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Serious Updates on Beneful Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. Catharine

    Beneful’s new ad’s really upset me. Wish they were not pushing their advertising so hard…..

    1. Karen Mitchell

      ALL commercial food has more cons when you research into them, the effect they have on your pets stomach, kidneys, bowels, liver skin, etc etc.
      There are those that will argue this. I say, fine, feed it to your pet. 6, 8, 10 years on it, they will start to develop health problems, without a doubt.
      People believe everything they hear form the manufactures when it comes to advertising and that’s what they’re paid to do, make YOU believe!
      I have been researching into commercial and raw feeding for the past 6 years. Do your own research and you will learn that a well balanced raw diet, WITHOUT that Kibble crap (sorry, that’s what it is), or tin food!

    2. Vanessa Nedd-Mitchell

      I would like to be notified about what is still going on. I haven’t heard anything since my dog passed away in 2014. What do I do? I called and the attorney could not even find my name in the system.

  2. Kelley

    Purina must be feeling the pinch from social media discussion. Here’s the latest TV Ad.

    “Purina employees share why they are proud to help make Beneful dog food. Beneful uses quality ingredients that are tested to meet an extremely high standard for excellence. It’s no wonder these employees feel good about feeding Beneful to their own dogs. Learn more at”

    1. Barbara Fellnermayr

      Maybe what we should be asking is are the ingredients good enough to feed to people? I’d put money on it that not one of the employees would eat the crap that goes into it! or feed it to their two legged kids!

      1. Karen Mitchell

        Feeding kibble to pets is like us eating dry biscuits. Keep feeding Kibble and you will end up with health problems, regardless of what brand

        1. Angie

          If you are feeding a good high quality kibble AND taking your dog to the vet yearly and getting those blood profiles drawn then don’t let anyone tell you that your dog is going to die or have health problems because you are feeding kibble.

  3. Jo

    If what the plaintiffs are claiming is true regarding the toxic contents of this dog food, Purina should be forced out of business, or at the very least fined many millions of dollars. No, on second thought, they should be put out of business because, if these complaints are true, the company has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is seriously unscrupulous and untrustworthy. I hope the plaintiffs bring Purina to its knees. This kind of thing has GOT to stop!

    1. Peter

      Multimillion dollar settlements are, unfortunately, just a cost of doing business for a behemoth like Nestle Purina, kind of like traffic tickets are for urban delivery businesses.

    2. Pamela M Beck

      I agree, Jo. I will be dealing with heart scans and medications for congestive heart failure, allergic reactions and hormone abnormalities, etc for the rest of my 2 little Yorkie girls’ lives. I intend to see to it that Purina pays for their insidious duplicity concerning their ingredients.

      1. Karen Mitchell

        Keep in mind that it’s not just this brand. There are hundreds of brands out there that have no or very little health benefit. Researching reveals this

    3. Peg

      I agree with you also Jo, but think it should go further.
      How about criminal charges for poisoning food?

      Makes me wonder if industrial propylene glycol is in any Nestle human foods

      1. Jeanette Owen

        What about the Nestle bottled water? I think CA wants them to stop – but they won’t. Wonder what crap they put in other stuff or lie about. Our government really does not care or they would do something.

  4. William F Hoover

    Thank you and your Staff for all that you do to keep us informed. I use what I get from you as a basis for the nutritional products I feel my GSD’s.

    1. Sage

      Barbara – YAY!

      Wish every country selling Nestle Purina feed for pets (or any other animals) would test Purina’s products and file class action suits if possible. Class action suits may not affect them much BUT the more law suits the more adverse publicity and hopefully more consumers will become aware of exactly what they are (or not purchasing) in those Purina pet feed packages.

      I’m sure Purina will never change their evil, despicable and lethal practices unless their profit margins fall significantly.

      1. Karen Mitchell

        Where do you want the tests done because they are done in other countries.. You just need to do some research to learn this 🙂

  5. Jeanette Owen

    I’ve been seeing more Beneful dog food commercials on TV. Gross!

    1. Sage


      Gross is right and unfortunately, the more adverse publicity (from law suits, main stream media, bloggers) the BIGGER the AD budget!

