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Rachael Ray is in hot water with Pet Owners

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  1. Knobetta

    Hmm, looks like she researches her pet food as well as her dog breeds.

  2. Pamela

    In April I bought about a half dozen of these for my three year olds birth month. He got sick, sicker and died on April 30, just 10 days after his third birthday. He was an indoor only service cat, except for time we spent outside together on the fourth floor balcony or traveling on the bus and train, yes he was on a leash. Occasionally we walked around outside in the complex. It was nearly a month after the fact the food was recalled, the lot numbers on the remaining container are indeed a match for the recalled food.

    Their initial offer was a coupon for more cat food. What party of my cat died do they not understand. Last week I get a call first apologizing for no one calling before then. They offered to pay the vet bills, paused and decided to hang up and call back. Then they offered to pay the cremation and vet bills. I’m wondering if there are a lot our at least a few dead cats out there, should I seek an attorney as I was about to?

    1. CJ

      First…I am very sorry for your lost.
      What ever happened with them…my cat has kidney disease because of eating racheal ray cat food….

  3. Paul Hagen

    I wasted over seven bucks on Rachel Rae dry cat food.The cat won’t even eat it.So I had to buy her prinia Nat.Which she loves.

  4. Sara McAtee

    My cat is never sick. Now I’m in the PET ER with her.

    I’m sending them the bill for this. My cat better be okay!

  5. Evelyn

    Shame on you Rachael Ray,. You would put your name on such terrible, dangerous dry cat food.. Lucky for my cat, he was smart enough to know something was very wrong with the stuff, he wouldn’t eat it. I will never watch your show again! Shame on you! How many pets have died eating your unsafe product?

  6. Kathy Schatz

    I don’t have a cat I have two mini dashhounds! I recently switched there dogs food to the Rachel ray nutrish! My dogs in four days have gotten so sick! For the last two days they have been having seizures, don’t eat, can hardly walk and the only liquid they drink is the water I give them from a syringe! This is so horrible to watch my dogs just fade away! I have watched two people take there last breath but I never thought I would have to watch my dogs die!

  7. Teresa

    We lost our beautiful healthy 6 year old dog to Rachael Ray food Nutrish. She suffered horribly for 9 months. We will never get over it. NEVER. Does anyone know how to start a Class Action Lawsuit? If so let me know

    1. Tammy

      Sounds like there are a lot of people that have had their animal very sick or die because of this food.
      We are researching the class action lawsuit. Stay tuned..

    2. Kim

      What food were you on? I just started nutrish beef and brown rice just two days ago based on raving reviews of this. I have only mixed a little each feeding with my one year old goldens Purina one puppy. I am thinking about stopping it right now and just sticking with a Purina product.

  8. Yvonne

    My dog has been eating Rachel Ray’s Zero Grain Nutrish for over a year now. Over the past year, her teeth have began to decay and fall out and she now has several bumps which appear to be tumors… At first, I just assumed this was due to her being 9 years old. Now, after doing some research, I am worried she is getting sick–or already is sick–from eating crap. I feel awful because she seems to love the food and I bought it for her thinking it appeared to be the least expensive high quality dog food… I hope that she has not been too poisoned by this stuff for a raw food diet to make her better…

    1. Patti

      I have a two year old little dog. Her teeth were beautiful – I brush them and she gets enzymatic dog chews. She has been on RR now for about 8 months and looking in her mouth and her teeth are decaying. This is deplorable to read that other owners whose dogs were on RR are experiencing the same issue. I am taking her to the vet and I will get this confirmed – her teeth are beautiful but seem to be decaying from inside out. Now I am reading all sorts of posts on different sites that this is happening to other dogs on RR dog food. You can tell by looking at Ava’s teeth I am taking care of them – but there are black spots that are turning into decay. I am LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Patti

