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My Story of Dealing with Kirby’s Seizures

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  1. Connie

    I really do hope your regimen will work. I have a 9 year old papillion that is having symptoms of dementia. I am beginning to wonder if her flea medication is a factor. So many problems with medications and toxins. Get better Kirby.

    1. Emma's Mom

      More vaccine damage. Neurosurgeons and many other experts also say it’s responsible for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. ALL vaccines cause brain inflammation (damage) – Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon. Seizures and behavior changes are also two of the biggest complaints after a rabies vaccine, but any vaccination can cause this or any other problems. I’ve had a rescued pup develop severe aggression after getting his “standard” three puppy vaccines. There is nothing standard nor safe about vaccination.

  2. duncan ness

    What a difficult time for both of you. There is medicine (which sometimes helps) and dietary changes that can help. Having gone through this, I think that the best thing that you can do is to keep his schedule familiar and to reassure him.

  3. Nora

    So sorry to hear of Kirby’s seizure issues. What a feisty little dog. I can understand your frustration in dealing with this but you will never regret all that your doing for him. It will help others going through the same thing. I’m sure we’ll all be waiting to hear about his progress. Now, about his humping the cat….that’s another issue lol. You go Kirby!

  4. Anita Guns

    Are you using any oral flea and tick medication like Bravecto – you can read on FB the group Does Bravecto Kill Dogs – 30,000 members and counting – most with problems and seizures are right up there as a side effect. I also have a Pap and I have read seizures are in the breed.

  5. Pegg Bauer

    I am also a fan of Answers’ raw milk. You might also want to try Answers’ fish stock. Having dealt with a fair number of seizure dogs and parrots, I discovered that high estrogen can cause seizures (Google estrogen and seizures if you don’t believe me). And any raw meat coming from an animal that has been fed .GMO products (corn, beets, soy, etc) or any vegetation that has .been treated with fertilizer or herbicides are going to be very estrogenic. Fertilizers and herbicides are full of xeno-estrogens. Answers’ raw meat is pretty pricey (fortunately, you have a small dog), but is clean in that respect. Good luck.

  6. Trish

    So sorry to hear of Kirby’s struggles – it breaks our heart when they have an ailment that we cannot fix easily. I hope that the Goat Milk is the ticket for him. Answers is a great company, that goat milk is fabulous stuff.

  7. Philip Katz

    Hi Susan,

    We have a had a lot of success helping dogs and cats with seizures using CBD oil. Check out Pet Releaf. Their oil is derived from the hemp plant in Europe.

    1. Mary

      I fully agree re the hemp oil……have read amazing things about it
      Also, in senior dogs this seizure activity could be a tumor.
      I have had dpgs with eplepsy and age related brain tumor

  8. Mary Sue

    Wow, that’s heartbreaking. I hope the detox works. That would be awesome! HIs seizures (ear piercing screaming, thrashing, loss of bladder control) sound like what two of my geriatric cats (both close to 20 years old and with diagnosed heart conditions) went through when throwing blood clots.

  9. Brenda

    May the raw milk and the Chinese herb take care of Kirby’s seizures without any other measures required. Best wishes to all of you.

  10. lili

    Try a ketogenic diet. This is used to treat epilepsy, migraines, early stage dementia. Brain runs on ketones.

  11. Donna Chicone

    I am sending prayers and healing energy for you and Kirby. I admire your commitment to finding the best care for Kirby. My boy is nearing an age of concern and I hope to commit to a similar journey if need be. For now know you and Kirby are in my thoughts and prayers. Healing Woofs & Smiles!

  12. David

    If you plan on going the “hemp oil” route, be aware of a few things. First, hemp oil is not really what you want. You can buy that almost anywhere and is not going to work on seizers. Hemp oil is pressed from seeds and is just a oil with high omega 6’s, very inflammatory. What you need is CBD oil from Cannabis. CBD is not like THC. So there is no high. There have been a great deal of people and pets helped with this but for some reason does not work for every situation.