  6. keith

    I made the terrible mistake of feeding nestle purina beneful to my dog. He had terrible diarrhea and horrible gas. It really made him very sick. Horrible food. Nestle is a horrible company that makes horrible processed chemical dangerous food to avoid. If it says nestle, do not buy for pets or people. If you have any nestle products, just returned, opened or not, even the packaging for a full refund from the store.

    Avoid all big commercial pet food for the health of your pets.

    I located a real holistic vet that really studied pet nutrition.

    My vet recommends NOT to feed any pasteurized food as all the healthful enzymes, vitamins and minerals are killed and destroyed. Same for humans too, if it is canned or pasteurized, then the healthful vitamins, enzymes, are gone. To prevent cancer and stay healthy, pets and humans must eat raw unpasteurized foods daily.

    Dry kibble is the worst, it is like feeding your pet processed mcdonalds fast food everyday. And canned food is pasteurized so again, all the healthful part of it is gone. All that is left are some calories.
    The vet recommended buying a raw turkey, cooking it rare, take out the bones and feed.
    And for quick food, just buy ground raw turkey. Add some frozen or fresh green beans or other fresh or frozen veggies. Feed sliced apples and bananas for healthy raw foods too.

    Feed the apple core to your dog, as the apple seeds contain laetrile B17 which kills malignant cancer cells. Apple seeds kill cancer cells in humans too. The medical industry lies as they want humans to get cancer so they can profit off of the chemo pesticide, as cancer is not a bug so pesticide is not the way to kill cancer. All about profit not health.

    My vet said to buy raw unpasteurized apricot seeds, cannot be heated above 100 degrees to save the vitamins, etc. Apricot seeds contain the highest levels of Laetile B17. The medical industry does not want anyone to know about Laetrle B17 because it prevents cancer in humans and pets so therefore it ruins the great profits in the cancer industry. He

    Vet said best to grind raw apricot seeds in the blender each day. Feed about 6-8 apricot seeds (For 60 pound dog) per day to prevent malignant cancer cells. If your dog has cancer than increase raw apricot seeds to 30-40 per day. When cancer is in remission, then drop down to about 10-20 raw seeds per day. Then when cancer has shrunk, then return to a maintenance level to prevent cancer. Same for humans, we just need more seeds. Tastes like bitter cherries. Many wide blade grass has laetrile in it, that is why dogs eat grass, trying to self medicate. Learn more at etc

    No canned veggies as the veggies in cans are pasteurized, so NOT ANY healthy vitamins, enzymes are left in the veggies. The salt in canned veggies causes diarrhea too.

    The vet said to never feed any wheat, corn, or soy based pet food as those are gmo grains and the commercial pet food uses the moldy not meant for human consumption grains, so to avoid. Avoid gmo grains.

    Most vets do not study pet nutrition so they are clueless. My vet studied real pet nutrition.

    Also add a pet supplement like NuPro silver powder, dogs love the flavor and it is filled with kelp, flax seed and a range of vitamins and minerals. Or feed Dr Andrew Jones canine supplement at

    Hope this helps as my dog’s health improved greatly eating raw food, turkey, ground raw turkey, veggies, and fruits.

    Hope this helps as it really does work.

    1. barbara m.

      Bad advice: apple and apricot seeds/Laetrile for cancer: It must be noted that ingesting too many of these seeds/pits can be fatal. People should be aware that 50 apple seeds /day can be fatal. Apricot seeds are 40 /day, for children 10 /day can be fatal. When Laetrile B17 (a form of Amygdaline) hits the stomach, it combines with stomach acids to produce CYANIDE.

      50 apples seeds /day, fatal to an average human. 40 apricot pits can be fatal. For children 10 pits can be fatal. I think of a average weight of a dog comparable to a child. So, for you do advise the readers of the benefits, without the dangers, is irresponsible. You recommend 30-40 apricot seeds /day for a 60# dog. This seems like a fatal dose.

      1. Karen Mitchell

        What he says is true. A friend of mine has been researching cancer in dogs, been feeding his dogs apple seeds for 15 years. You don’t go and give them 50 a day for goodness sake. All preventive medicine works best in moderation.
        Try having an open mind on things and you may learn something!

        1. Mark

          Soooo… stuff that can be harmful in large doses might be okay in smaller doses. Like propylene glycol.

