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  1. Mary Huber

    This is absolutely infuriating, Susan!
    You are an angel for stepping up for animals, and you are to be commended with the highest praise for what you do.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yep…I’ve bit my tongue on more than one occasion. Thanks for the support!

  2. mikken

    Wow. With those attitudes, it’s no wonder we’re in trouble.

  3. Ken Kalligher

    You are just like a terrier with a rat Susan, but as I have told you before, none of these conversations is surprising. Sad but true the attitudes, even of the regulatory agencies, are just, “screw you.” If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. As you note that’s not the point. If you have a law, enforce it! It is just so disappointing that these companies and regulatory agencies have colluded to the point that even their arguments are the same. We are in real trouble with our pet foods and it will only get worse.

    1. Ann

      “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it” leaves unsaid the problem facing the consumer to know what is in the pet food they are purchasing, esp if it is mislabeled. Years ago labeling was improved to allow the consumer to make a more informed choice because the average person has no idea and no way to find out all of the processes and ingredients contained in the food.
      I always thought that was the reason the enforcement authorities existed. For them to say it is our problem, is absurd.

  4. Charles Brengel

    I commend you on your tenacity!!!
    Every time I read one of your articles, I cringe at what the Government & Pet Food Manufacturers are doing. It’s a case of they are not just trying to pull the wool over our eyes, they are trying to pull the Whole Sheep over our heads!
    That said, it’s all about the money. Until and unless we as consumers can hurt them in their 401k’s and paychecks, they will continue to do their thing in search of more and more profit at our expense.

    Keep up the Good Work.

    1. Mary Huber

      Great comment, Charlie, especially about the sheep!

  5. gumout

    Maybe a Facebook and/or Twitter portal ( Truth about Pet Food) to garner & educate the masses would help;

    1) Gain critical mass, awareness, concern and movement Nationwide and Worldwide

    2) Expose unhealthy Pet Food Manufacturers products, and lacking Fed/State Policy & Enforcement.

    3) Allow for consumer protests of those Mfg’s not in compliance.

    4) Reward via acknowledgement , compliant Pet Food Manufactures, and those who go beyond the call of Duty.

    Consider how the Social Media portals (Twitter and Facebook)were used to spark Middle-East uprisings. Topple Governments, etc… . Power in People.

    Food for Thought.

  6. Elizabeth Chalfant

    Susan, thank you so much for all that you do and for keeping us informed and educated. Change can be painfully slow. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance. I will revisit your website to see what we, as individuals, can do if we cannot attend the AAFCO meetings, and we are not buying commercial pet food.

  7. Sean Coleman

    Worked for a rendering plant for 3 months in highschool in 1999. If anybody who defends the current policies of commercial pet food manufacturers set a single foot in one of these plants and saw the “meat” that was being rendered, they would be horrified. I did witness a horse that had been euthanized with poison from a vet being rendered along with road kill and other diseased animals. Yet you try to explain people that this is what is the Pedigree they are feeding to their dogs and they look at you like you are a nut job or wasting their time. I’ve given up but thanks for fighting the good fight that nobody seems to care about.

  8. Robin

    Thank you for all that you do. You are definitely an Angel:)


  9. jennifer

    If the legal definition of food includes pet food, why is pet food excluded from food stamps?

  10. Debi

    Until the “love of power” turns into the “power of love”, nothing will ever change.
    “They” don’t care and are for de-population and I am pretty sure this involves our animals, so goes our animals, so go us.
    Greed knows no bounds

  11. Jay Smith

    Here’s the definition that applies to “food” whether it’s for humans or for animals, directly from the “Sherman Food, Drugs & Cosmetics Act of 1980” which was passed into state law in California in 1980.

    “Section 109935. “Food” means either of the following:
    (a) Any article used or intended for use for food, drink, confection, condiment, or chewing gum by man or other animal.”

    The Act then goes on to long, long list of illegal acts of adulteration, mislabeling, and otherwise corruption of “food.” In California, if it’s illegal for humans, it’s also illegal for dogs & cats. Period.

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