  13. Nancy

    I am so sorry Kirby and you are going through this. I think the TCM herbs are great but perhaps he should be diagnosed by a vet versed in traditional chinese veterinary medicine. The seizures may be caused by many disharmonies and “evils ” that may not be currently be addressed. Also an integrative/holistic vet will know many modalities that a traditional vet will not. Another avenue is homeopathy.

  14. Pegg Bauer

    You also might want to check out medical cannabis. Having looked around the country for a great company, I’ve found it at Canna Companion. Nothing else comes close. This particular company has got a ton of research (still ongoing) into this area, and its product is good enough for my animals. It can be shipped anywhere in US — it’s not hallucinogenic. The FDA does not allow much information to be on the website, but the principals in the company are available for consult.

  15. Donna

    I cannot imagine what y’all are going through. One of my grand dogs had a seizure under my watch about 5 years ago and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed. She was rushed to the Vet, given the traditional lab work tests and meds were prescribed along with lots of follow-up. She has never had another seizure and is off the meds. I hope Kirby never has another one. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Alex Horvath

    This breaks my heart. My 8.5 year old best friend went through seizures, After an MRI and tests, we found out she had a brain tumor. They said she could live for another 5 or 6 months. I tried everything. All of this going on as I took care of my partner of 34 years who had cancer for the 3rd time in 18 months. They both have since passed. I can’t wait for 2016 to be over.

    1. Eric l Barnes

      Just lost my best friend chi-chi a week ago to a brain tumor. It will take some time to get over him. You had a double dose of sad. Sorry to hear that.

  17. Jude

    My corrected comment:

    My heart goes out to you and your inevitable emotional pain and frustration as you try to do everything you can to help your little Kirby. There is nothing more heart wrenching than seeing a loved one suffer. Your use of the least toxic way to help him is admirable.

    I learned the hardest of ways that the generally dispensed meds by vets can often kill our pets as they treat the symptoms and not the cause. As much as you focus on pet food, I am glad to see that you are willing to have an article on alternative means to help your dog besides what big pharma pushes. I watched my heart dog die needlessly, and I pray for a better future for your little guy.

  18. LIz Estell

    Have you ever tried essential oils? I believe Frankincense would be a great oil to help support your dog’s nervous system.
    Please check out the dog oiler’s web page. Her name is Skye Patterson and she has very useful information on her web site. I have even emailed her with questions about my pets and she is very open to helping. I use Doterra’s Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I hope your baby gets better soon!

  19. jan beardsley-blanco

    Dear Kirby – sending lots of purrayers your way, that your seizures will ultimately quit – and that you’ll begin to appreciate that raw mild!
    love, “THE CAT” (and Jan)

  20. Barby Wolfish

    Susan, are you familiar with Monica Segal? Perhaps she can help

  21. Linda

    So sorry for you and Kirby. Hope you find a solution soon.

  22. brit

    I urge you to put him on medication before his seizures escalate into non stop. Consult with a neurologist as they are best resource for meds, most vets are not. Please share your story on a trusted source that believes in holistic care and home made food BUT also a huge forum with many experienced owners, they saved my dog’s life when I had an epileptic dog 10 years ago. Unfortunately seizures usually have nothing to do with needing detox etc and his life is at stake while medication is withheld.

  23. Sandra Short

    Oh Susan, this is heart wrenching. Thank you for taking the time to describe what you’ve been going through. Prayers have already been sent up for you & Kirby. Please keep us informed. Sandy

  24. Cyndi Michelena

    My Siberian Husky Shanna had a seizure w/in the first year I got her from the Lacey shelter here in WA. She had several more the next couple years .. After the 2nd or 3rd seizure (she got cluster seizures, which would go on for sometimes an hour one after the other), I was given Diazepam vials from the vet to keep on hand in case I was home when a cluster happens … I had two times after receiving that Diazepam when I was home and used it … it is squirted in the rectum … and stops the seizure rather quickly. I have never had her on any medication. When I took her in after the first cluster seizure, we could find nothing wrong, like you. She was in perfect health. She has been seizure free for 3-4 years now. If she had one when I wasn’t home, I can see the signs of one by all the saliva she would emit around her muzzle and throat and chest. I hope she continues on this path … she is now about 13 years old.