    2. Karen Mitchell

      Hi Keith,
      You seem to know what your talking about.
      I’m by no means a vet. I have been researching raw diet and commercial pet foods for the past 6 years.
      I’m looking for people with your calibre to join my Facebook group “As Nature Intended”.
      Not sure if we’re allowed to post links, but here it is. If not, just search “As Nature Intended” in FB. If your not on FB, then disregard this and just accept my appreciation 🙂

    3. Karen Mitchell

      I never mentioned it in my last post. You shouldn’t believe everything you vet says, though he does have some good advice there. Have you done any research of your own? The benefits of prebiotics and fatty acids which stimulate the immune system and protect against diseases? What benefits RAW Yoghurt, Apple Cider Vinegar and eggs can have on your pets health? (as well as our health)
      Like us, they need some prebiotics. Are you sure your vet meant NOT to give commercial pet food that contains prebiotics? Because that’s when things go wrong. This link will help you…


      1. Jeanette Owen

        Per a vet in Scottsdale Az – all you need to feed pets is RAW FOOD! With organ meat & bone (calcium) also! It’s what nature intended. Pure enzymes they need. That’s all. The good meat – more wild the better such as elk, bison, venison etc. Then – beef, chicken etc. That’s “how” he cures animals & it started to help in 2 weeks & animal cured in 2 months. I don’t get all this other stuff people say. My friends old 17 yr old cat – peeing on couchs, rugs, owner – he put him on raw chicken & it all stopped & the cat went on to live another 2 years.

        1. Karen Mitchell

          Why didn’t you answer any of my Q’s?
          Yes, I hear you. It is what nature intended, I invented and run “As Nature Intended”! . I’m an advocate of a natural raw diet and I know that, I’ve researched it for the past 6 years, so I know some!
          Well, of course it would have made a huge difference because commercial food, as you know is crap. The animals immune system is almost non existent and their gut doesn’t function as it should!

          Do you know the meaning of “BALANCED”… If you think they will survive on JUST meat offal and bone, you are wrong.
          First of all, on JUST those alone, there would not be sufficient Omega 3 and 6 and a balance of these is essential. The effect of this imbalance is most dramatic on the immune system, and in the skin. In the immune system, a correct balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 EFA’s will direct the cells to react in a less reactive, less inflammatory pathway. However an excess of Omega 6 and deficiency of omega 3 will result in a pro inflammatory, over reactive immune system (stimulation of histamine releasing cells). This results in abnormally strong immune reactions to normal or mild allergenic stimuli; in people, Omega 3 deficiency has been linked to hay fever, asthma and allergies.

          Canines, as you would also know, have been evolving for 40 million years (before human intervention) existing on a natural diet of raw prey, VEGETABLE MATTER, FRUITS, NUTS, INSECTS, and all manner of scavenged food. They are omnivores, meaning they consume both meat AND PLANT based food sources. In fact, they are the ultimate scavengers, able to exist on a purely vegetarian diet, when necessary, and thriving on a meat based diet, when available. They will eat almost anything to stay alive, and have a cast iron constitution to reflect this. A wild dog’s diet can include up to sixty different ingredients in one day, varying from live prey, carrion, grass, nuts, fruits, insects, bark, soil, clay, decaying vegetable matter, animal excretions, and more. Despite the immense variation, the one common factor is that they are all consumed raw.
          The dog’s entire digestive tract, from teeth and saliva, to organs and intestines, digestive enzymes, microbial flora, and ultimately the entire metabolic process to the cellular level, has been finely tuned, over millions of years, to be able to process, digest, and absorb the products of a raw food diet. The breakdown process of the raw ingredients in the intestinal tract is critical for normal assimilation of all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and other metabolic factors essential for optimal growth and function.

          When a dog (or dog pack) catches prey, there are well-defined eating patterns that emerge. Apart from the hierarchical order in which the dogs are allowed to participate in the feast, there is a systematic approach to consuming the various parts of the prey. The abdominal cavity is opened quickly, and the gut contents and organs (what we call offal) are consumed first. The organs, like liver, kidneys, spleen etc, are rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The gut contents, including stomach, intestines and colon, are full of semi digested plant and grain material. It is this “mush” of PLANT matter that the dogs devour immediately, almost like a prize to the hunter.

