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Standing Behind Controversial Ingredients

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  1. Batzion

    While this is a positive step, the thing we need to keep in mind is that the ingredients, GMO or not, will still be contaminated with glysophate (Roundup). Unless a product bears the USDA Organic label, that is the sad truth. Approximately 1.4 billion lbs of highly toxic gyphosate is sprayed on U.S. crops every year. Glyphosate us a pernicious food contaminant that cannot be washed off and, therefore,accumulates in our bodies causing gut dysbiosis: A detox protocol must be followed to get rid of it.

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Batzion, I agree! Glycophosphate is killing people & pets, & Monsanto is doing everything in its power to hide the science that proves this to be true!

      Regardless of the fact that Campbell’s is willing to label their foods as having GMO’s in them, all that really means is that they are not fighting the majority of public opinion. They full well know, that GMO’s are not going anywhere! So, they figure that as far as public relations are concerned, that if they are one of the first major food processors that come forward with truth in labeling, that it will earn them points with consumer’s, that is the only reason they are doing it. They full well know why they are really doing it!

      Sadly, many families cannot buy solely Organic food. Organic produce has gone down in cost substantially, but feeding even a small family, red meat that had been grass-fed, or poultry that the birds have only been fed Organic corn feed, is pretty hard to do, so it is almost impossible to keep all these toxic chemicals out of families bodies.

      It is a real challenge today to raise a human family, nevertheless the furry family members! Especially if we (myself included) have many fur-babies.

      As a animal rescuer, it becomes very challenging trying to find adopters that will be open -minded to understanding why they need to spend a lot of money on quality food & also not continue to vaccinate ongoing.

      I wish Susan could help with some kind of forum to bring together enlightened rescuers, like myself, & enlightened adopters. That would truly be a helpful resource!

  2. Laurie Matson

    Yay for Campbell’s!! All it will take is one major pet food company to start the Ball rolling!!

  3. Batzion

    Susan and Cheryl, I just received this excellent article titled “Drugging Animals on Factory Farms—ENOUGH Already” by Katherine Paul of the Organic Consumers Association regarding Elanco, the $2.3-billion animal drug division of Eli Lilly.

    She discusses the fear mongering techniques used by Elanco to influence the public. She also discusses ractopamine and antibiotics used in CAFO operations. The underhandedness is enough to make your blood boil.

    I noticed I misspelled “glyphosate” twice in my previous post. WTG Batzion.

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