  25. Pat

    hi Sue, my heart goes out to you. please keep us updated on his progress.

  26. Wanda P

    Thinking of you threw this difficult time. My prayers Kirby heals quickly!

  27. Betty Wolfenson

    Prayers for you both . I’m sure you ruled out a brain tumor . What are the possible causes ?

  28. Janet

    Sorry to hear your baby has seizures. Veterinary Chiropractic is another good option to try. Thank you for all you do for us!

  29. John Sturgess

    Four years ago I lost my buddy, my pal my friend who came down with SEIZURES, his were of the Grand Mal type- lasting 30+ sec – no noise – no screaming – just violent shaking – well he couldnt walk or hold up his head – just layed there- any way he is gone but still with me in spirit. Please keep me abreast of what you find out that helps Kirby.

    Thank You
    John Sturgess

  30. dar

    Ms Susan, You might want to try: 1-CBD Oil for Seizures
    as well,2- an Osteopathic doctor who does manipulation …sounds like your pup has a subluxation/impingement not only in the spine,& some Osteopaths can tell just by ‘laying on of hands’ [yeah,this old mechanic was skeptical…&floored by the gratifying results ]
    & 3- Bach Rescue Remedy [this works great for people&pets … it calmed down an 18 yr oid bleeding,&cancer ridden cocatiel who was in self-destruct mode]

    1. dar

      4- When to use PEMF
      Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy has been around for a long time. New advances in research by Ivivi Health Sciences have made the Assisi Portable ™ the easiest and most effective way to deliver targeted PEMF therapy.

      [ here in Canada, have been using ActiPatch for 5+yrs for chronic&acute neuralgia,myalgia&arthralgia & on the critters with splendid results ]

    2. Sue

      Thank you for the links 😉 I lost my little Boston girl nearly 2 months ago from complications from liver disease. She began to have seizures, two in 1/2 hour, no noise and not much shaking but her eyes going side to side. I was asking the dog god’s for a sign and they showed me. 🙁 She was soooo skinny, but eating and drinking but slept a lot too. I sure wish that people were not so against cannabis for it’s healing powers and well, all kinds of miracle work from such an amazing plant. I use it myself and I am looking into it for my other old Boston boy who is now getting arthritis in his feet. I’m sure if I caught the liver problem early enough cannabis would have helped her too. Thank you dar, very much.

  31. Debbie

    My first thought was the dog food. I am in no way at all a fan of any pet foods.. only raw diets and cooked under certain circumstances. I have heard of Rosemary extract (that is found in pet foods) that can cause seizures to sensitive type pets. Also Melatonin helps with seizures. I was definitely going to recommend to CBD oil for sure. I am about to try it myself for my Menieres disease.
    I hope the raw milk for a month doesn’t do more harm. Worth a shot I guess. Raw milk can do wonders but without other foods, I don’t know. I am sure you are in good hands with DR Cathy. Its scary I am certain and it sounds pretty severe. Hope your furbaby pulls through this. Also Sage has been known to cause seizures although you don’t find sage as much in products. Not sure if you use air fresheners, candles or regular laundry detergents etc..but changing those may be worth a shot. I am only throwing things out there for ideas or something you may possibly not have thought of. Its kinda like you have to put them in a bubble to find the culprit. Anyway prayers for your Kirby. <3

  32. Darlyn

    Hello Susan,

    So sorry to learn about what is going on with your little Kirby. What a trooper he is and so fortunate to have you as his acutely discerning Mom. Hmm, with him ‘not so much’ liking the Raw Milk I wonder if replacement with a high quality supplement of Colostrum (first milk, immune balancing-supportive) might be easier in whatever the pill pocket? I know how…after giving this to a pooch of mine who’d been suffering from steadily increasing itching, it was the only (more) natural and immunologically supportive ‘aid’ I found to finally calm all that down.

