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Radagast Pet Food, Inc. is recalling one lot of Free-Range Chicken and one lot of Free-Range Turkey Recipe

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  1. Holly L Schumann

    Who would even have those products in their freezer anymore ?? If they were shipped to distributors almost a year ago, May of 2017, I would assume those containers would already have been eaten. Seems to me to be a little too late to be issuing the recall

    1. Chris

      Some shipped in December as well and plenty of time left before the expiration dates. Always possible if someone stocks up for a sale or it’s a slow seller at the pet store.

  2. Peg

    Thank you for this info Susan!!
    I have 5-1 lb recalled turkey containers in my freezer
    Thank you Radcat!

  3. Chris

    I have a 24 ounce turkey with a later lot date. Recycle my used containers but I guess it’s a good idea to take a picture or write the lot/date down in the future to reference.

  4. Chris

    This is another raw recall with the state level dept of agriculture involved I guess because it’s raw meat. Does this happen for the canned/dry kibble problems which are also under their authority?

  5. jim

    Don’t they hold batches back and test before shopping????????????

  6. Diane

    Either raw meat is really not safe for our pets or the FDA is trying ruin reputation of raw manufacturers maybe bc/ some big pet food company has money in their pockets. Perhaps the samples are tainted by improper storage bf they are tested.

  7. Margarat

    I didn’t recognize this as a Rad Cat recall until seeing a notice on Facebook the next day. When the company name doesn’t match the brand name it would be really helpful if, at the top of your summary, you posted the brand name too. I had no idea who Radagast was, so if you’re able to do this in the future I think it would be helpful to many.

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