      My little two year old’s teeth have started to decay on RR dog food – I have owned lots of dogs and never had dog’s teeth rot – I brush them and take care of them. Her teeth are pearly white but have recently noticed black spots of decay – I am LIVID! The only difference is this dog food. She was a picky eater so she is on RR dog food, my other little dog is on a lower calarie Wellness dog food. She has NO decay! I am caring for them exactly the same. After reading post after post about dog’s teeth decaying – anyone want to do a class action suit? Many of my little dogs show signs of decay – she has been on the dog food about 8 months – when I started her on it as a young dog her teeth were perfect. She is 1.5 years old and should NOT be having these decaying teeth! .If I confirm with vet experts that is the dog food – Rachel Ray consider yourself liable for all my dog’s dental issues and dental expenses!! Ava is not having one more meal with this dog food!!!!!!!

  9. Sherilyn

    Started my 8 year old dachshund on Rachael Ray Nutrish over a month ago, thinking it was healthy with natural ingredients. My dog has broken out all over his body, under his arms, legs and belly. At first, I thought it was ringworm, had a friend look and she knew exactly what it was. First thing she asked me was did I change his food. I immediately took him off & ordered Malasab shampoo with Ketoconazole wipes. I also had to buy vaginal cream for yeast on him. He has little spots with hair loss all over him. I will never buy it again nor recommend it.

  10. Shelly

    Older dog owners beware!! I have a 10 yr old basset and after only 1/2 bag of this product he can no longer hold his stools. It’s a bad Situation. Peace out Rachael.

  11. Jazmin Flores

    Following this thread. We had to put our 9 year old healthy pug to sleep last Wednesday, unexpectedly. He lost weight and then lost control of his bowels. Took him to the ER last Tuesday cause he was acting disorientated. Then Wednesday morning, he started having seizures. He had 7 of them in 2.5 hours. Rushed him to the vet, but nothing could be done to stabilize him. Vet said he appeared to be suffering from a build up of toxins. The only thing that changed was his food. We had been feeding him RR’s Nutrish since the beginning of Nov. After doing some research online, I’m convinced this food poisoned and killed our beloved Zeus.

  12. Sharon

    My Shih Tzu was fine until she ate Rachel Ray dog food. After eating it, loose stool was just coming out of her and it appears she had no control. Never seen anything like it. She ended up very sick and needed fluids, special diet and expensive dog food from the vets. She ended up with a pancreatic disorder. Prior to eating this toxic dog food, my dog was happy and healthy. She had a couple of rounds of going to the vets and we almost lost her a few times. She suffered a lot by wasting away yet always hungry not matter how much she would eat. She crossed the rainbow bridge in November 2016. I feel like if she never ate this dog food that she would be healthy and still with us. On a side note, I did contract Rachel Ray’s company and one of their “vets” asked me a few questions but I received no response from them. I paid probably thousands in vet bills, special foods, medicine, etc. to keep her alive and try to make her well. Didn’t happen. No offer of compensation or apology from Rachel Ray or her company.

  13. Mari

    While looking for dog food for our new pup, I noticed RR food, and since I always check where the food is made, I noticed that her bag said ” American factory” …….. so does that mean made in China ? All the other foods I checked said ”made in USA. …. so is her food made in China ?

  14. Manny

    Idk what to thinknor day. My 6 yr old pit actually got muscle strength nicer coat. Doing some research. But will stop until i have solid ground. Sorry for the loss of some wonderful dogs and cats.

  15. Mandy

    My nine year old mini schnauzer went to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. Vet calls us and Chopper had to have emergency surgery because his kidneys were not working properly and he was VERY constipated. Never had any issues before. Switched back to Iams and so glad I did in time. He is much better now.

  16. Lori Raphael

    Third bag of Rachael ray dog food almost killed my two dogs. Never thought dog food by a well known name could have done this.

  17. Jennifer Dailey

    my dog has been puking and now had a red rash after being on RR….disappointed I can’t believe she puts her name on this stuff

  18. Gary Deck

    My dog has had an extreme allergic reaction this week. The only new addition to her diet was a RR soupbone. Has anyone else encountered this?

