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Pet International Inc. Recalls 6” Beef Trachea Pet Treat

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  1. mina

    I would like to ask some questions that related to my cat he got the problems scratched his neck at one spot, right neck, his hair fell off and caused injury on the skin, the shape of the wound looked like the coin, it the round shape, in the middle got red mark, I used hydrocortisone lotions from vet for 3 weeks now, he still got problem scratching himself, I don’t know what to do to help him, I am very worry and feel sad, l need someone help me please, he eating weruva cat food cats in the kitchen, and homecook meal. I really your help. Thank you.

    1. JT

      Please take him to a vet. He could have Lyme’s or any number of things, even intestinal worms. Without proper diagnostics, you don’t know. And, no one can properly diagnose a condition such as what you’re describing, through a forum. He really needs to be seen by a good vet. I would not wait. Those are just my thoughts. Good luck and blessings on your little one.

    2. Johanna

      I’m sure you know this but you should get your cat to a vet! My cat had the same thing on his ear and it was abscessed. He needed liquid antibiotics, pain shots and cleanser for his ear. It’s nothing to mess around with. I’m sure it hurts your cat very much so please get him to the vet. Don’t wait!

    3. anonymous

      Did they check for ringworm?

  2. Anne

    “Trachea: A tube-like portion of the respiratory tract that connects the larynx with the bronchial parts of the lungs. Also known as windpipe”

    So the Treat is the “trachea of a deceased Cattle…” “yum”…! A. Vegetarian for Life!

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