          The remainder of the carcass, comprising mainly muscle meat and bones, is then consumed slowly, often over several days if the prey is large. If there is an abundance of meat and bone, dogs will bury some, to ensure a feed for themselves later on.

          What we have learned from this, is a simple understanding of the basic ingredients in a dog’s natural diet. Apart from the vast array of scavenged material a dog may eat, when available, a diet of live prey is the ultimate in nutrition. This consisting of pre-masticated (chewed), semi digested plant material and grains, a serving of rich organ meats, and a larger portion of muscle meat and bone.

          AO’s (Antioxidants) are widely available in nature, and are most potent in fresh raw vegetables and fruits. The highest concentrations are usually found in coloured foods, like berries, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, and also in cruciferous greens, garlic, and many other sources.

          Some of the highest sources can be found in goji berries, blue berries, bilberry, grape seeds, pine bark extract, milk thistle, phytoestrogens (eg soybean).

          Additional sources are vitamin C, E, A, quercetin, coenzyme Q10, green tea, caffeine, dark chocolate (not for pets though). Mineral supplements like selenium and zinc are also vital to support the body’s own enzyme pathways.

          Many of the naturally occurring AO’s are heat sensitive, and will be destroyed by cooking and processing, which is one of the reasons that we see such improved health, and longevity, in pets that are fed on raw food diets.

          So you see the importance of mimicking the gut content of their prey’s. There’s a lot more to it than JUST meat/muscle offal and bones.

          Source: Vet Dr Bruce Syme

    4. Angie

      Sorry but all dry kibble is not bad for dogs (but the same does not ring true for cat food) There are several brands that have very high quality ingredients. If what you are saying was true then there would be lawsuits against all dog food companies. My vet also got the advanced degree in nutrition and says that’s not true (and she does not sell those horrible RX foods like hills, royal canin or purina). If you are a responsible pet owner you would be feeding a very high quality food or raw/home cooked if you choose too. You would also be taking you dog to the vet and get full blood panels drawn yearly to see how your animal is doing.

  7. Pat Bresson

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on this horrible company. I would like to see the news outlets report on this. Would it be OK to share with some of our Tampa Stations?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes certainly. This was from their press release – the story should be shared.

  8. Lina Burkholder

    My dog was a victim. I have allowed his autopsy & tox screen results so be used as evidence.
    I don’t want any money as that will not bring my dog back. I just want them to take that crap of the shelves. It is killing pets day by day.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      So sorry for your loss.

    2. Peg

      Aww Lina
      I am so very sorry

    3. Jenn Hausman

      I have two dogs that were also victims, I have also allowed both of their autopsy’s and tox results. And I feel the same, I could careless about the money I want this stuff off the shelves. I lost my two babies way to soon and I hope know one else has to go through this.

      1. Tiffany Wright

        I just lost my dog who just turned 3….he became very sick after eating a busy bone….vomiting after…didn’t want to eat or go outside….clumsy till his legs seemed to fail him…..started to just lay there….developed a twitch….and then died all with in 3 days

  9. Gitta

    If proven to be fact, this would be a new low for Purina. If proven true, I sure hope the financial penalties will be more than a slap on the wrist and enough to serve as a real wake-up call for big pet food in general.

  10. Tracey

    No animal should ever have to eat Beneful or any of these other so called pet foods that are comprised of nothing but toxins. The FDA continues to do nothing except look the other way. Perhaps the FDA is getting $ from big pet food to do nothing? That would explain why Beneful and all of the other crap on store shelves labeled as pet food continues to be sold. Why this junk is still on the market is a mystery to me. Obviously someone is getting paid to look the other way. Consumers need to tell these stores to remove this deadly crap from their store shelves, or they will take their business elsewhere. When sales decline, that will get their attention. It is all about the almighty $, and they could care less about the health and well-being of our babies, the loves of our lives! The suggestion to feed raw turkey, green beans, and fruit is an excellent idea!

