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Natura Pet Expands Voluntary Recall of Dry Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk

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  1. Diane

    some readers may or may not be interested in the post I put on my FB page
    “so this am my petstore calls me to tell me that Natura has expanded the recall to ALL food produced before 3/24/14 exp date. (Healthwise, Innova, California Natural and Evo) they want me to bring my bags back but they have nothing right now to trade me for them

    I go through a bag of Healthwise every 7-11 days depending upon if I have a visiting dog.

    That was not a good answer for me so I called Natura themselves and had a LONG conversation with a WONDERFUL customer service lady

    Natura is expanding the recall to the entire plant for everything made before 3/24 (which gives it an exp date of before 3/24/14) as a safety precaution. NOT a single bag of dog food has tested positive for ANY type of pathogen at all. BUT some catfood has which is puzzling to the company because the catfood and dog food share ingredients. However Natura going through their first recall in 21 years in business decided to take a grand stand full out war on this issue and have taken the giant financial loss of calling back EVERY food. They started shipping new product last week

    I told the girl that I have fed their foods since the company first started, beginning with Matrix (a food they no longer make) and that I would trust her to tell me the truth. That I was going to have NO choice but to feed the bag I have since the pet store had nothing new to trade me for it and was she going to swear that her info to me that ONLY catfood and ZERO dog food had tested positive? She told me she could not tell me to feed the food and it had to be my own decision and I agreed but she DID SWEAR that not a single bag of dog food has as of today tested positive for anything

    So that said I told her I was just going to feed the food on that statement and she said “ok” 🙂 and that my store should have food next week

    That said IF you feed your CATS or FERRETS any of their foods I would for SURE take it back and trade for new product because it is likely to be of a lot that tested positive”

    1. Patty

      wake up Diane! Your dog food is no longer the same. The company is owned by Procter and Gamble. They still use dogs in product testing..if you think they care about your dog vs their bottom line you’re in for a very rude awaking. P&G also makes Iams, I hope you wouldn’t feed your dog that either. Most dog food and grocery store foods are recalled because of salmonella, which is dangerous for PEOPLE not dogs. So feeding raw is a better choice. here’s why..get some education.

      1. Lynn

        When it comes down to it, it is up to us to do the research and not depends on others to know what is safe for our furry kids. Most of us really can’t get into the mindset of big the business/bottom line mentality. The (human) medical profession does it all time, so why wouldn’t the pet food industry. The lady I mentioned in previous post said, “Why do you know more about nutrition than my vet?” It is sad but I believe most on this list probably do.

      2. Diane

        Natura has ALWAYS had their own kennel of dogs they test food on. They bring in shelter animals and then when the testing is over they adopted them out. Now they bring in dogs as pups specifically bred for testing but still adopt them out. WHY would I EVER buy a food NOT tested on dogs to show it really will support growth and maintenence??? I have a LOT of friends who feed raw and I have as well and they have had as many or MORE pet illness from bad meat (human grade bought AT grocery stores or from vendors who sell to resturaunts!) as have my kibble feeding friends NO SINGLE feeding method is best for all dogs or all owners (I am NOT a pet parent or guardian!) and NO SINGLE feeding method is 100% safe no more than no human feeding method is 100% safe

        1. Kelley

          Wow. Interesting post. If you’re not a pet “parent” or “guardian” then you’re either an interested observer or an “owner” or a “breeder”. No problem, doesn’t matter. But let’s equate this with feeding your human family. Do you expect the food you’ve purchased and prepared for them has been “tested” on other human families first?? I don’t. I think there should be quality assurances (government and private based) across the line for the safety of all food sources, whether for livestock, companion animals or human. The problem (which should be recognized within your theory) is that animals designated for testing (unless in a volunteer home environment situation, like guide/service dogs) are just that. Being used. Hmmm. Is any pet food worth it? So they get adopted out. Hmmm. So now it’s okay’er to “test” on confined subjects, because they happen to have a better outcome than otherwise? Well, what if there IS something deficient about that food being tested on them (which there shouldn’t be, would be the normal assumption) so then why test in the first place, and all of it, etc.)? And what if they’re using young’er, say large’r breed dogs and they’re not getting the best nutrition appropriate for their circumstances, then what’s that ultimate outcome? Is that how these companies “learn” to formulate special large breed puppy food … or is that necessary hype? I don’t know. But maybe Vet schools need to teach, promote and encourage professionals to study the field through proper chemical analysis, do ‘ya think.
          I have a novel idea. Instead of buying questionable meat sources, or defective raw, from commercialized 2nd & 3rd party suppliers, why not feed your dog just regular food? Trust me it WORKS. It isn’t expensive. It’s not rocket science. Simple chicken or stew meat, veggies, a carb, some calcium, a few things easily determined through the web, etc. Even top, top breeders have incorporated whole food (and raw) feeding into their programs now, by recognizing the VALUE of primary nutrition, uncompromised vitamins, minerals, safety, portion control and all of it! It’s good for the coats, the brain, bones, breeding anmore.
          Sorry, but there’s just no defending a P&G owned company that has had YEARS of experience for doing it right, including quality and safety control. And yet their idea of doing it right is returning a profit on the product. Isn’t anyone curious in the first place about why the “massive” recall out an abundance of caution? Doesn’t that suggest there’s not enough control over specific production lines, batches, dates, and other control points?? Just a thought ….

          1. Jerry Pardue

            Two points: 1. Dogs and cats do not have the same nutritional needs as humans. If you fed humans a steady diet of 26% protein, 18% fat and 8% fiber, they would physically be a mess. Dogs also have a different activity profile based on their body weight and the nutritional profile of a dry dog food is based on 90% dry matter and humans do not eat a similar diet. 2. I am remembering the tv ad where the guy is using the State Farm Insurance app on his phone and the girls comes up and says, “I thought State Farm didn’t have an app.” She saw it on the internet where, “it wouldn’t be on there if it wasn’t true” I would have to say that relying on the internet for nutritional information in a broad sense is the same as betting on roulette, you are always a loser in the long run.

