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Pet Cancer Survey

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  1. Risa Freeman

    How do I get the Book cooking for your Cat? Also do not blame Pet Foods more so the Vaccines!!!! In the 60’s there was limited pet products and Cats and Dogs lived beyond their years.

    1. Carol Morris

      In the 1950’s folks also made their own pet food! Then the grand idea in the 60’s for consumer convenience. Pet food was made. Another reason our food supply itself was not as contaminated either- I now make my own pet food be it raw/cooked. At least I know what is in it! Tired of euthanizing my beloved felines because of cancers! And none were over vaccinated-

  2. Jane

    Do you know who’s funding the study?

  3. Johanna

    Wow, this is really exciting news and I’m sure they’ll uncover a lot of interesting and valuable information! We lost one dog in the past 10 yrs to cancer in the lungs, however we had only recently adopted him as a senior and had no idea what he had been fed previously. In 2004 (longer than 10 yrs but maybe still helpful) we lost a golden retriever to liver cancer at 12 years old. Prior to this diagnosis she had a tumor (I don’t know the type/name) on one of her toes which had to be amputated. She was raised on Purina One pretty much her whole life, with some Ol’ Roy every once in a blue moon. So sorry that I ever fed this garbage. Now that I know better, we feed fresh homemade food and my oldest just celebrated his 13th birthday. He literally looks like he’s 7 or 8, while my 7 year old looks 3 or 4. Just goes to show fresh, real food is so important! I also strongly believe vaccines are a huge component to the skyrocketing cancer rates, as well as topical meds, etc. Thank you for sharing this info, Susan, I’m excited to learn the results once they’ve gathered enough data!

  4. msrubin2013

    They are the group that posted the reviews for safety of lots of pet food, but didn’t really tell us much about what the ratings mean. Also, they put a link to buy each product food from Amazon. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with sending them personal information about me and a cat I had who died from cancer.

  5. Denise Strait

    I submitted the survey. I lost my little 5 year old Maltese in Nov 2015 to a sarcoma of his liver and abdominal area. I’ve always wondered if it was the pet food that contributed to it. I fed him Blue Buffalo Grain Free Chicken Small Breed because I didn’t know any better and thought I was feeding him an excellent food. Losing him has been the worst experience of my family’s life. Thanks for all you do, Susan.

  6. Jackie Hastings

    Have you heard anything on Taste of the Wild

  7. Suzanne

    Thank you, Susan. I completed the survey for both my dog and cat. My greyhound had osteosarcoma and my cat had intestinal lymphoma. Both of them passed when they were only 10 years old. My vet said that these are common cancers in pets but I want to know why they are so common? Why are we, as a society, accepting this high rate of cancer in our pets? I have a huge amount of respect for my vet, but when I wanted to find alternative food for my cat back in 2011 when he was diagnosed, I was promised they would do some research and get back to me. They never got back to me even after I repeatedly asked them for guidance. Thanks to you, Susan, and Dr. Alinovi, I am now making food for all my four cats – I’m hoping this makes a difference to the length and quality of their lives.

  8. Ryan

    I looked at the results of their testing for high metals etc at that site. I’m surprised Orijen scored so poorly. How is that possible?

  9. Steven Johannes

    The Clean Label Project may have some great intentions, but I would really question their methods when they give a five star rating to PURINA DOG CHOW COMPLETE DRY DOG “FOOD” and KIBBLES ‘N BITS
    Chef’s Choice Grilled Beef and Vegetable Flavors Dry Dog “Food” (quotation marks added by me). And this is only from looking as far as the second page of their ratings. I gave up at that point.

  10. chuck linker

    Female rescued boxer. 10 yrs. old. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer & spleen carsomona.
    Surgery to remove both. Success. Only board certified surgeon considered.
    recovery. Palladia from oncologist helped shrink tumor..

    No more premium commercial canned nor dry food. Raw diet only. Home made per holistic vet recipe.

    Avoid all commercial food & lies on labels. Some vets receive kidkback by recommending any Hills products. Ther is no such thing as the single best dog food.. Do your homework !

  11. Mary Ashman

    If you start feeding raw make sure it is 80/10/10 ratio or close. 80% plain protein, 10% bone & 10% organ meat. You also need to give them quality vitamins that are made in USA. I use Dog Bloom – VM supreme Vitamins. They are in Ohio and a small company. Dog Bloom actually sells to quality breeders. They are very hands on and accessible should you have questions. I went raw and the co-op I get it from has it already mixed and ground and comes frozen. I also add veggies & hard boiled eggs with the shell on. Probiotics and fish oil are given daily. I have been so much happier and so are my dogs…no more allergies and all in great shape for their ages. No more bad breath!! I truly believe the pet food and BPA lined pet food bags are a huge cause of cancer. Vaccines and any chemicals also play a huge part. I am a big fan of Susan Thixton and her associates. They have made a huge difference in exposing these greedy pet food companies that are only concerned with making money!

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