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Beneful Deaths Lawsuit Dismissed in Canada

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  1. ACH

    The FDA says propylene glycol is safe and has been used for years…well, isn’t that comforting…the Agency for Toxic Substances at the CDC says propylene glycol is ‘generally recognized as safe’…there is also a note stating the systems affected are Dermal (skin), Renal (urinary system or kidneys), and Respiratory (from the nose to the lungs)…but, hey, it’s generally recognized as safe…
    I don’t want to feed my pets anything that is used in paints and plastics, artificial smoke or fog used in fire-fighter training (they wear masks), etc…
    PG has different names: 1,2 dihydroxypropane…1,2-propanediol…methyl glycol…trimethyl glycol…

  2. Pet Owner

    Let me get this straight. So it’s okay (not actionable) for a Company to use questionable ingredients in a PF, when it can’t be proven that those ingredients affect the pet. And it’s okay to use ingredients that aren’t listed on the label, as long as the employees making the PF keep quiet.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of think that last comment (is perhaps) the bigger story here.

  3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    “Reminder, even though the FDA has received thousands of complaints of sick and dead pets linked to Beneful Dog Food, the agency has not tested the pet food – not even once.”

    More lies & deceit! at the peril of our beloved fur-babies! Isn’t it interesting how THOUSANDS of complaints were made to the FDA, yet NO TESTING done!, yet, (as stated in a recent post) the FDA goes after their latest “witch hunt” on yet another raw food Co, that had ZERO consumer complaints! Can’t we find some well known consumer advocate groups to “out” the FDA on their blatant misconduct?! It is so maddening!!!!! what they get away w/.

  4. Marisa Latora

    We as pet owners have a RESPONSIBILITY to protect our pets & look out for their well being because animals are like children …defenseless & without a voice. Who is purchasing this shit & feeding it to their pets?
    Education is empowerment! I don’t know who makes me more angrier…stupid ignorant people who keep these type companies in business with their patronage or the money hungry corporate scum who produce & sell this poisonous “food”! WAKE UP AMERICA …stand together…boycott…put them out of business!

    1. Jude

      Marissa Latora, I have found that only a few of the people I have spoken with are willing to pay a premium price for a good dog food. For many consumers, their lack of funds and, too often, their lack of concern drives them to buy just “okay” food for their pets, as “They’re doing just fine with the food I’m giving them.” And sometimes their dogs outlive our pampered dogs. Go figure…


        My vet said that all of my dogs are in phenomenal health. My JRT is going to be 16 and I had a small dog with a severe heart condition that the vets were astonished at the longevity of his life under my care. I have to ask one question for the people who can not “afford” premium food…do you buy alcohol, go out to dinner , go on vacations, buy cigarettes , shop in the mall for things that you don’t need? If the response is yes…then you can afford premium pet food. Get your priorities straight and learn how to manage your money. He is your friend, your partner, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader and only caretaker. He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be WORTHY of such devotion! NO MORE EXCUSES

        1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

          Thank you for making that statement, because I am always thinking the same things!!! People have frivolous spending, then feed their animals crap food, all the while excuse after excuse of “Why they cannot afford otherwise”

  5. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Labeling requires that ingredients of a prescribed amount be listed in descending order. If the ingredient is a very small amount it doesn’t need to be listed. We list every ingredient in our food, 100% of the ingredients are listed on the label. I would not hesitate to say that we are in the very smallest of minorities.

    1. ACH

      IMO, every single ingredient…every single one…should be listed on the label of any food…how does any company know what a human or animal might have an allergy or intolerance to or at what level??? How many people have died because of peanut allergies, even when the most minute amount crossed their lips? IT NEEDS TO BE LABELED…

      1. Barbara

        I agree, 100% of the ingredients should be listed on the label. That is what my company does, but I highly doubt you’ll find more than a handful of companies that do!

        You don’t think the PFI takes note of what you have to say? Where do you think they came up with the idea to bastardize terms like human grade and natural. It is all in marketing to you what they think you want to see. Now that you have peeked behind the curtain, vote with your wallets! Don’t buy their CRAP anymore.

      2. Pet Owner

        I’m guessing most people reading this article are thinking “whew, glad I’m not using Purina!” With more than sympathy for pet owners who do however, this isn’t just your problem. If we (as consumers) DON’T react to what the FDA is not doing, then the next time it could be our problem. Companies, Agencies and the Government counts on the very fact that an issue always blows over.

        Let’s figure out what we can do as a group! To make our voices heard and our demands clear!!

        Should we write a letter, addressing it to the FDA, Purina CEO and Public Relations, as well as our local Legislature and our media outlet?