          2. Lynn

            Jerry, don’t know for sure how to interpret your comment about getting info on the Internet. I find it a very valuable tool for gathering information. This site is an excellent example.

          3. Jerry Pardue

            I consider it my most valuable tool but, there is also a lot of misinformation out there. As I look over some of these canine chat sites, there are so many people with just plain wrong ideas, ideas that something in one form(raw) has absolutely no food value but, run through a blender is so good for their pet. That is just an example, don’t know if you saw the ad I mentioned but it does jokingly point out the wrong information all over the internet. I was not attacking your statement in any way.

          4. Lynn

            Oh yes I’ve seen the ad. I can only say that so many sources of information available to us are biased and misleading. We just have to be be careful and use common sense in forming a conclusion . Along with that be open to change if that’s where that takes us. There was a point in my own research on the subject of dog food that I just felt like I didn’t have the option to not change. Now my poor husband has to ask if stuff in the fridge is for us or the dogs. Sometimes I laugh and say either.

          5. Diane

            Point 1: I am a dog OWNER and sometimes (rarely) a breeder. I bought them or created them. I did not give birth to them. They are dogs they are not humans and I DO own them. While I consider them my children in the respect that “I” am responsible for the happiness and control their every resource I am NOT their guardian nor pet parent. Those are AR terms. Don’t fall for them

            I do not think the “Raw nazi” attitude many of you here have does a single thing to help pet owners make informed decisions. I have-over the years- fed home made raw, commercial raw, cooked and kibble (and combinations thereof) in the almost 3 decades of purebred dog ownership. If I had ONE dog that was under 20lbs I would in fact probably feed raw. But I have five dogs over 50 lbs too much work and cost no matter how done if done RIGHT to do raw or cooked for ME (done right means creating a diet balanced over time in amino acids, protein, fats, calories, calcium, phosphurus etc…. not just tossing chicken backs or boneless meat at them)
            also remember NO ONE diet works for every dog. Raw is not right for EVERY dog, kibble is NOT right for EVERY dog, home cooked is not right for every dog. EACH dog has their own needs and requirements. Even caloric wise no two dogs the same breed require the same calories per day even when they have the same envirnoment and exercise schedule
            As to my dog with sensitivities; she is only sensitive to a very few things but they are common in dog foods. Healthwise is THE food she does best on. The dog who visits me had a borderline IBD incident a couple years back while eating a rotation of Evo, Blue Buffalo and Instinct. Healthwise is what works best for her (and she is PERFECTLY healthy again)
            Personally I think it would be more helpful if people on these sites stopped with the holier than thou “kibble is death” spiel and started suggesting real alternatives for people who no longer want to remain with the food they were feeding. While not high enough in calories per cup for my dogs; I usually suggest Acana or Nature’s Logic to such folks

          6. Lynn

            This discussion IS giving people real ideas and options. And passion about a subject can come across too strong for some, but lets remember we are on the same team, right?

          7. Jerry Pardue

            Really enjoyed reading your post. It shows a very realistic attitude about feeding dogs, refreshing.

          8. Kelley

            We all get a little off track occasionally and I am probably one of the worst offenders. My apologies. I think this forum is a wonderful reminder that there are many solutions for all kinds of pet owners. And probably the most useful thing to stress for all readers is that variety is the name of the game. For people committed to only commercial dry PF they need to find not just one but a couple of backup brands that agree with their pets and there idea of best nutrition. Pick those companies with the MOST transparency (ideally the ones having returned the Pledge) and those companies which DEMONSTRATE accountability for their products. Like, can you speak with the owners, will they confirm their ingredient sourcing etc.? The second idea, is that whole food can always been an addition to any pet’s diet, as can raw (if the pet can tolerate it) just as long as these 3 forms of food are not feed as part of the same meal and pets are transitioned appropriately. And finally, the combination of whole foods (or raw) in conjunction with The Honest Kitchen’s array of dehydrated nutritionally balanced supplemental food also works extremely well!
            On a personal note, I don’t think people here are trying to top one another with any idea that’s better than another’s, but it just happens (sometimes) that a discussion going in one direction needs to be counter-balanced. People have a tendancy to chime in where ever they feel most comfortable and have the most experience (obviously). This makes the conversations swing back and forth, but are meant to be argumentative. This discussion is one of the more animated (with over 56 comments now) sparked by news of a recall of a couple of particular brand that people have felt very strongly about. It’s a great discussion! And I also think what helps set the TAPF forum apart from ordinary “chat” groups is the level of research and articles presented to the readers, especially over the years. This has been a very long educational process (5+ yrs.) not just about the “horrors” of “pet food” – but really about how much the consumer has to understand about the industry. It’s a language all it’s own. Point being – is a range of companies from the most pathetically profit driven, to the companies of highest merit and integrity. THOSE are the ones that should be rewarded with our business dollar.
            I challenge anyone to find a more thorough, truly objective study, of over 2500 Pet Food formulas, than are presented here in the Petsumer Report and through supporting articles that put even those into proper context. It is truly amazing information and a wealth of nearly university level … course study!!
            Thank you Susan!! You are irreplacable.

  2. Kim

    I once found a piece of black glass in their kibble. It’s what made me start searching for other options and I found RAW! I will never again feed my dog anything they make.

  3. D'Arcy Dent

    I noticed the “About Natura Pet Products” section doesn’t mention that Procter and Gamble bought Natura in 2010. Whatever the beginning of the company was, once these large corporations purchase them the quality goes down fast. A couple of the ways that shows up is the sourcing of ingredients is compromised, and the production risks are increased. This all comes about because they want to increase the amount of food sold to capitalize on the “pet food industry” investment they’ve made. They’re in it for the profit, not the nutrition or safety of our animals.

