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Mystery Meat Pet Foods

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  1. Peter

    Also the agriculture business makes up new terms to camoflague inferior or waste ingredients. Example: Consumers may be confused by terms which make grains—known sources of a myriad of toxins—sound better than they may in fact be. For a consumer attempting to avoid corn and wheat ingredients, Brewer’s Rice (used as a common protein source) can sound appealing (even expensive), but is a by-product: simply broken or chipped rice; the small fragments of rice kernels that separate out from the larger kernels of milled (ground) rice.

    Brewers rice and second heads are one of the many byproducts created by milling rice: second heads are milled rice kernels that are ½ – ¾ of the original kernel; while Brewers Rice is a milled rice kernel that is ¼ – ½ the size of a full kernel. Second heads, if of acceptable quality, are used to make rice flour; but if the quality of the second heads are poor, they will be sold for pet food or dairy feed (but, now called: “Brewer’s Rice”) as part of least cost mix protocols, because they have no value for any other use. The term Brewer’s Rice was created by the AAFCO (see discussion, above), and it is sold exclusively for pet food and dairy feed.

    The relationship between consumer and pet food manufacturer is almost entirely adversarial.

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