    Otherwise, I couldn’t agree more with the Veterinary advice about treating the Liver…because if something in your neighborhood environment has changed (air borne chemicals, GE mosquitoes, ticks)…there is reason enough for historically proven Chinese medicines as well as Milk Thistle, NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) and/or Curcumin since all do provide this major detoxing organ with significant antioxidant assist and protection.

    Lastly, I would definitely pursue the hemp idea or full out medicinal Marijuana which has been clinically shown to counter both intensity and frequency of epileptic seizures; even in children. Awhile back I learned of a woman who had witnessed this success (over time) for her own young daughter and since I’m no expert on the particular ingredient in the plant that provides this relief, I’d seek the advice from a known to be credible shop proprietor who sells these medicinal herbals and usually is quite knowledgeable.

    As I’m sure I speak for plenty, here’s wishing you and family the very best outcomes for your dear little ‘iconic’ Kirby…and so glad you’ll be keeping us further informed.

  33. Karen

    So sorry for yours and Kirby’s trials with the seizures. We went through something similar with my 12 yr old, 3 1/2 lb teacup poodle. We were able to be together for almost 3 more years after the initial 20 minute grand mal seizure she had. It was not easy for any of us, but we waited until Ginger was ready to go. Your little Kirby sounds like he wants to be here a while longer!

  34. Carol meshon

    Try cbd products…..good luck carol

  35. Tracey

    I used to give my dog Angel phenobarbital, potassium bromide and a Chinese herb called Dai Tan Tang for his seizures. The Chinese herb is awesome but I could only get it at the vet, and they would often run out it. So now I only use the Ultra CBD hemp oil and it is really awesome. I give him a full dropper after each seizure and it has made the symptoms less severe and he is getting less seizures. He gets the seizures every month and they last for about a week. He loses control of his urine and stools, he howls, is disoriented and he loses his balance. Then it takes him about 2 days after the seizures stop to get back to normal. The vet said the origin of the seizures is unknown. People including babies can use the Ultra CBD help oil for seizures.

    1. Amy

      Hi Tracy,
      My dog has idiopathic Grand Mal seizures. He started having them at the age of 2 and is now 5. Since the start of the seizures to now I have been giving my dog Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide and Di Tan Tang – twice a day. Our target has always been to decrease his dosage of the medication and increased the Di Tan Tang as liver toxicity is always a concern. However, I’m having the same issue with the Di Tan Tang running out quickly and the product needed to be ordered. I have considered using CBD oil. But I am concerned with using it with Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide. How have you been giving Angel the CBD oil – once daily? Twice daily? As needed? Do you continue to use the CBD oil with the Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide? Any information would be helpful.

  36. Sally

    My thoughts and prayers are with both you and Kirby ! I know how heartbreaking this is for you and how confused and scared he must be when he has these seizures. I hope what your are doing works and if not then something else will. He looks so precious. God bless you and Kirby !!

  37. Jacquie C

    First and foremost I”m so sorry to hear about Kirby’s seizures, my heart aches for you both as Ihave just gone through this very same thing with my 11 yr old dachshund Ollie. I was wondering if Kirby has had an MRI to rule out a brain tumor and if not are you considering one? Sending prayers and positive energy up for Kirby. Please keep us posted