    1. Wee5Minis

      All Pet Food Business are in in for Profit, that’s why they call it a Business. No company cares about our pets health, they just look at the $$$ signs.

  4. Stasi

    Is this REALLY 3/24/14? 2014? Not 2013? I have seen all information from Nutura and it states the same thing. The automated line states 4/1/13 – 3/24/14?

    How can they recall food a year in the future?

    1. Stasi

      NEVER MIND. I realized I have chemo brain kicking in and it is expiration dates, not manufactured dates – DUH!!!!!

    2. Jerry Pardue

      The shelf date on many dog foods is calculated as one year. The industry standard for extruded product(kibbled dog food) is considered to be a year.

      1. Pacific Sun

        Gary Pusillo, who was suggested as a resource in an earlier post, can be found on the “web” at this link, for those who are interested …
        In terms of using the web – that’s never meant believing everything that’s written, but instead using it as a comparitive research tool, exactly like people used to use multiple books in a library. This is the modern age and the beauty of the web’s universality (the electronic word) is that this tool INVITES discussion, new ideas, criticism, corrections, updates and clarifications!! There is no room to take any comments (negative or ones that are particularly passionate) in a personal way. Everything is meant to grow the conversation! In this case Dr. Pusillo is also a valuable contribution and fortunately we all have “instant” and common access for evaluating his comments too. Thank you for sharing!

  5. julie armstrong

    thanks for this. I appreciate hearing about problems and there seems to be no news when recall is made!

  6. Maire

    Natura WAS recognized and trusted in the holistic/natural pet food world – until 2010 when the Rademakers sold out to Proctor & Gamble. See:

    I fed my own beloved dog Innova since he was weaned from his mother over 12 years ago. Around 2011 he began to experience digestive and elimination issues. I worried, started doing some research and discovered Innova was no longer the trusted brand it once was (no wonder my usual sources began dropping the brand mysteriously) as its parent company was sold to P&G some time earlier. I immediately changed his food to a trusted/recommended holistic brand and voila’ his troubles disappeared!

    Thank goodness nothing serious happened to him and I discovered this major piece of news about Natura/Innova before it was too late! Stick with smaller, reputable, privately owned pet supply stores that have an active vested interest in natural and holistic foods for your pets and do your due diligence for your loved ones.

    1. Christina

      What brand do you use now?

      1. Maire

        Holistic Select

        1. Robin

          I used to feed our cats Holistic Select when Eagle Pack made it, but it was bought out by another company and they must have changed the formula because my cats didn’t like it any more. So then to California Natural–but that’s now recalled. Recently had a bag of Blue Buffalo Freedom with a substituted food in the bag. Not the company’s fault but PetSmart’s for returning a returned bag to the shelf With a cat that forms crystals and one that battles cystitis, finding a food to trust and work all the cats is a real challenge.

          1. Jerry Pardue

            I don’t know which dog/cat food is best but someone Susan Thixton rates highly is Dr. Gary Pusillo whom I met and listened to several times during my career involving animal nutrition. He is a fearless defender of pet and animal food excellence and has no problem whatsoever about attacking a company that manufactures and distributes crappy or reckless products. He has gone after a number of the larger pet food companies and now makes his own products based on his years of practical and laboratory experience. I would recommend you look at his work on mycotoxins and pathogens in animal feeds and make your own judgement as to his character and his product’s worthiness(provided you have access to his products).

          2. Robin

            Thanks Jerry. I’m very familiar with Susan Thixton and her wonderful don’t mess with her advocacy work on behalf of our pet family members. In fact when I discovered the wrong food inside a bag of Blue Buffalo Grain Free Freedom dry food, I contacted her. Thanks for the info about one of her sources of information. Indeed she cites him in her posts. Hopefully others who are following all the posts on this recall will also see your recommendation, too.

  7. Sheila

    Being in the Pet store/food related Industry as a Sales Associate, I can only say
    that this is happening with more frequency and as far as I am concerned this is what’s going to happen when major Corporation companies take over smaller one owner businesses.
    It’s seems it’s only just another division to them, especially when they make so many other non food related products. The quality control of ingredients and practices
    seem to go “out the window”!
    I don’t trust most pet food manufacturers, I have seen too much over the last ten years with sooooo many recalls.
    The general public is so unaware of what really goes on.
    I will stick to feeding my pets food that I can control myself and baring things in the environment that I cannot control, I will try to keep them healthy. Growing up my pets ate what I ate and lived very long lives.

  8. Diane

    you all do realize that ONE recall in 21 years does not a bad company make? How about all the recalls on human grade meat and veggies from the grocery stores(which is what everyone I know who feeds raw buys?) or the recalls on commercial raw or the recalls on many other kibble companies that people just keep going back to?

    This company has never done me wrong in over 21 years (feeding personally and in a boarding kennel situation), I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. ANY company that recalls all their products made when ONLY a single type (in this case cat food and treats) has tested positive is way over the top in being proactive in my brain

    Ironically I know of more raw feeding people affected by meat (mostly grocery store meat BTW) recalls and contamination than kibble in the last 10 years

    1. JMC

      No, one recall in 21 years does not a bad company make. However, one recall less than 3 years after a good company was sold to a giant corporation (Procter & Gamble) is significant. While correlation does not imply causation, it is highly suspicious that the first recall comes soon after the sale. I suspect the quality has declined sharply since Procter & Gamble took over. I can no longer support Natura without strong reservations.

    2. Marcia Fox

      Diane, I am one of the unfortunate ones who fed my cat from the ONLY single type of recalled EVO TURKEY AND CHICKEN. He was deathly ill for several weeks and had been treated by the vet before I got the recall notice from my pet supplier. I checked and my cat had been eating out of the recalled bag. My cats love this food so I would have been fine with the recall except that my cat nearly died from it and they refused to take responsibility. Even going so far as to LIE to me about what my vet said. They refuse to pay my cab ride to take my dying cat to the vet in the rain in NYC, $38 – four rides. I spent 6 weeks at home taking care of him day and night and he still isn’t out of the woods. He barely eats and I have tried almost every type of food to tempt him. He went down to 6 pounds from nearly 10. I am so disappointed by the way Natura has handled this, or maybe I just have a terrible rep dealing with me. How would you handle this if it was one of your beloved pets that nearly died??

