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No Pet Food Reporting System in Canada

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  1. Ellen

    The information contained in this post does not surprise me one bit! I have been involved in animal welfare and rescue for many years, in addition to being a pet parent. I have always been concerned about the apathy of our Canadian government, and it is for this reason that I purchased your 2014 List of Recommended Pet Foods,so that I could find a safe, quality food for my beloved pets, which by the way, I did. Better still , the food in question is sold here in Ottawa, so I need not even purchase through a distributor, I can get the food locally.

    You make a very valid point about the pet food taxes (we have been paying for years and years) which have never been directed back into establishing a viable program for pet owing consumers.

    I remember Jean Gauvin: he was my bird’s vet many years ago when I lived in Quebec. I was impressed with his knowledge and the concern he had for my beloved bird. I hope he has the same concern for this issue and intends to follow through.

    Thanks for posting this important information. Every Canadian pet parent should be aware of this issue.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Ellen for you comment – I do believe that Dr. Gauvin was sincere and he will work on this. He shared with us the financial constraints of the CFIA. However – regardless to financial constraints the Canadian government should do something on this. It is a very dangerous situation.

    2. Mike

      Hi Ellen,

      I’m also from Ottawa. What food was it that you decided on?

      – MS

      1. Ellen

        Hi Mike,

        Hound and Gatos. I’ve been feeding it to my five kitties for 8 months; they all like it and they’ve all been doing really well on it. So far, so good.

  2. James Hayward

    I had this concept that Canada had a better reporting system and had regulations insuring pet food was not harmful.

    Now I wonder about human food.

    Does wild caught Salmon really mean “Wild Caught” in Canada. Or does it mean Wild Caught in your hatchery!!!

  3. Terri Janson

    Geezzzz….and I was feeding Orijen (when I can aford it). 🙁

  4. MaryTX

    I’m confused. If Canada has no method of reporting, documenting and broadcasting tainted pet foods, how can we be assured highly rated products like Orijen are safe?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      This is a concern of foods manufactured in Canada, but the bigger issue is investigation of a possible pet food complaint (adverse event) and should the food be found to be contaminated, there is no system in place to alert other consumers. I’m not saying pet foods manufactured in Canada are not safe – I’m saying there is no regulatory system in place for label claims, investigation of adverse events, and recalls. If foods are manufactured in Canada and exported to the US – or if foods are manufactured in the US and exported to Canada – those would fall under FDA. So they are held to US labeling requirements, would be investigated if there is a health concern, and would be announced as a recall via FDA.

    2. Leannan

      Manifest from Australia in Dec 2011 (released due to Freedom of Information Act) that shows Champion Pet Foods used chickens processed in the United States. Champion Pet Foods makes Orijen and Acana

      I guess they could still be raised in Canada, but the impression they advertised on their website at the time does not include using U.S. companies for production.

      Page 25 Maximize the screen to be able to read it better.
      OMG! You HAVE to READ [at least] page 25. I’d forgotten the words “inedible purposes” were in this manifest.

  5. Ann*

    I was a big fan and consumer of Orijen Regional Red dog food until I learned that Canada does not have any pet food reporting system established there. This gave me pause, but I continued to purchase Orijen products.
    About a year ago, when Susan came out with her Transparency pledge for pet food and Orijen refused to sign it, I quit buying their products and switched to those on Susan’s 2014 pet food list.
    Several months ago I read that Orijen was exploring the possibility of signing Susan’s pledge, but I have not seen that happen yet.
    Three strikes and you are out.

  6. Colleen yates

    Our current Federal Government does not care about human health regulations or the environment either so no surprise that pet food is not even on the radar. I research to my best ability and shop local independent companies because of this. I guess our only hope is the conservatives get booted in the next election, ..crossing fingers.

    1. Colleen yates

      In reference to my last comment, just incase it wasn’t clear, I was referring to PM Harper and his Conservative Government that is unfortunately currently in power in Canada.

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