        One thing we could demand is that every single ingredient is listed on the label. That way companies can continue to do business any way they want. But we can make the right choices and protect ourselves.

        1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

          I believe a petition would be more effective than just a letter because it could potentially reach many more people than just the community of people here. I don’t personally have the time to draft a petition (overwhelmed w/ rescue work during kitten season) Maybe you could collaborate w/ someone that participates here @ T.A.P.F. is a good place to start a petition. Then it needs to be networked like crazy!

        2. Jude

          Care petitions are very effective. It would have to be carefully worded and should be run through Susan before initiating the process.

  6. MJM

    Propylene Glycol is a Humectant. It draws water to itself and keeps things moist, or rather not dried out. It is used in breads and pastries, skin care products, dried box soups…paints and …. it is used in water systems when winterizing your recreational vehicles so the pipes don’t freeze – read the labels we are eating it too. They poisoned PEOPLE in Flint , MI for 18 months before it made the National news, pets don’t have much chance when profits are involved.

  7. Jude

    Now I wonder which dog food company, unlisted above, is misrepresenting its ingredients. This is all very sad. Whistleblowers are protected by law from repercussions for exposing a company’s illicit practices. It is extremely distressing that our government’s laws to protect whistleblowers are as useful as a protection from abuse court order: a waste of paper and zip protection. My husband was a city police officer and pitied anyone who believed that a court order would protect them. Whistleblowers pay dearly for exposing the truth.

    I believe that you, Susan, have been very brave to openly and publicly state what others fear to do. By becoming widely (wildly??) well known for your stands, you very likely have saved yourself from great retribution. You’re a tough lady and you’re making a difference! Thank you.

  8. Brenda

    Maybe FDA doesn’t know how to test pet foods.

    1. Jude

      More likely, they don’t care to.

  9. Pacific Sun

    Here’s the problem. Knowledgeable pet owners believe in only two things: One is, that we can only protect our own pet (usually by feeding a homemade diet and staying informed). And two, that the PFI and Agencies can’t be changed because they are motivated by profit, careers & retirement protection.

    • A couple of articles ago, Susan stated the FDA hasn’t complied with the mandate Congress established to be completed by Sept. 27, 2009. It was to update ingredient standards, labeling and nutritional standards!

    • From Susan’s reports, it’s clear AAFCO (key in the discussion and definition process) has no interest in pet owners as consumer stakeholders.

    • Another article stated there is “undeniable proof the FDA allows the PFI to break the law” by using material from diseased animals having died other than by slaughter.

    • A study was provided about the risk of endotoxins which is bacteria causing health concerns in pets.

    • A Law Student produced a paper entitled “Death by Dog Food: A Critical Examination of Pet Food Regulation in the United States” (which is about failure).

    When we post comments (if at all) here in response to all of these VIOLATIONS, we talk about our “fur babies” and feeding pets like family and how much they mean to us emotionally. But when professional, career, retirement minded and self-serving government personnel hear about our feedback, we are dismissed as “emotional, sentimental, impractical, animal extremists.” They are thinking about livestock. We are protecting companions. That’s a BIG difference!

    As members of the Association for TRUTH in Pet Food, we shouldn’t be viewed as a collection of wishful, hopefuls. We ought to be FEARED for the impact we will make. Just like any Lobby group. We should be banding together to demonstrate our numbers. And be visible.

     How many people have contacted a Lawmaker?
     How many people will vote against incumbents who don’t address these issues?

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Pacific Sun: You are 100% right, but remember, people, myself included, are commenting in regards to these articles, based on “this community of people” reading the comments, not necessarily industry.

      I think that if someone, (maybe you?) had the time to write up a petition and help get it to pet lovers, (not only people connected to this group), we could bring change at a quicker rate. Also if a synopsis of talking points could also be drafted up, that would give more people a nudge to contact their representatives. It can be very overwhelming for people to figure out the exact right consise thing to say to a law maker, when there is SO MUCH information that has been covered on these issues with Petfood. A person has only a paragraph at most to be able to get in a call, when calling a representative.

      We need a person/people to be the organizer of such tasks. I really believe that would help things move in the right direction.

      I have also posted in the comments section on a few occasions about Susan, or someone contacting Bill Maher (a huge animal advocate) who is also an executive producer of the HBO investigative series, “VICE”. Maybe they would consider doing an investigative report on the topic. Although, there are so many issues to be covered, it seems like it really need to be a full length documentary. Any coverage at all in the media would be at least a helpful start, I would think.