      1. Lisa Parker

        Marcia, your kitty would greatly benefit from a Homeopathic Remedy to help him recover from this. Regular Vets will not believe in them, but we have used remedies many times with upset tummies in cats. Remedies to consider are: Arsenicum 30c, Pyrogenium 30C or Nux Vomica 30c, which can all be purchased at a Health Food Store. These are potencies that are quite safe for your kitty. You could try one or another of them and the worst that will happen is nothing, but I believe they will get kitty back on his feet. Also, you may be able to find a local veterinarian who uses Homeopathy to help you, or most all Homeopathic Vets do phone consults no matter where they live in the country. I’ll be happy to help you if you have any questions. Feel free to email me, or message from here.

      2. Diane

        Maybe it is just your rep. I have NEVER had any problems with any questions or concerns I have had. However I would never expect ANY food company to pay cab fare. Vet costs yes. Transportation? no

      3. loni

        They should reimburse you for all costs related to their food being bad. Cab fare included because if it wasn’t for the fact they were selling bad food that could very well make our animals sick, then Marcia would not have to have visited her vet on four occasions via a cab. I hope your cat gets better, Marcia, and I also hope they do reimburse you for your vet visits and the cost of your transportation. 😉

        1. Marcia Fox

          They are being horrible. Their rep called and lied to me, she said my vet told theirs that my cat never was sick from their food and didn’t have salmonella but they were willing to reimburse me for my vet bills anyway if I would send her the invoices. I told her I would get back to her and called my vet and left a message as to what she said. He called me back very upset because he never said that. Then their vet called me, a very condescending man and difficult to talk to. I asked him why he told his rep that my vet said that my cat didn’t get sick from their food and didn’t have salmonella. He denied saying anything and when I tried to tell him that his rep lied to me he wouldn’t discuss it, he just wanted to get on with things. But he did say he knows her and she would never lie. I guess he doesn’t ‘know’ her that well.
          He said if my vet didn’t send him Angel’s records immediately, they were going to close the case. I called the vet and had them sent over and then their Dr. Cook called me back and said that they were willing to pay only MY FIRST VET bill because I couldn’t prove that Angel got sick from their food or that he had salmonella. When I first brought him to the vet he was near death. It was raining and in the 30’s in NYC. I am 70 and live about 12 blocks from the vet. Diane, do you really think that I should have to pay $9 dollars for a cab, should I attempt to walk the 12 blocks in the rain with my dying cat? Why shouldn’t they pay my expenses? They sold me poison, my cat is still deathly ill, we have both suffered immensely these last 6 weeks, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what my cat and I have. He now has gained back 3 ounces and weighs 6.5 pounds. He was an incredibly beautiful and healthy Seal Point Lynx Bengal, his sons weigh 23 and 15 pounds and are constantly trying to attack him because he is so weak. Maybe you never had a deathly ill pet that you loved. I have spent 6 weeks trying to keep Angel from dying, day and night. And you think that Proctor & Gamble should only pay the vet bills? They don’t even want to pay them! Something very sinister is going on here and it all has to do with big $$$$ and not my measly cab fare.
          And my cat is not better and it is heartbreaking! I don’t know if he will ever recover from this.

          1. Interested Pet Owner

            Get an attorney. Somebody is taking advantage of you and your circumstances! And it could be the P&G Vet, your Vet and the Company’s Rep.
            The question is – what was actually written on patient’s record, the one that were sent over to the P&G Vet? Meaning was your Vet willing to stand behind his comments to you, in writing, by “blaming” P&G for producing a pet food that “harmed” your pet? (I personally believe you and what happened.) The problem is, when Professionals (such as Vets) don’t want to put themselves into the position of “blaming” a very large and powerful organization for damaging someone else’s property (and unfotunately that is how your pet is legally classified).
            If he actually said the pet food made the cat sick “because” of Samonella in it, then you have a document that an attorney can begin with. But, if he only said the cat got sick and it “may” be from Samonella, then that means the food or other causes “could” have happened. This is a lot weaker kind of statement.
            without the ability to prove anything, it still boils down to this Vet’s “opinion”. And that is what P&G’s Vet is well aware of, and why they are weasling out of paying the total amount that you are due. The only thing you can continue to do, is to be a pain in their sides. Both the Vet and P&G. Don’t let up on your Vet having to make it perfectly clear that it was the pet food that made your cat sick. Insist on talking to other parties in P8G Company. Work your way up to the CEO’s office. (Yes, there always an “Executive Complaint” Department in these huge organizations.) Eventually you’ll make your way into their Legal Department as well. And they will determine how to best send you on your way. Keep a record of all conversations, dates, who said what, what each person said about the other person in turn, that your cat was perfectly healthy before, what the Lab Reports said, and the Blood work, etc..
            .Track all these detours to PROVE they are giving you the complete run-around. Yes, I know this is a heartbreaking task when you are so distraught about the health of your cat, and the care which is taking up all you time. But these accountable parties need to make things right for you. ALL of your expenses, everything that this emotional disaster has caused you! Is the company “compelled” to pay you, probably not. But do they owe you good customer service and the benefit of the doubt, absolutely! Why else would you be complaining if it wasn’t for the pet food causing the problem??
            I worked in a formal “Customer Service” department for 10 years and I know that the people who never let up on their complaints were ultimately compensated, as long as it was legally feasible for our company to handle. They always figured that the time and labor to deal with these persistent people was never worth the ultimate cost. They also didn’t want bad word of mounth. P&G will be willing to settle, and if you get an attorney involved – that’ll put a little muscle into your determination not to give up – and furthermore, that you are willing to throw some money behind your intention to make this right! That you are one of those people intending to make a point, not just rip them off financially!! Do it for the love of your cat! Best of luck, and please post your progress. Maybe others can benefit?