  38. melissa

    our 8yr old (at the time) ger. shep. had seizures and our story is much like others who read your site in that we care for him with the same informed care about quality of food, no toxins on him or in him. We rushed him to vet who referred us to emergency vet clinic who said all blood work clear & no known cause. We were told to say goodbye to him and put him to sleep and refused. We took him home with pheno. (which we never used). The bill was big. I tried to tell them that I suspected moth ball poisoning. The woman next door puts them @ her yard perimeter for snakes and the day prior to the seizures starting I saw her grandkids throwing things thru the fence which Wolfe chased like it was a game. I still say that’s what it was. Our dogs have been on Fromm’s purple classic since I learned from your site to be smart and informed. Plus organic free range eggs and all our left over vegatables. No, I figure at their age they ain’t getting no more mercury laced shots. If one of them goes to the vet now (cats, too) it’s to be put to sleep at an old age and we bring them home and bury them in the yard. We put a whisky barrel planter over each site and plant bulbs in them. We know where everybody is and think of them often. THANK YOU SUSAN much for teaching us to give them a better life.

  39. Barb McKee

    Is he a vaccinated dog,ever,Susan?

  40. Sue

    Susan, I live up in Victoria, BC and thankfully we don’t have to worry about heartworm (yet), but what do you use as a preventative? And the raw milk, I used to get raw up here but now the “farmers” are far and few between that have it, they have a very small clientele as it’s illegal to “sell” it but you can “give” it to your “family” with no issues, at least not till someone gets sick, but that seems to never happen.
    I am so sorry that wee Kirby is suffering from these seizures! So hard to figure out sometimes. I do hope your natural ways keep him going strong for a long time yet.
    I lost my wee Boston, Bea at the age of 12 from complications for liver disease. She was so skinny and eventually started having seizures. No noise and not much trashing about at all, but her eyes, they went side to side and it took her a few minutes to “come around”. The first one she defecated and recovered quite quickly, well a few minutes. It was a difficult day that day, she had two within 1/2 hours and I thought it best to end her suffering. She was eating like a little piglet, drinking water, had normal poops and urine, but with liver disease, the seizures would have started to get worse and her balance was not good either and I feared she would fall and break a bone or and then what? My vet couldn’t figure out why she was still eating well and otherwise acting normal. Who really knows what happens to our fur babies. Times like that I wish they could talk.
    I don’t do vaccines either, but I do give puppy shots (?) now I am wondering what you would use when you get puppies to prevent all these horrible things out there. Even back in the day ( am 57 now) we gave puppy shots, but not so much as adults and never had a “sick” dog, ever. They all lived to old age, if I remember correctly.
    I want to thank you Sue for all you do for us out here. You are a pure treasure. Good luck with Kirby, he looks soooo sweet.

  41. jackie Vero

    I had a German Shepherd that started having seizures at age 4. I tried all the holistic measures for some time, but when your dog can die from grand Mal seizures, which mine was having weekly, it was time to go with the meds. My pet was on the highest dose of phenobarbital which worked for a short time. Then when the seizures became more frequent again, he was also put on potassium chloride. He still had them. My vet heard antidotes of feeding duck dog food helping. I switched to Fromms duck and sweet potato kibble and he went 2 years without a seizure. After another 2 years he had a small one. (He was still on his meds, although he did not have that drunken stupor.) I was advised at the beginning when he was 4 that because of the severity of his seizures and meds that he probably wouldn’t live past 7 years. Well, he lived a happy life until he died of old age at 14 years old. I tell everyone about using duck and sweet potato kibble as it worked a miracle for my dear pet.

  42. Janie Lerner

    I go to Mary Goldstein’s practice at Smith Ridge. We see Dr. Jenna there. We have done an IV of vitamin C treatment for my dog, she is on Beta-Thym, a Chinese tea pill called Di Tan Tang, and I also give her organic gelatin. No seizures!

  43. Janie Lerner

    Also, dogs with seizures should especially be on ketogenic diets (raw high protein without adding carbs.).

  44. Kari Sioux

    My friend used hemp oil for seizures in her cat with success. Why not add organic bone broth to Kirby’s diet along with the raw milk? We’re all sending healing purrs and soft ruffs for Kirby, and for you. -The EarthAngels Family

  45. Dawn

    Good luck sister. Good luck little pooch brother.

