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Six Degrees of Pet Food Manufacturing

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  1. Jo

    I just ran across today a very comprehensive 2011 study done on several pet foods looking for toxic metals. Below is the link to Part 1 (of 2) of that study. To me, the alarming findings should be submitted to the authorities for investigation. I believe this could be used as part of this “six degrees” goal you’ve set for us. If anyone could convince the study investigators to release the names of the foods tested, we would have some real evidence to take to the authorities. Please take time to look at this study. It was very scientifically done.

    And I still think the national media should be made aware of what you and others have unveiled about the pet food industry, including the Mars related CDC report. All we need is one major TV network or newspaper like the WSJ to do an investigative story and there would then be much more pressure put on the FDA to DO SOMETHING!

    The link is:

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Jo – Yes – I’m very familiar with that heavy metal study. There are several articles about it on this site. And the bad part is – the FDA’s response to that paper – they just dismissed it. It was just sad.

  2. Julia haggerston

    I’ve just returned a packet with a metal/plastic part from machinery? Inside a pouch of whiskers oh so fishy senior. My cat has hyperthyroid and liver problems. This may have been caused by eating contaminated foods like this! I’ve found a different brand called applaws now and she loves It. Won’t be buying any more whiskers rubbish.

  3. Nina Wolf

    This is a very creative and interesting grassroots approach to info gathering, and I’m all over it. As a pet store owner, I’m hoping I might be able to find some inroads even through our distributor drivers and such. I’ll certainly give it a try…and you are, as always, to be so heartily commended for going to new lengths to find, uncover, bring to light, investigate, and discover what it really going on – in short, to protect us all.

  4. Chris


    Your six degrees idea is excellent. I do think this needs to be bigger than just the people on this site. There are several other sites out there besides poisonedpets that have the same goals. I really believe you need to link arms with as many such website owners as possible…at least after getting some traction from six degrees efforts, if not earlier.

  5. jim norris

    We put Blue dog food in a micro wave approved bowel and placed it in the oven for 3-5 seconds. The material sparked on 3 separate occasions and caught the napkin on fire that covered the bowel. This sparking was identical to the sparking you get when you place metal in a micro wave. Very dangerous. The food was taken back by the store. Only a metal in the food could cause this sparking.

  6. Middletown Dog Food

    Great post. We adopted a raw diet for our pets, and their skin issues cleared up; they also slimmed down considerably.

    Commercial kibble is dangerous to feed our pets, please be aware of what you are feeding your cats/dogs!

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