          2. Lynn

            Even if they do “get things fixed” I won’t use their products again. How they are dealing with their customers during this says a lot to me.

          3. Marcia Fox

            Dear Interested Pet Owner, I trust my vet implicitly. He is very upset with P&G and how they are not only treating me and Angel, but how they are treating him. He is a very serious vet and doesn’t deal with nonsense. He would never say or report anything if he wasn’t 100% positive. Even something like saying EVO was the cause of Angel’s distress. When I first brought my cat to him I didn’t know the food was poisoned, the cat was dying, not eating or drinking and was wasting away. He was examined for other things, like cancer, failing kidneys, a blockage, etc. not for Salmonella. I was feeding or trying to feed him the EVO and it was only making him sicker. Lucky he stopped eating it. When I got the recall notice it was too late to do a fecal exam because too much time had passed. Because Angel was in so much physical distress and not eating the vet put him on prednisone to stimulate his thirst and appetite and to try to alleviate his inflammation. So EVO’s Dr. Cook said that I could not prove that Angel was sickened by their poison and because of this he is being verbally abusive to me and threatening to close the case, etc. so finally he was NICE ENOUGH to offer to pay for my first visit to the vet only! I don’t even know if my cat will ever be the same. It has been 6 weeks and he has only gained 3 ounces back. Still can barely walk he is so weak and listless. It really is heartbreaking to see a helpless little thing like that suffering and not know what to do to help : (
            I am going to have my lawyer deal with this from now on because they obviously think they can push me around because I am a woman and elderly. All I wanted was for them to pay my expenses for something they caused.
            This is corporate greed at it’s finest!!!

          4. Interested Pet Owner

            I am absolutely on your side and believe every word. Too, too many pets are getting deathly sick and worse from the corporately owned greedy pet food companies! I am very glad your Vet is ethical, responsible and supporting you 100%. Not all Vets will stand up for what they believe or fight the system. I am equally glad you have access to an attorney. And, as I said in my other posting, I KNOW these companies need to be pushed upside and downside and your attorney is the person to help make your point. Do not let them off the hook. You are extremely articulate in your posting here, so make sure to keep records of all your conversations and the medical documentation, to demonstrate to the company that as a customer you’ve been treated HORRIBLY. The more detailed you are, the further this will go. This is beyond “proving” a specific food made the pet ill (we all believe you on this one). It’s about a huge conglomorate (Proctor & Gamble) which needs to be responsible to you as their (albiet former) customer! They need to compensate you for all your bills. And what your Vet has to say about this, is WHY the company needs to reimburse you. You had a good healthy cat (Vet certifies this) then fed the toxic food, and now your cat is barely making it. I am so very sorry for your worry and grief. For such a senseless tragedy. And don’t want to see other pet owners going through the same thing. So I hope you’ll have enough strength left, to beat the holy moley out of P&G for the fact that their quality control is non-existent. Don’t let them scare you by saying you don’t have “proof”. That is a tactic used to chase away every plaintiff. The very fact they’re will to pay “one” bill means they know there’s a problem. But don’t let them off the hook or push you around!

  9. Robin

    Great! I read this AFTER I fill the cat’s feeder with California Natural Chicken and Rice formula–dry. Can’t check the one UPC code for any date since I JUST put in the mail the 10 UPC codes for a coupon for a free 15 pound bag.

    I’m just glad my cats haven’t been harmed by the food.

    So I don’t have a clue what the date is for my bag. BUT for the $36+ I pay for the bag, you want me to just throw it out and not get a refund? I don’t think so.
    I’m returning it to the store and they can refund my money AND they can deal with getting their money back from Natura.

    1. Diane

      you do not need the UPC just the bag. I did take back the first bag the pet store asked me too a couple weeks ago and all I had left was 5lbs out of 35 and no UPC because I too had just mailed off the UPCs. I got a 100% refund. I have decided based on my conversation yesterday though with Natura to just feed the dog food as NO dog food has tested + for any pathogen
      I have also looked high and low for a replacement if the day comes and there is NOT A SINGLE kibble out there that meets my ingredient, nutritional values (calories, ca/phos % etc….) and price per lb needs/wants. I have a dog with food sensitivities and another dog who is here a lot who also ONLY HW works for and so I am staying with it

      1. Pacific Sun

        You have a dog with food sensitivities because of the myriad combination of ingredients (both reconstituted, chemically corrected and synthetic addivitives, artificial colors, flavors) and all the undeclared elements in commercial food! Dogs have sensitivities and allergies just like PEOPLE! Some pets can’t handle as much fat or protein or whatever. But commercial dog food doesn’t explain enough about their proportions (recipe) even to be helpful. People have been so brain washed (and that’s what advertising and image control is all about) that dog food is the only food for dogs, that is just CRAZY! Do you think that people who can barely afford anything in this world or in poorer countries, to scrimp and save, just to make sure they’re feeding a neat bag of commercial “dog” food? The problem is, people are not willing to take a little time to read about the fundamental nutrition their pet needs. Once known there are all kinds of cost effective food sources that provide it. I would GUARANTEE you that if you took your dog with food sensitivities back to a very controlled diet (either through isolating protein or carbs), and then expanding it again, that with a little adaptation, he or she would be great. If in doubt link up with a holistic professional, even a nutritionist, or “Just Food for Dogs” (very LOW investment cost) and get your dog off these mega-corporately owned, growingly compromised dog foods. We don’t even know what they use to “preserve” these foods in warehouses and holding bins. Yikes. Are the bags/pallets being “sprayed” to discourage rodent/bug infestation? Is that how some batches go toxic? To say you’ve been “lucky” for 21 yrs., the reality is that … reality IS changing. These companies get by with whatever they can get by with. Until you get your dog stablized, get it a break from mass produced food. Hopefully heed the warnings of these Posters who report their pets getting SICK from substandard, poorly manufactured, overly commericialized food. These people have no ax to grind; are JUST trying to help other people!!