  46. Gina

    I beleven all tap water is toxic. That’s why the raw milk replacement voided his water intake for a week. I carbon filter my tap water and or buy distilled water for my kitties.

    1. Gina

      Seems he does much better when not drinking toxic water.

      1. Batzion

        Gina, you’re correct. Fluoride is known to cause seizures.

        1. Gina

          Ty Batzion for backing me up to help Kirby and all our pets drinking toxic water. .

  47. Sherry

    Hi, Susan and Kirby,

    Looks like you’re doing all the right things. Went thru this myself years ago with two Maltese girls and a little Yorkie male. Found out too late to help them, after years of researching homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, and every other natural modality I could find, that if I’d known about homeopathic Belladonna, that alone may have not only stopped the seizures, but actually cured them.
    Also, the Ultra CBD oil is great for early symptoms before the seizure starts and helps to calm the neurons, muscles, etc.

    Don’t know if there’s any fish or fish oil in Kirby’s regimen, but have learned that Strontium 90 is showing up in dogs suddenly experiencing seizures. Common thread is their diet included fish and/or fish oils, especially sardines. But it shows up in others species, too. Diagnosis is via a specific hair analysis. As you might guess, the most likely suspect is the continued spewing from the Fukushima meltdowns.
    That’s why a good liver cleanse is necessary to detox before a full healing can be accomplished.

    Other possible causes of seizures include: use of pet collars instead of harnesses (more details on that if you’re interested), low blood sugar that may or may not show up in lab tests, high frequency radiation from proximity to some electronics, also, too close to televisions can trigger a first seizure.
    I’m sure you don’t apply herbicides or pesticides onto your property, but unless you’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s always the possibility of drift from neighbors’ applications, aerial spraying for mosquitos, etc.

    You might wish to consult with one or all of your holistic veterinarians about the use of homeopathic Belladonna. I always have it on hand for emergencies, along with dozens of other homeopathic remedies.
    If you do decide to go that route, after you research its use, it can be obtained at most Whole Foods markets or ordered online even at Amazon. You’ll want Boiron 30C Belladonna (the blue tube).
    Very wise of you to also consider Ultra CBD oil.

    Of course, we’re hoping none of this will be necessary because Kirby is gonna be just fine, but,
    it doesn’t hurt to be armed with a couple of remedies known for their fast-acting properties.

    Am including the link to a website with info specifically for epilepsy in dogs. Fortunately,
    it’s a quick and easy read for an exhausted mind.

    Please let me know if you’d like any further details or any other sources I can provide.

    Healing thoughts to you and your precious doggy-soulmate.

    Here’s that link you may find useful:

  48. Marilyn Marinelli

    Hi, I have a border collie…. Food is the problem I found with him….small amounts of baby food (had onion powder in it) took awhile for that to show up.I was a picky eater…not anymore he likes his food now. Stopped the baby food seizure stopped. Than it was swiss cheese yes a little swiss cheese did it. And then some rye bread…again he had a seizure. NOW NO MORE SEIZURES. thank God. He just gets his dog food Earthborn and some chicken …that is it. He has been doing fine for a long time now. Just something to share with you and for you to think about.
    Oh, one other thing I just remembered that got him was Peanut butter …now they are putting xylitol in some of them. This is a sugar substitute and is very very toxic for dogs.

  49. Batzion

    Hi Susan. So scary for you and little Kirby. Have you contacted Dr. Karen Becker to see if she has any ideas? Will keep you and Kirby in my prayers.

  50. Carol D.

    As well as your treatment protocols, I would check for cancer. I lost one of my Silkys that had cancer to terrible seizures from it, we finally had to put her down. I know how hard and scary it is, I hope you can find a way to get him seizure free!