  19. Catherine

    My dog at RR FOOD for two weeks then started throwing up spent 1000.00s of dollars and she died from kidney failure. … NEVER EVER FEED THIS TO YOUR DOG!!!

  20. Tracie

    This dog food also contains MENADIONE an ingredient that cause a toxic reaction to the red blood cells, as well as to the liver and other organs ultimately causing organ failure. A friend of mine lost her dog March 18th. She was innocent. And so was he. Formal complaints have been made and legal action is being sought. PLEASE be aware. This ingredient is NOT ON THE BAG! when she called the company and asked for the list of ingredients the woman completely failed to mention this. It wasn’t until a mutual friend of ours did some research on Leos food. What she came up with horrific.

    Please PLEASE be aware of this.

  21. kaa

    I just put my 14 year old mixed breed to sleep lost weight got weak god I hope RR didn’t kill him it scares me to think I might of harmed trying to do better I have a little Chihuahua too but she seems fine I will watch her close and payday I will switch back to PS authority my cats on Purina indoor I leave him there

  22. kathy curtsinger

    Is this all RR dog food sorry my comments posted to soon

  23. Danna Sartain

    OMG, after reading all of this, I killed my perfectly healthy cat, changed her food to dry RR Nutrish 2 months ago, she died 2 days ago from liver disease, she was jaundice!!! Timberline animal hospital Carson City Nv.

  24. Danna Sartain

    I killed my perfectly healthy cat, died 2 days ago, liver disease! Changed her food from Iams to Rr Nutrish!

  25. Donna

    I have a 8 year old boxer his name is Axel I wanted to start feeding him healthy foods and I read the ingredients on Rachael Ray’s dog food Nutrish no grain well my dog likes it he ate it but I started noticing patches of bald spots on his body I took him to the vet they may they let me know that he did not have mange did not have ringworm but couldn’t understand what it was it wasn’t his thyroids I’ve spent all this money at the Vets not knowing what’s wrong with axle I remember the only thing that I changed was his dog food lo and behold after 7 months has bald spots are finally growing hair again. Rachael Ray your dog food is cracked I will never buy another product with your name on it again.

  26. Sara

    Always look were the product is made, looking at the label I read it was manufactured in Thailand. Over sea companies don’t care what they put in the pet foods, I believe that the USA send the meats, but the company sell the meat and replaces it with rotten by products, or other dead animals they can find. You can’t trust Third world countries to make food products for the USA. When will people step up and tell our politicians to bring back manufacturing back to the USA so we can monitor the ingredient that is used in our foods.

  27. Joan

    Anyone notice urinary tract issues with their dogs on Nutrish? UTIs and bladder stones have been reported in many dogs on this food in our area. Becoming too many to be a coincidence! My Papillon had stones, another with UTI and the third with UTI and kidney failure, all on Nutrish food for sevetal years now.

  28. Joe Maugeri

    Pat our Pit Lab “Angus” down July 8th 2018, thought it was rat poison, but the vets found no indication of that. He was bleeding out inside, called it thrombocytopenia, he got better for about 6 months, on Vitamin K, antibiotics, steriods, immune suppresants, but stomach started bothering him. then we stopped the meds and he got well.
    all along eating Rachel Ray Nutrish. at the vet. they also started feeding him different food.

  29. Roxanne Johnson

    Changed to Rachael Ray wet chicken cat food for my fussy thirteen year old Ragdoll cat. After being on the food for several weeks he had a horrid seizure, took him to the vet, had all the blood work and chem screens done, and found nothing. Stopped the RR food for four weeks, just started giving him the RR food again and he had a seizure last night. I checked online and put two and two together, RR cat food was in a recall in 2015 for having too much vitamin D in the cat food and one of the symptoms is seizures. After reading all these horror stories of what pain and loss these pets and pet owners have gone through, needless to say there will be no more Rachael Ray products of any kind in my house, animal or human!

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