        1. Jerry Pardue

          “I would GUARANTEE you that if you took your dog with food sensitivities back to a very controlled diet (either through isolating protein or carbs), and then expanding it again, that with a little adaptation, he or she would be great.” What does that mean, in simple terms?

          1. Lynn

            To me that would mean first eliminating ingredients that are known to cause problems in canines. Grains like corn are at the top of my list. If the culprit isn’t found that way then there might be something more specific to your dog and further experimenting will be needed. This is why knowing exactly what your dog is eating comes in handy. The fewer ingredients the fewer possibilities of what is causing a problem

          2. Pacific Sun

            I have a LOT of experience with food allergies and sensitivities. A sensitivity is an “over exposure” to the same food and the body begins to reject continued exposure. So it needs to be “rested”. I have gone to Nutritional Specialists who begin with controlled diets. Meaning strict single ingredient diets. No dairy, no grain. Food sources also fall into general families, sometimes suprisingly unrelated foods are turn out to be in the same “family”.
            So for pets, for example, protein needs to be isolated. It’s a step by step process. Rice is usually a neutral foundation. Experiment one at a time (for a week) with chicken, beef, turkey and lamb (The last two proteins are known to be especially challenging to digest, but, some pets may never have been sensitized or overly exposed so this would be the only proteins that happen to work for them). How I learned all this is that my dog ate a particularly intense diet based on a process of food fermentation, featuring a great deal of chicken. Actually there was a lot of merit to the diet of food fermentation, but it happened to create a severe sensitivity to chicken (in all forms) for my dog because he had an enzyme deficiency. He was on the bad diet for nearly 18 months, and it took me 2 years to figure out the alternative by finding a pet food that excluded all derivitives of chicken. So I chose fish. Fish had it’s own challenges but kept weight on my dog and settled his stomach, and remedied other things. He could also eat beef (but not Turkey or Lamb) which manifested in hot patches on his skin.
            Other dogs (but not ALL “can” be sensitive to grains). It’s a myth that all grains are necessarily bad, because the thinking now is really about grains having been so GMO’d and chemically addressed in the environment (pesticides, other triggers, etc.) that these grains are no longer what they used to be historically, and are becomming increasing difficult to digest. But for whole food diets, owners can experiment with Oatmeal (even organic or gluten free) which is considered easier to tolerate. Or Sweet Potato or other carbs. Wheat is a known problem and “can” lead to excessive yeast symptoms (bad ears, itching, etc.). Corn is also a very big problem because it so GMO’d and is subject to mold toxins. Veggies are generally considered neutral but need to be steamed for better digestion and can be used as fillers for the vitamins and mineral components. There are also some fruits that work as helpful digestive enzymes (like papaya, pineapple) and other fruit that work as antioxidents. But again, can only be introduced one at a time, after the foundation of the diet has been determined. Dairy is also problematic as most dogs can’t tolerate it, although I’ve found no problems with non-fat lactose free probiotic (Kefir) to help aid digestion. It should be noted that one of the reasons (seldom discussed) for the real success of raw diets is the fact that ingredients are really stripped down. No artificial flavors, colors, vitamins, additives, synthetics (or so many things found in commercial foods). The raw diets are ususally comprised of the main proteins (organ meats) and a very few supporting nutrients like basic veggies/fruits and most always NO grains or other carbs.

          3. Lynn

            Thanks for this information. Very well stated.

          4. Jerry

            Thank you for expanding on your answer. I appreciate you taking the time.

      2. Brenda

        My dog was sick for a week because of the EVO treats I was training her with. We didn’t connect the dots until after the recall.
        So I wouldn’t trust the” no dog food was tested bad” comment. I thought it was weird myself and my dog were getting ill the same time. It’s my first dog in over 25 years so I was out of the loop so to speak. But I am reading everything I can on foods and companies. I value everyone’s comments in any forum, I need all the help I can get.
        I Have a rescue dog with mange the vet I am going to doesn’t seem to get it so I am looking for a new one. One that doesn’t sell Science Diet food in their office.

  10. Jerry Pardue

    I know this is a trusted dog and cat food name which only shows that even the best of products for pets can be tainted and be dangerous to those same pets and their owners. Even under the most sanitary of conditions, salmonella and mycotoxins can and will get by.
    This is another reason to look for solutions with yeast extracts in the form of mannan oligosacharrides(MOS) available in in a food product that is in
    complete or supplement form. MOS acts to prevent salmonella and other pathogens from colonizing in the digestive tract. It is not a cure-all for salmonella but does give your pets a much better margin of safety in what they eat.

  11. Lynn

    I had been feeding my pregnant girl Inova puppy food for about a week when the first recall came out. I called the company and they told me it was not on the list. Then the second recall and I called them again and got the same answer. But when I went into the store where I bought it they had pulled all Inova dry food. I asked someone and they told me to bring the bag back for a full refund. So I did. I went to another store and got Merrick. BTW puppies arrived a week ago and all are doing great. On another note, got a call yesterday from a lady whose 6 mo old Lad has severe dysplasia in both hips (so sad) and her vet put the pup on one of the special Science DIet foods. UGH! Glad to say she was very open to new info and will be looking into Merrick and Honest Kitchen.

  12. Wee5Minis

    I think it is really sad that these big corportions take over these smaller companies & yes then the quality of the food goes way down. They just look at the big $$$$ signs. Now with all this GMO’s going on in food, it is in our dog food & brown rice is full of lead, which most of it is shipped in from China. Sad, Sad what our government allows in our food & does not have strickter guidelines.