  11. Terry

    Thank you Susan again for all your wonderful work! As I was reading thru this email the beniful co.mercial came on tv the one with the “employies” praising their work and commitmennt. Seeing that made me sick do they think people are stupid seeing all that fluff can someone say damage control I wish these issues were on the mainstream news more often. Just as I have researched a good healthy diet for my family I’ve done the same for my fur babies its not that hard with forums like yours the increased cost of food is more than offset by minimal vet visits I have two very senior cats approaching 15 years old and they are healthy and thriving please keep up the excellent work!!!

    1. Karen Mitchell

      Hi Terry,
      I have a group on Facebook “As Nature Intended”, we are a bunch of people like you and also some great professionals and researchers who want to share our knowledge on balanced raw diet. Even if your wondering how to start your dog or cat on an all natural raw nutritional diet, or your not sure about some things, like what’s safe and how much to give them… That and more!
      Follow this link to join my Facebook group.. and get a friend to tag along too….

  12. Gdoggie

    Unless the news media gets this information out to the public, purina will continue to do what they’re doing. They make their money on the masses of unspuspecting individuals. While this site is great for the individuals who know about it, it’s not reaching the masses. From what I understand, our pets are property and not much value is,given to property. There’s no value that I can place on my dogs, they’re my babies and best friends

    1. Hope Williams

      Gdoggie–I totally agree! Susan, please please please get this fabulous writing on this critical issue out to the press all around the country. If it’s a slow news day when you hit then maybe we’ll spread the word beyond the choir. Susan, your thoughts on this?

    2. Kelley

      One way for the media to get a hold of the public’s attention is to inform them that 100,000 people by way of their signatures are demanding a response!

      It is easy to sit at our keyboards and to lament how bad Beneful and Purina are. We read pet owner’s experience after experience repeating the same things. Yet strangely we don’t require a pet food company to PROVE to us in any way that a product is safe! Instead they wait for us to prove that it is not!! One way to change this dynamic is to require a definition for PET FOOD (not the same as pet feed) to be free of inedible, waste and toxic ingredients. Unfortunately we can’t make this demand without the VOICE of every single pet food consumer who cares. Please read TAPF article “No Time To Waste.” Click on:

      “We’ve asked the U.S. government administration – via a petition – to require pet food to declare quality of ingredients. The FDA openly allows pet food to violate federal food safety law. Day after day, year after year – the pet food industry has been given personal permission from the FDA to use the most hideous waste imaginable and sell it to consumers as ‘pet food’ – without consumer knowledge.

      We pet food consumers have screamed and yelled – and no one has heard us (or cared enough to listen). But right now – we have very significant days to finally force the administration of the U.S. government to hear us and to require a response.
      On the petition – if we reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days (deadline – July 5th, 2015) – it is required for the government to provide us with a response. Can you imagine?”

      Please add your signature to the 2,671 others and ask 1 more person to do the same. It’s extremely easy and free. Click on:

      1. Karen Mitchell

        “free of inedible, waste and toxic ingredients”

        This will NEVER happen. These ingredients, I prefer to call them, substances, need to be in any of the commercial pet foods for them to survive on the shelves

  13. Victoria Vallarta

    My Chihuahuas have been eating this Beneful for quite sometime.I am very worried now. What is healthy for them????

  14. Victoria Vallarta

    My Chihuahuas have been eating Beneful for sometime now what do we do????

    1. Karen Mitchell

      You can make the transition to an all natural raw diet. NO kibble required!

      By all means I’m not a vet. Researching pets all natural RAW diet is one of my hobbies and I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years.
      Join the best Facebook group for all pet natural RAW nutritional hints and tips from professionals and pet minders like yourself .. You can find my group by searching “As Nature Intended”

  15. Tina

    I had to put my 5 yr old miniature dachshund down two months ago. I was feeding him Purina dog food for small dogs since he was a puppy. Though the years he would have a lot of pain in his belly, he would climb up my chest on to my shoulder and just cry. His stomach would make a lot of gargling noises. I called the vets numerous of times and they said to get him Pepto-bismol, and rice. There was so many night I had to stay up with him and rub his belly so he could have some relief and it seem to work for a couple of weeks. Then things turn for the worst! there was some blood in his stool and there was days he could not poop. We finally got in to see the vet and she said he had Colitis ( she took ex-ray,blood work, and urine test) . So she put him on some pills and pain meds(also had to change his dog food to the vets dog food and give him pumpkin) and that seem to be working for a short time. By now his stool had more blood and there was days it was just watery stool and days that was just all blood. Took him back to the vets they gave him a stronger meds and that did not work at all. There were times that he did not make it to the door in time, and all this blood came out of him. Once again took him back to the vet and they said that they would have to do more testing and they were not sure what was going on
    ( by now we were running out of money and he was in so much pain). So to make a long story short, they said the best thing was to put him down. That was the hardest decision I ever had to make. He was my best friend!!! Then I saw this about a lawsuit in the states about Purina dog food and wonder if it was possible that the dog food was killing my dog (but unfortunately it was way to late ) I have not hear of anything about this in Canada as of yet.