      I also mentioned about trying to get other celebrity animal activists involved, to help bring the attention to these issues to light…say Betty White, Rick Gervais, Alec Baldwin, just to name a few, off the top of my head.

  10. Linda K Hamilton

    I agree with Jude above.
    You do make a difference Susan. Thank you!

  11. Dean

    One issue that is missing from the story and probably contributed greatly to the outcome is that pet is unregulated in Canada and as such this then becomes a ‘property’ complaint not a judicial wrong doing… and most Canadians don’t know this…

  12. Jude

    I spoke with my state senator when he stopped by a few days ago and explained the situation with the FDA and its noncompliance with the law and told him I would follow up with an email. I have just sent him this webpage and asked him to read the comment section, as there are links to other sites. He is an earnest, honest human being and I believe that he will take this info to heart and maybe even provide some guidance as to how to tackle the FDA’s flouting of the law.

  13. Peter

    Propylene glycol was not part of the Beneful ingredient list until a couple of years ago, its a popular humectant that companies will switch to when global sourcing prices make alternatives more expensive. So maybe now the publicity of using it makes it more “expensive.”

    Many human foods will even list “one or more of the following” to cover switching from one ingredient to another when global prices fluctuate. The companies are always looking for “least cost alternatives.” This is especially true for vegetable oils as an ingredient.

    1. Jude

      Peter, I didn’t know about the info given in your second paragraph. Interesting and helpful. Thanks.

  14. Bruce McKalip

    Susan, I recommend a strategy like “Food Babe” uses. It could work just as well for pet issues. She advocates for improvements in human food and has been successful. People refer to her and her “Food Babe Army”. Her key is getting visibility with the public, press and politicians. She has banded with like minded organizations and working together the food industry has actually made improvements in removing artificial dyes and other questionable additives. Vani Harry, “The Food Babe” has a book out that describes some of the things she has done. Any way you cut it, it is s long uphill battle when you are affecting company profits. Maybe someone has already suggested this and I just haven’t noticed it.

  15. Terri Janson

    Boycott all of Purina products! I will not even feed their junk to my chickens.

    1. Jude

      Terry Janson, I could not agree more.

  16. Caroline Snyder

    PLEASE avoid GLYCERIN, as well as PROPYLENE GLYCOL and SORBITOL in pet food. I have been preaching this for three years!

    You see, Nestle/Purina dropped that nasty ol’ (probably!) Industrial Grade Propylene Glycol in BENEFUL (a loophole allows the Industrial Grade product to be given to dogs), and replaced it with Glycerin. Clue – Almost ALL Glycerin is now a byproduct of Biodiesel production these days. It USED to be a byproduct of Soap production and was very pure. Oh, and Propylene Glycol is made FROM that contaminated Glycerin!

    Glycerin from Biodiesel (1 pint for every gallon of biodiesel) is unfortunately contaminated with toxic METHANOL and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL (did your sick dog ever act like it was drunk or sustain liver or pancreas problems.. maybe seizures or tremors?)

    The quality of many of these “oils” varies tremendously. The higher the price, the “cleaner” it will be, and Purina have NEVER been known for their use of decent quality ingredients!

    So.. Glycerin is used to produce Propylene Glycol. There is a MASSIVE over-supply of Glycerin across the world right now from Biodiesel production, so manufacturers are always looking at new ways of using it.. hmm.. the pet food/treat market is massive of course, but there is NO evidence showing that these biofuel by products are safe!

    The problem is that this waste product can contain ALL sorts of nasties, even when US manufactured. This includes Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and Methanol, Toxic Jatropha residue (China/India), Glyphosate/Round-Up from GMO Corn substrate, and Aflatoxins from grain products used as substrate as a few examples.

    This is just one part of the Glycerin story – now look to China –

    Yantai Aska Foods Co, Ltd EI Start: 03/28/2012
    Yantai, China – An FDA-483 was issued to the firm’s president and owner at conclusion oft he inspection which identified that until week prior continuing for approximately past two years firm had used in part glycerin labeled as being industrial grade manufacture of jerky pet treat products without having assurance or verification of the safety of the glycerin as an ingredient in these products.

    Like Susan, I have accumulated a VAST amount of information on pet food ingredients, and evidence of contaminated ingredients since I started my group “Is BENEFUL by Purina Killing and Sickening Dogs? Post YOUR Story!” in early 2013.

    This new formulation HAS got several highly significant improvements, thanks to groups like mine informing and educating everyone we know, and Susan’s dedication to raising awareness of pet food ingredients, but I prefer to pay more for a quality product (I use Farmina N+D GRain Free) and not have to deal with sick and dying cats and 1000’s of dollars worth of vet bills!

    1. ACH


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