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Right Wrongs in Pet Food Regulations

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  1. Wanda Sanders

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will be doing my homework and sending emails!! I will start with Mark LeBlanc at LSU!

  2. Jennifer


  3. Kelley

    Thank you for the resources to do so; I’ve sent a letter to my California representative!

  4. Beth

    Thank you for all you do for our beloved fur-kids. I sent an email to my California representative.

  5. Michele

    The 3 people from Kentucky have been contacted!

  6. Susan Thixton Author

    Thanks so much everyone!

  7. Sophie

    Dear Brave Susan —

    In addition to this info and model letter to use, you might want to post a petition at Thousands of people access this site, and respond to many, many of the petitions. Yours would not go unnoticed! Response would be “immediate if not sooner” especially if you mentioned the deadline.

    Good luck!

    1. Veronica

      I think that’s a great idea!

  8. Lisa


  9. Jane Moore

    After learning so much about pet food from Susan, my sister and I decided a year ago to feed our dogs “human food” – mostly chicken and ground beef with whole vegetables, grains, and even some fruit. Not regretted it for a second. It is NOT expensive nor time consuming. Both our pets maintain a healthy weight, are enjoying long, healthy lives, have excellent results from their yearly blood tests, and we don’t have to worry about our dogs eating bird droppings or euthanized animals. No allergies, and beautiful coats. I am always urging people to try it out.This is the answer, folks. Hit these industries in the pocketbook and watch change come about. It’s the only language they understand!

    1. Ewa

      My dog is 9 years old and since she joined our household (we adopted from SPCA at 6 weeks of age), she was fed home made diet.
      She is a “poster- dog” for health and beauty: slim, strong, youthful, playful and very affectionate, she adds value to our lives.
      Her shiny coat, good teeth, lack of odour and wonderful disposition speak volume! I would never consider feeding my dog in any other way.

  10. Marie Sorenson

    I have contacted my New York state representative for AAFCO via e-mail.

  11. Tracy

    Done! Hope it does some good.

  12. Veronica

    My rep, Wayne Nelson, doesn’t have any contact info listed (Connecticut). Otherwise I would have contacted him.
    So glad I joined Susan’s blog. Very informative.

  13. Veronica

    PS I don’t recall my comments needing moderation. Is that new?

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