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Northwest Farm Food Cooperative Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Raw Cat Food

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  1. Dean

    Ok… so when does common sense start to play a factor? Seems to me that given the level of so called contamination found of late is not new and is in fact a representation of what has been in the market for many years. All without an outbreak attributable to these products. In my opinion the testing is not being moderated with a large dose of thinking about the what the results really mean. Have the testing and detectable limits outstripped the actual level of harm? The US is throwing out literally tons of food every day based on sampling and best before dates without any consideration given to the real ability to harm.

    Yet there are still recalls of products that are attributed to actual harm still happening…

    Has the collective immune system of the populous been atrophied to the point that this makes sense?

    Food for thought…

  2. Pacific Sun

    Not to debate your comment (above) but to add to the discussion, (in my opinion) testing raw food has caught up with (in truth randomized) testing of kibble. It seems out of proportion to us because there are fewer manufacturers which have not even been controversial to date. Because they have not necessarily been scrutinized they’ve appeared to be the better alternative. But the testing has caught up with the (growing) relative popularity of raw feeding. In fact it is an acknowledgement that raw feeding isn’t a fad, it’s not going out of fashion, and it’s a dead-on competition with kibble. Therefore the message is to all manufacturers that they will have to answer to the same monitoring as all products. Now it does seem unfair (to consumers) who see the greater value in taking their chances using raw food (rather than kibble) but as a user myself, I want the pressure on these companies because all consumers deserve safety no matter the preference. It becomes our job as interested consumers to keep encouraging the testing of kibble and we hope they will do so upon tips and other suspicious evidence.

  3. Grateful

    And the witch hunt continues. This is a frame job, just like the others.

  4. Terri Janson

    ….then test our meat at the grocery stores….use common sense! I am willing to bet “our” meat can and does contain Salmonella as well. That’s why on the packages it has safe handling procedures. It seems when “certain” BPF companys (and we all know who that is) gets any competition….then they buy them out (Merrick) or sick the FDA on them. Its obvious!

    1. J King

      Terri — Yes!! Exactly!

      Anyone who deals with raw meat — whether preparing it to cook or putting it in a bowl to be consumed raw by a pet — has to follow the same basic steps to safely store, handle and clean up. Even if the tests are valid (and I’m suspicious based on previous testing at very low rates of raw food contamination), when they examine raw pet food in isolation, they create a sudden spike in voluntary recalls of only raw pet foods that becomes the storm that reinforces the industry-driven notion that raw is inherently dangerous.

      I think Big Pet Food, and their agent, the FDA, have both finally realized that some of the pet-food buying public had noticed and was pointing out that the recall rate of highly processed pet foods vs that of raw products is at odds with all the warnings issued from various sources — including veterinarians — that feeding raw is risky business, and they’re trying to swing the balance in tune with the message they want to put out. Spin and timing…

      1. Pacific Sun

        I feed raw, I believe in raw, it is extending the quality of life for my 16 yr. old Poodle. I get it!! But feeding raw IS risky and I don’t allow people watching my dogs to do it in my absence. When comparing dry feeding to raw the advisors are addressing all kinds of pet owners and their families. Not the aware, reasonable followers of TAPF. But families who “slop” plop down that dog food bowl on the floor and forget about it. Maybe the kids have cut up the raw burger patties on the counter to divvy it out amongst the herd. There are folks who feed pets outside in the heat. And forget to pick up the bowls! I’ve seen it. Yes of course adults know how to handle raw meat for dinner, but they take the stuff out of the refrigertor, cut it up on a board, wipe down that board, and then they COOK IT! And throw whatever into the dishwasher. I for one, do NOT put my dog’s dishes (with crudy goo stuck on the sides) into the dishwash no matter what the level is of sanitary cleansing. Dishes are soap-soaked in a sink and hand wipied dry. You’ve got to remember there is a whole range of pet owners out there, young, adults and elderly who don’t even realize what commercial dry food is doing to their pets in the first place. How do they get brought up to speed on the advantages of raw feeding and keep it practical. Nobody wants to put any education into this process, except what we discover through our internet searches and through the kindly pet supply store owners! And if extra focus in going into testing raw right now, then it is what it is, and I want those manufacturers to be on notice that their product BETTER be as safe as reasonably possible. Why do we even need to defend these companies! They’re running a business for profit. Especially Bravo and Primal and Nature’s Variety!!

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