    1. Karen Mitchell

      By all means I’m not a vet. Researching pets all natural RAW diet is one of my hobbies and I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years. I run a Facebook page for people who are making the transition to raw. I also have professionals and people making studies in the group.

      So sorry for your loss. I hear stories like your every day. it’s sad knowing that people think that feeding their pet kibble and tin commercial food is good for them. It’s not, believe me. If you knew what went into commercial food, your toes would curl and you would ask your pet for forgiveness.
      They are like a walking time bomb, just like your baby. Did the vet tell you the cause of Colitis? Also, giving your poor little dog those drugs would not help him, it actually makes them worse.

      I’m very passionate about pets nutrition and I’m here to help people like yourself. Hopefully before it’s too late for their family pet.

  16. Ruth Ritchie

    I wonder if this is why my dog has been acting like there’s something wrong lately. i used to feed him Beneful exclusively. I have bought two other foods and rotate them. I think I better not give him Beneful any more. He was throwing up a lot and eating grass when that’s all I fed him.
    He loves to fetch the ball and bring it back to me. He would do this 10+ times in a row until I stopped him and made him rest. Now he can only do 2-3 times and he’s exhausted. Some times he just stands by the ball and looks at it like he doesn’t know what to do with it. i have to go get it.
    It’s like he’s getting Altheimers, but he’s not old. I didn’t see any reason to take him to the vet, but now I wonder.

    1. Karen Mitchell

      By all means I’m not a vet. Researching pets all natural RAW diet is one of my hobbies and I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years.

      Feeding you pet commercial kibble and canned food is like a time bomb.
      It is only a matter of time, when your dog will start vomiting and probably diarrhoea. I just hope there no blood in his number two’s!
      The best thing you can do, is introduce an all natural balanced raw diet..This means no kibble. I stress, balanced!
      Join the best FB group for all pet natural RAW nutritional help, along with hints and tips from professionals, pet carers who have been feeding raw for a while and pet minders like yourself

    2. Karen Mitchell

      By all means I’m not a vet. Researching pets all natural RAW diet is one of my hobbies and I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years.

      Feeding you pet commercial kibble and canned food is the worst thing you can do for them.
      It is only a matter of time, when your dog will start vomiting and probably diarrhoea. I just hope there no blood in his number two’s!
      The best thing you can do, is introduce an all natural balanced raw diet..This means no kibble. I stress, balanced!
      Join the best FB group for all pet natural RAW nutritional help, along with hints and tips from professionals, pet carers who have been feeding raw for a while and pet minders like yourself

  17. Di

    At the very least, pet food companies who have recalled product that has proven harmful – and esp. if fatal – to consumers’ pets, should be forced to have a large banner placed at the bottom of any ads they run, stating the date and cause of recall, as well as the numbers of affected animals, and the animals’ outcome. It seems to be inherently wrong to be able to still run ads promoting a product when it has caused pain and suffering to those who have consumed it; if the gov’t is going to allow these companies to continue to advertise, then banners are attached to the ads – large ones, not fine print – *might* help to save some lives.

  18. Karen Mitchell

    People need to wake up. Don’t feed you pet this, or any other brand of kibble or wet commercial pet food..This case is an example as to what will happen to all pet food manufactures in the future. It’s just a matter of time.