  13. Sue Beveridge

    Thanks a million. Took my Innova back today. My dogs love that food so will order later when safe

  14. Kelly Wagner

    Feed my GSD pup Innova Large Breed puppy ince we got her in November. A week before the first recall, she started with diarrhea…cow-pie level of diarrhea. I threw out the bag, but contacted Natura. They told me there were no confirmed cases of salmonella. Why does my dog have this terrible diarrhea? Nothing has changed. She didn’t get into anything. We had her stool tested and ruled out giardia and other parasites, but the vet said she couldn’t rule out salmonella. Spoke to a rep this week who would not even be willing to concede that it could be related. They suggested it could be allergies. Really? Come on. They willingly reimbursed me for my dog’s last bag of food. Indirect admission that it could be related? I think so. My girl is on Fortaflora to hopefully get her GI tract back right and we have switched her to Wellness along with my 3 other geriatric girls who were eating Innova Senior. The rep suggested I consider Iams or Eukanuba which are in the family of foods. I told her that I wasn’t interested and was happy with Wellness despite the cost.

    1. Diane

      I CAN tell you that I tried Innova for 18 months YEARS before the P&G buyout NONE of my dogs can tolerate Innova green bag at all. They can eat the Evo just fine and they eat Healthwise just fine but when fed Innova green bag or any kitchen sink style food (wellness, canidae etc) they get cowpie stool. Nothing to do with contamination just not tolerated. I never reccommend any kitchen sink style food for anyones dogs (kitchen sink style means a billion different food type ingredients)

      1. Diane

        I forgot to add that my dogs “symptoms” of intolerence of Innova (YEARS AGO) was cowpie stool. Which they also get on other “kitchen sink” type foods (Canidae, Wellness, etc)

        Orijen is a perfectly fine food but far far more expensive then ever worth and also has a high intolerence level among dogs that I know

        I pretty much tell people if there were feeding Evo or Innova and want to switch go to Nature’s Logic or Acana. Lower in calories than my dogs do well on but fine products with good companies and ingredient sourcing

  15. BryanB

    Recently my dog was hospitalized for diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, constant vomiting, bloody vomit, lethargy, etc… He was hospitalized needing fluids, x-rays, antibiotics and anti vomiting medication. I have been feeding him INNOVA large bite adult dry dog food, covered by the recall, expiration date of 11/06/13, lot code 2311A70002. After being on a boiled ground beef and rice diet for a week he went back on INNOVA and has lacked an appetite specifically while under the INNOVA diet. With this latest recall notice I have removed INNOVA from his diet completely. I do plan on reporting this incident to the FDA as a precaution

    1. Lynn

      So very sorry to read of your dog’s suffering.

      1. BryanB

        Fortunately he is a strong pup, he is going to be fine. Today I started him on Orijen adult dry dog food. He seems to like it. Finding a reputable somewhat convenient dog food is no easy task. Hopefully this works out.

  16. Bob

    We were told on Fri. Apr.19 that California Nature Lamb&Rice was on recall and the pet store would have a nother skid on Thur.Apr.25.They said to bring back the bag I have now and they will give a new bag.Do you feel it is save to feed my dog the food we have for 5 more days?????

    Thank You

    1. loni

      Personally, I wouldn’t. It’s like playing Russian Roulette because many animals got sick. Some didn’t, but many did.

      1. Bob

        If I take back my bag of California Natural lamb&rice what should I replace it with???it is still 3 days before a new skid comes in and not 100% sure what they will have.

        1. Lynn

          Can you check out the foods listed by Susan as those who have signed the pledge? From this list I choose Honest kitchen and Merrick.

          1. Brenda

            Hi Lynn,

            I have been reading that the Merrick plant is having major issues with quality control. I read on dogfood advisor site , many comments that people have found things like chunks of plastic to a knife tip in canned and dry foods. I was going to change from Canidae to this but not now…

          2. Lynn

            Brenda, Can you send me your sources so I can read about is as well? Susan, have you heard anything about this? I am feeding my new mom and starting the pups on it.

          3. Lynn

            Thanks Susan. In light of this. I looks like this happened a few years ago. So have they cleaned up their act to get on your 2013 List of Best Pet Foods?

          4. Susan Thixton Author

            I didn’t say Merrick was on the 2013 List of pet food I trust. They are not on that list.

          5. Lynn

            I am sorry. I thought for sure they were one of the foods on a print out I did.

          6. Brenda

            Hi Lynn,

            I am trying to find exactly where I read it last night, one is here at the very end of comments you will see two people having issues. There is another site that showed cans with mold and big plastic pieces and it was within the past few months. I am upset I just bought a bunch of canned for my cats.

          7. Interested Pet Owner

            Hi Lynn, I’ve been admiring many of your other comments throughout this entire discussion. (And still do.) However according to the link here [[[ ]]] I do not see where Merrick returned the Pledge of Quality, unless the list is outdated. I would’ve been SHOCKED if a company that had done this (only about 15 companies out of 86 solicited have responded) performed as Merrick has recently. Also Merrick is not one of the very select PFs on The List. For many other Readers who seem to be asking for suggestions, I recommend the very small donation requested to obtain The List, or go by the Pledge. I’ve been at this PF education thing for a VERY long time now. And truly there are only about 4 foods I could trust over a long period of time, with THK leading the pack. Even Champion Foods hasn’t responded though they’ve promised over and over again.
            I think these PF companies should understand (hopefully by many of them monitoring this site for public opinion) that failed companies, meaning companies with just plain gross negligence (such as moldy cans of food, and much worse we can’t see with the naked eye) don’t deserve a 2nd chance. It shouldn’t be, oh well, it’s just this small sample with a problem. It should be about a Quality Assurance failure BEFORE the problem is generated. Not just the willingness to recall a food. The PF business is nearly 60 yrs old and there’s no excuse for these failures, particularly when the companies don’t fall over backwards to apologize and admit the impact of their negligence.
            They also need to understand that more and more owners are feeding whole food (whether cooked or raw+) because doing so represents having more control over the ingredients being used and less outside processing.

