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Quick AAFCO Update

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  1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but at the top of the page where is rotates the foods that are recent recalls, they are changing at way too fast speed, to the point that you really cannot read it. Just thought you would want to know.

    I hope you will have a chance to make the comment you weren’t previously able to, about the bacteria/endotoxins in dry pet foods.

    This unbelievable “witch hunt” on raw foods, costing us tax-payers & UNBELIEVABLE sum of money, is beyond infuriating. I cannot believe they wasted this amount of funds on this, when millions of pounds of dry food IS the REAL threat for pets world wide! Of course, this was prompted by big pet food! Why else would the FDA make such a poor decision spending our hard earned money on such a frivolous & un-warrented testing procedures. Tell them, that is REALLY what pet food consumers want an answer to!!!! To STOP beating around the bush & answer our questions!

  2. Jude from Maine


  3. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, Thanks for the progress report, all wait eagerly for more, Tony.

  4. Debra Reynolds

    Thanks for caring and all you do to help

  5. Tracy Benson

    I am so grateful for the information!! Thank you so much…

    My concerns are regarding kibble and how to ensure that I am truly getting the highest quality. I am a caregiver and I simply can’t afford the time or the money to spend on raw food or cooking food for my 2 dogs. BUT, I do use the canned food you recommend this year which is Milligan’s Stew and even though it is very pricy, I use as much as possible and mix with my kibble which is Wild Calling Bison. I have a 60lb greyhound and a 15lb Bijon (both rescues).

  6. Joy Gaston

    Thanks to all of you. Is your team the only people standing up for pet food consumers? Are there any other allies?

    1. Marie

      Hi Joy,
      Yes, there’s Mollie with Poisoned Pets, but she couldn’t make this meeting (horrible back pain). I remember about 10 people in the prior meeting. God bless them all!

    2. Susan Thixton Author

      Sorry Joy – got busy and forgot to respond (thank you Marie). Marie is right, last meeting we had several more consumer advocates and we hope to have them back with us at the next meeting. We have many allies – some are working quietly in the background. But for meetings – Mollie Morrissette has been to several meetings and she is an adviser but as Marie shared, she’s had some health challenges to deal with. Another that so wanted to be there is Nina Wolf – she is a former independent pet store owner who is now in Germany. Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib were at the last meeting too, but with their schedules they could not make this meeting. They are both hopeful to be at the next one. There were only four of us at this one – and only one small pet food manufacturer there (who is always there) Answers Pet Food. I know more people want to go and help, the unfortunate thing is these meetings are VERY expensive to attend. The hotel alone was more than $600 this time, meeting $450, AAFCO book $125. Add in airfare and meals and this is a very expensive thing to do two times a year.

      1. Joy Gaston

        Thank you Susan and Marie. I will make a donation to TAPF and will buy your 2016 list. I hope you can find some meals that are almost mold-free. Just ask for the mold-free menu.

        Thanks again,

  7. Dr. Amy

    Susan, I “choked” on that “reasonably free of mold” statement myself! How much mold does it take to make m dog sick? UGH!

    As far as zero tolerance: I don’t think the reasoning that human food is meant to be cooked makes sense here because dog food/cat food is not meant to be eaten by people! Also, many people eat their food rare or RAW. Yes, even meat such as beef. And as I said on FB, it never made sense to me to have zero tolerance of all Salmonella when there are thousands of strains and not all are pathogenic for people (or pets). I also wonder (and have asked FDA but they did not answer) if they actually CULTURE out the samples before they condemn a food. For example Answers Pet Food uses competitive inhibition (probiotics and beneficial microorganisms) and unfavorable environments (like kombucha) to prevent bacterial growth. I am not saying I want to see zero tolerance in our food or a “sterile” food supply, that would be a big mistake. But how about some more reasonable regulations for animal feed? Safe food handling is what is needed. Not zero tolerance. And yes, if someone refuses to follow safe food handling, they *might* be putting themselves at risk IF there is a pathogenic to humans Salmonella species present and thriving but when do people become responsible for their own actions or lack there of? Not sure I am making sense but the whole issue annoys me. It is not governments job to be a parent.

  8. Marie

    Hi Susan and Dr. Amy,
    Gawd! I choked too on the “reasonably free of mold” statement. Any mold is disgusting, and I’m glad they at least grumbled as their answer. I agree about government. They are WAY too much in our business and NOT doing the jobs they’re paid to do by our tax dollars. I feel they are so huge that eventually (and hopefully) government will topple of its own weight. The laws that matter are already written in our hearts. This is not to say pet food (all food/ingested products) does not need to be regulated, but since govt. isn’t doing it anyway, who needs ’em! I’d love to see all food prepared as if it’s going to be fed to the most dearly loved being in the food preparer’s life.

  9. Marie

    Holy Cow Susan! Yes! Dr. Holve’s cleaning up the meat is HUGE! And when I think of cleaning it up, I also think of humane treatment. We can’t really have clean meat without it.

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