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Pot Calling the Kettle Black

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  1. Kathleen Phillips-Hellman

    IAMS CANNED PATE CAT FOOD POISONED THREE OF MY FOUR CATS more than FIVE (5) MONTHS AGO. One cat returned home after three months at m vet. One cat returned home at the same time and had been back to the vet three more times. The third cat is still at the vet. ALL THREE SUFFERED FROM HORRIBLE LESIONS IN AND ON THEIR MUCUS MEMBRANES. One is now blind and the one still at the vet may or may not recover fully because the lesions damaged the nerves which control her ability to swallow. IAMS IS OWNED BY PROCTOR & GAMBLE AND THEY DO NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PETS!

  2. Diane M

    Oh, where do I start? The minute I saw the commercial for this “wholesome” food”, the first thing I noticed was the corn pictured on the bag. Corn, you know the thing that many mammals cannot digest? The vegetable loaded with sugar and carbs? They are bragging about this??? They have essentially come down to Beneful’s level, becoming the McDonald’s of the dog food world. Shame not many other people know this. The ingredient list is a bunch of crap. Keep on educating people! Marketing is a very powerful tool!

  3. Sandra P.

    What do you expect from a pet food company such as Iams that continues to torture animals (dogs in general) in the testing of their dog food. Iams could care less about animals or what they put in their pet food.

  4. Robin Roderick

    Not only is the corn indigestible, it most probably is GMO corn, which adds glyphosate to your pet’s diet. A nice serving of Round-Up for your feline and canine friends? I don’t think so . . .

  5. Peter

    This is a well written essay. I’d like to post it at the supermarket.

    But I also laughed, when I saw the so-called “inferior” brands P&G chose to compare their own to: crud compared to cruddier isn’t saying much, is it?

  6. ellie

    One thing you never find on a kibble producers website is a description of the process of making their product. Anyone who read the true process of kibble production would likely never buy the product again.

  7. Rose

    What an insult to pet owners intelligence. Do they think we cannot read the label? When I saw it sitting on the grocers shelf I looked at the first ingredient, corn, and thought about how many pet owners would fall for their slick misleading ads along with the new wording of “So Good” on the new packaging. It was definitely was an insult to my intelligence.

  8. Carrie

    Iams is the only do food my husky can tolerate. Everything else causes diarreah. She has 5 puppues. They roo can only tolerate iams. Its not that it is a supeeior product, some animals are more sensitive than other animals.

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