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Nay to #woofyeah

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  1. Diana Farrar

    Bwahahaha! Oops, wrong person to send that to…

  2. Eileen Crosby

    I’m jealous!!! Hahahaha.

    On another note, thank you for the heads up on Pet Fooled. I can’t wait to get a copy.

  3. Adria

    Big mistake Pup-Peroni, but great response, Susan. Wonder if they’ll respond?

  4. Pinky Collins

    LOL, how could you say no to FILET MIGNON????

    NO NO an NO again! Ugh that stuffs like plastic!


  5. Michelle

    Susan you are THE BEST!!!!

  6. Cheryl

    Oh my! You have a perfect response as usual. Thanks for all that you are doing for our fur babies.

  7. Brenda

    On the other hand, this might give you an inside with the “right” people to begin influencing them to really be concerned about dog health. Think about how you could interact, teach, and guide. You are in a unique position to speak for our beloved dogs/cats.

  8. Dr. Laurie Coger

    I’m jealous! The only company that offered me product for review was Milk Bones — and they retail for $2.89! How do I move up to the $11.00 price level? Oh, wait, I just go to my butcher and buy a pound of NY Strips!

  9. Judy Morgan

    OMG. Did you also receive the box with the new and improved sample of Beneful? My readers enjoyed that one and we all laughed that they sent it to the wrong person. You need a photo of you and your dogs burning the pupperoni as a sacrifice to the Gods who keep our pets safe from big pet food propaganda.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Oh Judy – no I didn’t get that gift package. I think one of the requests for the Beneful sample is to post a comment on the food on their website. Many (many) of them mention the free sample. So jealous.

    2. Tracey

      Love it! That’s a GREAT idea! Thanks for laugh, almost as good as the one from Susan above. 🙂

  10. Marge

    What a gracious way to tell someone keep their garbage….gooooooo Susan!!

  11. Gitta

    This is hilarious!!!!!
    Mass mailing without brains.
    Wonder how many bloggers don’t bother to tell their audience about the deal?

    What a world. Show love and bond while feeding hazardous waste.

  12. Regina

    Thumbs up Susan. You speak for us all.

  13. Pacific Sun

    Funny on the surface. But on a deeper level, actually kinda sad.

    Here we have two articles recently. One about Pet Fooled (a long awaited, desperately needed, documentary on the pitfalls of pet food. Which (unfortunately) we’ll have to wait for until January 2017 for general release. Hopefully this film won’t be forgotten about by then. And some buzz will arise from it.

    And the second story, addressing “All Bloggers, Come and Get it!” Sad because nobody at the BHPB Company researched TAPF. And sad because I’d hardly call Susan Thixton just another Blogger. And certainly not in the company of those who anxiously spread their “opinions” as extension of vanity press. TAPF is far from “just” opinion, using research and facts to make various points.

    But some Numbskull at the bright, but dull, BHPB company, thought it would be ever so clever to throw a “$ Bone” her way. I put Pup-Peroni on the level of Bene-Full-Of -Cr.p! Oh so cute for the PF Consumer. Oh so toxic for the Pet. I wouldn’t feed this stuff, even if I’d NEVER heard of the Truth About Pet Food.

    Just sad. That somebody would’ve come up with this recipe.

    Ingredients: Meat By-Products, Soy Grits, Sugar, Liver, Beef, Propylene Glycol, Salt, Garlic Powder, Caramel Color, Potassium Sorbate (used as a preservative), Natural Smoke Flavor, Sodium Nitrite (for color retention), Red 40, BHA (used as a preservative), Onion Extract. Courtesy of the useless folks at Big Heart Pet Brands (a J.M. Smucker Company)

    I guess I just don’t have any sense of humor.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I was actually angry over Pup-peroni using pet bloggers for useless trinkets as payment. It is similar to the way many of them use veterinarians. They consider us tools to sell their recycled waste.

  14. Talent Hounds

    Yes- their PR company sent out I believe. Good response.

  15. Rose Studdard

    How about how they assume the steak you grill for your self is too good for your pooch so give them their garbage? Love your reply to them. Keep up the good work.

  16. Debbie Daniel

    OMG, I was freaking out for a second. I thought you were really joining forces. I have lost your mind. LOL Thank God you are not. Those treats are like one of the worst treats on the planet. geezz…
    I will bond with my dogs on a raw diet and homemade organic treats I make.

  17. Terri Janson

    Loved your answer Susan! LOL!!

  18. James Collard

    You are chosen, Susan Thixton. That is my definition of the ¨blessing¨ of the Sermon on the Mount (not of ¨god¨ but of Creation). Seeking, you will find. My cat has just been diagnosed with, ¨Pulmonary Edema¨, after two weeks of my efforts to get her to eat. ¨You must eat something, baby, to keep up your strength¨. The xray showed, but the techinician added, ¨Probably from, ¨ingestión de anticoagulantes¨, and she´s ony had one catfood to eat. I poisoned my own beautiful friend with, Pato de Pavo, de sencationes marinas and salmon,and with Cat Chow Green. With my, ¨Eat up, good girl!¨. I followed their plan. Only one cat of the three who live with me had problems. So, I never suspected the cat food. ´There´s more to this, Susan, which is important for all of us.

    1. James Collard

      Susan, if I may add. I hate Purina, but you and all of us must think what Jesús said, ¨Turn the other cheek¨. To me, this means, do something benevolent for Purina or the world at large, that prevents a further occurrence of the problem. Jesus made a whip to thrash the moneylenders. Not because he was religious, (did he attend the temple?), but, because Money was being ´used´ corruptly. Corruption for money (and its power) is the problem. We must whip the source of their power. Money. That´s the only power they have. It´s up to us.
      James Collard

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