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Recall Dingo Chip Twists “Chicken in the Middle”

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  1. Sage

    Another toxic Chinese “treat” product to add to the long and growing list!

  2. Regina

    Why are people even still buying treats (or anything for our pets) that are made in China???

    What is it going to take???

    I just can’t understand people who will buy something so cheap, and avoid the more expensive stuff, which is safer and healthier. I fear that this is one of those situations where until something drastic happens to them, folks are perfectly fine giving their pets crap.

    I won’t even buy cat toys made in China. There’s plenty of things I can find to keep then amused and active.

  3. Sage

    I agree with Regina (and Susan) about Made in China treats and I’m not sure the country of origin is even disclosed on some packages. I suspect many people who read pet food labels don’t think to read the labels on treat bags. They can be loaded with inappropriate and often questionable and toxic ingredients.

    I’ve never bought treats for the many dogs and cats in my life. My first terrier used to play with and chew on whole carrots! She also loved to chew on and eat bite sized pieces of apple and of course virtually all dogs (and some cats) love peanut butter. I occasionally bake healthy dog biscuits but commercial treats, due to their dubious ingredients and origins, have never been on my shopping list.

    Most dogs are very happy to have a bite of (human) hamburger, chicken or other meat or a bit of peanut butter as a ‘treat.’ Even a crunchy cracker is a safer bet than what is in the majority of commercially made treats.

  4. Ruth

    I wonder if there is something in these lousy Chinese treats that causes cancer? Our precious Rottweiler, Maggie, loved the Dingo Twist Sticks with chicken in the middle. I didn’t think they were cheap, since they were $10 per bag, but I hate myself for being so STUPID to give her something made in China. Maggie started eating these treat about 1.5 to 2 years ago. In March of this year (2016), we could see a change in her, but just thought it was because she was close to 10 years old, plus she was the Queen of the house and slightly SPOILED to say the least. In April she had a couple of bouts of blackish brown diarrhea and then would go for days when she would only have a tiny bowel movement. She also had some incidents of vomiting and a couple of incidents where she got so weak she could barely walk. Each time something happened, it was at night or on a Sunday, and when we took her to our vet the next morning, she always seemed to feel better. On May 5 our vet suggested a sonogram, which revealed that she had cancer of the liver, pancreas, and spleen. Sadly to say, we had to make the gut wrenching decision just 12 days after the sonogram to euthanize her when the cancer made her so weak she could not get up and she refused to eat. Animal lovers – let’s all resolve to NEVER FEED OUR BELOVED PETS ANYTHING THAT IS MADE IN CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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