  19. Diane Riepert

    we had our German shepherd Hansel on this beneful dog food, he one day out of nowhere dropped into a grand mal seizure, had him to the vet and he was put on penobarb, the seizures meds had leveled off and no longer controlled his seizures we had to help my baby cross the rainbow bridge. I notified Purina and all I got was ” we send our condolences to your and your family on the passing of your dog”. Really??? I will never feed anything Purina to my other fur children. that was a horrible death for a animal to endure for a reason of put harmful things in there food and knowing that those things are harmful. Not to mention our horrible it was for us to have to witlessness our dog go through this daily of seizures and not just one but sometimes multiple ones a day. I am Angry about this still after almost 2yrs of my Hansel being gone. Something has got to change or be done.

    1. Jeanette Owen

      Oh how sad! So sorry! Boy, now that I think about it I know at least 2 dogs who had seizures & eventually passed away. From the food??? How terrible.

  20. Callie Spirit

    Its ridiculous that Purina is even allowed to continue making and marketing any of their products! I have 4 dogs and used Purina ONCE (thats all it took) and my dogs immediatly became ill. They threw up every ounce of food as soon as it hit their stomachs! We tried to mix it with their old food to help transfer their tolerance and it made it worse! We ended up dumping 3/4 of the bag into the trash before we ended up with vet bills or worse…dead family members!

    1. Patricia Bresson

      Ain’t that the truth! And I can’t believe all those that go on their FB page and rave about Purina and their products. I tried to shed some light, and oh boy, Purina was right there threatening to delete my comments. I said go right ahead! The media has it out there and they should be ashamed of themselves! I look forward to seeing them go down!!

  21. Brenda Moxley

    I have been feeding my 11 lb Bichon Beneful. He started gagging like he’s chokeing then throwing it all up .its a shame that they are continually saleingy that stuff. I have threw out a bag as well. And it is not cheap. snowball’s my baby Iwant to keep him alive.

  22. No Time to Waste! (Reminder!)

    Please circulate the petition: 100,000 signatures are required by July 5, 2015. Click here –

    Should Pet Food manufacturers be required to disclose quality of ingredients?

    PF can be made from real food ingredients just like what you’d purchase in the grocery or it can be made from an inferior quality of ingredients known in the PF Industry as feed grade, pet grade, or inedible ingredients. The trouble is the consumer can’t tell the difference between food or feed grade. Yes, inedible ingredients are allowed in PF by the FDA! Including expired retail MEAT that isn’t even stripped of its packaging! Per FDA Compliance Policies MEAT is sourced from diseased, dead, or dying animals. Chemical or pesticide contaminated vegetables and fruits, and mycotoxin ridden grains, are used.

    If you agree that PF consumers deserve to know the difference before they buy, then the FDA must require the quality of ingredients to be labeled as feed or food grade.

    As of June 27 there are only 8 more days to sign the petition and reach (at least) 5,000 signatures. We are at 3,400 today. Please circulate this reminder asking even more people to pass it forward! Thank you.

  23. Juanita Deveaux

    I’m appalled at that commercial,my male yorkie was fine until I started giving him beneful original,this mess made my baby very sick,he lost weight,threw up,in just layed there balled up.sick all of the time,I looked in his eyes and he just look like he was trying to say how sick he was,I feel sadden in responsible because although Purina product was bad ,I put it in his bowl

  24. Troy Nanne

    What are the specific types of deaths related to this. I lost my pit bull at 6yrs old due to intestinal cancer that spread to his lymph nodes. I fed him Beneful his whole life. His mother fell 2months short of 16yrs old, and I feel like I’ve lost him WAY TOO soon. If anyone could elaborate on this, that would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Eileen Kirkwood

    Our dog, Bud, had to be put down on May 5, 2013. He was only six years old. He had his first seizure at about one year old, then did not have another until August 2012. For nine months, he became more and more ill with horrible seizures, weight loss, and liver disease. We fed Bud Purina Puppy Chow, then Purina Beneful Original, then Purina Beneful Healthy Weight. We fed him Beneful his whole life because we thought it was a reputable company, making a high quality dog food. We were devastated to lose him, he was just six years old, way too soon to go! Please keep us informed of any developments in this lawsuit. Thank you.

    1. Kelley

      So very sad losing your companion. I understand the heartbreak.

      If you’ve not been a regular Reader, what brought you to this site?

      What would be a good way to connect with people before this kind of tragedy happens to them?

      Most people think just like you, in terms of a Name Brand being a reputable company. Sometimes diet is that last thing they connect to an illness.

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