the deep pockets of the companies who make crappy dry food. BTW, raw pet food is being scrutinized more closely and has higher standards to meet than the raw meat humans buy for themselves. I’m sticking with raw!

  2. brit

    that is a good point. they act as though people don’t know how to handle meat.

    1. Kristine

      The problem isn’t just handling raw meat but with both ends of the dog who eats raw food. There are verified cases of people (especially children and others with compromised immune systems) getting sick from being licked or by handling the tails of dogs who eat raw food. Most people I know who feed thier dogs raw don’t take the time to brush the dog’s teeth after every meal and wipe thier dog’s bottoms and tails with a moist wipe or damp cloth after every bowel movement.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        To my knowledge, there has never been one documented human illness linked to a raw pet food. There has been numerous from dry pet foods – but not one linked to raw pet food.

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