          8. Lynn

            Thanks for the generous complement. I some how mistakenly thought Merrick was listed. Don’t know how and I apologize for such a huge mistake. It was this mistake in thinking that lead me to choose to use Merrick in the first place. Now I will have to rethink
            / investigate using it myself. I try so hard to do what is best for my furry kids. Just don’t know how I got confused about this. Ahhh the joys of getting older.

  17. Sue Huss

    I feel if you feed any commercial dog food it’s like playing Russian Roulette with your pet, so many different foods have been recalled. I cook for my dogs. It’s easy to make enough for a whole week,and freeze some. They get human grade bison mixed with rice or oatmeal and fruit and vegetable purée. They love it and I feel good about what they are eating.

    1. Lynn

      I have many friends who have made food or fed raw for years. I always thought it would just be too complicated for me and my busy lifestyle. Now, I realize that was a wrong conception. You just have to plan ahead a bit and then get into the habit. Still, there are some commercial foods that get high ratings on this site and I do use them along with the homemade stuff.

    2. Pacific Sun

      I too love to feed whole food! I try to encourage people to try this. My dogs get so excited they can hardly contain themselves! I recently added a supplement “Udo’s Choice Pet Essentials for Dogs” with flax seed and digestive enzymes. Organic and made in Wa. State. I also give them Salmon and Flax Oil tablets (from Costco) (alternating between 2 dogs every other day) and they are supplements I can take as well. It really is easy to make whole foods for your dog. (Sorry, I know nothing about cats). Organic Chicken (from Costco) or beef stew meat, Oatmeal, a veggie/fruit mix, a probiotic and The Honest Kitchen’s Preference! In the mornings I throw in a fried egg, toast, a little piece of banana, and a sardine. And the dogs go wild! Some days I’m lazy and use Fromms or Nature’s Logic as my base, but still add cooked meat, and the veggie/fruit mix to aid diegestion, and the probiotic, and supplements. I gage my success by the dogs maintaining their weight & energy (but not getting fat) and good, healthy stools. I don’t know why but when ever I would feed canned wet dog food, their stools became very, very sloppy. But when I feed whole foods, almost no matter what, I get very good firm stools, and their dog breath clears up to neutral. No more stinky breath, so I guess the food is getting digested well.

  18. Marcia Fox

    MY CAT IS DEAD!! He was very sick for about 10 weeks after eating EVO TURKEY AND CHICKEN dry food for a few days. He continued to lose weight and deteriorate until he went into convulsions and now he is dead and I am beside myself with grief. Thank you EVO. I now have over $4000 in vet bills, a small can of ashes and a broken heart!
    PROCTER & GAMBLE should get an award for the most heartless company in America!! They don’t want to take responsibility for this!

    1. Lynn

      Marcia, I am so sorry.

  19. KAH

    I read these stories about people losing a pet due to food and it just breaks my heart. It is bad enough to lose a pet for any reason, but because of a company’s carelessness is beyond belief. PetSumers don’t think they have any clout with these companies. Their Legal departments are very strong, and few people have the money to fight the system. However this is a new day & age of “social media”. We are watching this phenomenon play out in the News everyday now. It is a very powerful communication/influencing tool. So if every person reading this horrendous tragedy would repeat the story on Facebook or through Twitter, it might just save somebody from making the wrong pet food choice out there. Or it might make somebody quit using it. As has been said many times before – the ONLY way these companies will respond – is through an impact to their profit. QUIT buying from P&G people … Just Stop! …. Tell everybody you know to do the same. And tell they WHY. Just through the PetSumer Report, there are over 2500 formula/brands from which to choose. Before you use one, figure out who owns the company! Boycott P&G for as many products as possible! It’s the ONLY way we can help support folks in the Pet Owner Community who are really suffering!! I am so sorry for Marcia’s loss.

  20. Lynn

    I totally agree.

  21. Blanca Pez

    Yet another recall by Natura. What’s most disturbing is that Natura didn’t find this problem. It was found for FDA inspectors. Why aren’t these people checking their own product?

    All this has happened since the company was bought by Procter & Gamble. They claim nothing has changed but the company’s headquarters have moved.

    They have squandered their reputation. I can’t trust them again.

    1. Marcia Fox

      They still refuse to admit that animals are getting sick from their food, they say ‘no confirmed cases’ but MY CAT IS DEAD from their food. And the latest is that they have offered to pay the first vet bills only of under $800 and that is if I sign a release for any other compensation. My vet bill was over $4000 and they still insist my cat did not get sick from their food. I still have the recalled bag. I made a complaint to the FDA and am going to call the Dept. of Agriculture and some animal magazines.

  22. Denise

    I have used Innova for over 20 years. Started using it when my now deceased Rot was in training and saw another dog whose coat was the most beautiful I had ever seen. The first recall in 20 years didn’t cause me much concern, it was a limited product recall. There was Innova Senior still available and since it was not part of the recall I purchased that. A week later my big dog started throwing up, became lethargic and after a vet visit we found that his liver enzymes were very high. A week after that I received an alert that the recall had been extended to all Innova products. I immediately put my dog on a twice daily raw diet consisting of rice, veggies, oatmeal and cottage cheese and gave him a daily supplement of milk thisle, within several days his energy had improved greatly. We are going back to the vet this weekend to redo his liver tests…but clearly he is better. They should have recalled everything the first time. And this is not just out of concern for my dogs. I make a big deal out of meal time, I put my hands in the food (I own it as far as my dogs are concerned) and I could get sick if it were tainted. I trusted Innova with the health of my pets for over 20 years, but they are not the same company anymore. I have since switched over to Canidae, which is owned by a small company that has been around for years

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