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Pet Food and Rendering Plants

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  1. Cicki Kebbon

    Dear Susan!
    I have stopt bying food from the lable Purina, as I found it on the cat can.

    My beloved dog has a stomach problem, You know, like Gastro-something.
    I give him dry food containing only seeds and rice, as far as I know. This I by expensive at the vet.
    I buy something even mor expensiv there. Small bags, used 1 per meal, instead of medicin. Little did I know, when I after about three months, giving this 3 times a day, discover a small name on top. Purina!!! :/
    The product itself is named FortiFlora!
    Is it possible to check this up?
    I payed 320 swedish kronor for 20 small bags. Maybe 40-50 dollars.
    I would like to find out what’s in it, could be anything.
    And even the dog didn’t get better! 🙁

    Best wishes
    Cicki- Sweden

  2. kat

    Susan, are you still working on all this information? if so, thanks! I read jerry’s story and about puked my guts – and I have a really strong stomach! I have 4 beloved cats, ferals, and am always trying to find a food that doesnt have crap in it. any recommendations? they were raised on fancy feast and eating purina smartchoice dry. now I’m wondering about that stuff. they arent much on people food, and 2 wont each boiled chicken or meats that I fix. so what to do? thanks for your attention to this horrendous situation. sure wish there were more people involved and could change the petfood industry – of course our people food is becoming just as bad – now I wonder just what we eat…..I WILL become an organic vegetarian!!!!!

    if you can suggest to me any catfood that is organic, no preservatives, or “byproducts”, etc. = in other words – as close to natural as possible – then please, please speak their name!!! my cats are 9 yrs old and I want them to stay healthy if possible til they die – and I know that what theyre eating now isnt – but they are so picky. I want better for them and I will forego MY food for theirs!!!

    looking forward to hearing from you ASAP! thanks again

  3. Raymond J Bordelon

    Soylent green is people

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