  51. Georgia

    Rosemary extract was added to dog food as a natural preservative after the contaminated dog food from China in 2007 poisoned dogs. There has been extensive research on this causing seizures in young children, but nothing on animals. My Yorkie began having seizures that weren’t typically epileptic. Once I began tracking her food, it was clear that her seizures correlated to anything which contained rosemary extract whether it was dog food or people food (crackers and chips and Israeli couscous) or our parrot’s food that use it as a preservative. The neurologist we went to had heard anecdotal stories about it, so we slowly took her off potassium bromide and phenobarbital and guess what, the seizures were reduced by 90%. We can never be sure if the rosemary triggered something that caused the seizures or if it was the rosemary itself, but once it was removed from her diet and ours, her quality of life (and ours) improved greatly. I cannot count how many times we rushed her to the vet or I held her while she had clusters for over an hour even with a Valium suppository. Check your dog food and treats. I wish all dog food companies were paying attention. Be vigilant.

  52. Ian

    Many years ago my 15 year old Corgi had an extended seizure and I called the vet who said bring him in; they knew I lived 30 minutes away. When I got there his temperature was very high from the extended seizing and they said at that point he was brain damaged from the extended high body temperature and even though they stopped the seizure he would not recovered the only option was to euthanize him. They told me I should have packed him in wet towels and ice to keep his body temperature down during the transport. I replied “why didn’t you tell me that when we were on the phone and I told you I would be there in a half hour???” I was pretty upset. So anyway the purpose of this story is please discuss in advance with your trusted veterinarian what procedures to take if he has an extended seizure— how to safely keep him cool, etc if necessary to keep his body temp down until you can get medical treatment.

  53. Lauren Thibodeau

    So sorry you and Kirby are going through this, my heart aches for you two. My puppy of 9 months started getting head tremors, scary to watch. I incorporated a little more fruit in his diet which has seemed to help. I’m praying you are able to find a cure for little Kirby <3

  54. Robert Wilkins

    I’ve got one of those cats that can eat or drink anything with no problems. But I keep him
    on Hill’s Weight management both wet and dry and the odd bit of cooked chicken when
    I am eating the same. Dairy products are out but he loves the food and has brought him
    down from 29lbs to just over 20 now. He is an inside cat with a full set of barbs front and
    rear but he never scratches my stuff. He loves to rough and tumble but I must put on my
    jacket and both oven mitts or I would look like a scratching post. I wish you all the best with
    your beautiful pooch. Having an ill pet is not fun. Mine got poisoned last year when I made
    the mistake of letting him out and he found something some where. Vet told me it was rat
    poison as guess one of my neighbors was having a problem and was not thinking I guess
    and it was touch and go for a while but he is ok now. Munchkin and I are praying for you that
    you find the cure soon.

  55. Petra

    What about Kirby’s dog bed? Have you brought in any new toys, dog beds, food dish, or new furniture, or carpets? These items are often treated with flame-retardant chemicals that can induce seizures/affect the brain. Just another thought of what may be happening. I hope you will find a way to stop Kirby’s seizures!

  56. Teresa

    So sorry to hear about Kirby. I have 4 cats that I do not vaccinate but there are no holistic vets in my area and the “conventional” vets will not even treat animals that have not been vaccinated. I have actually taken one of my cats in for a wound on his neck and when they found out I do not vaccinate, they would not treat . Turned out ok in that instance as I treated it myself with good results. But can you believe vets can be so cold? After all, if vaccinations are all that, my cat would be the one at risk…not the other patients. Also, the rescue agencies will not allow you to adopt if you do not have a regular vet and get the vaccinations. It is enough to discourage me from having any more animals. I don’t know what I would do if one of mine gets really ill. I live in fear of it all the time. Fortunately it sounds like you have lots of good resources for treating little Kirby. Best of luck.

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Hey Theresa,
      I can’t believe all the conventional vet’s by you are such militants when it comes to refusing to treat your animals unless they are vaccinated. What ignorant non-forward thinking neanderthals! I’m sure, if you do a search, you can probably find someone that is more forward thinking, although you might have to travel out of your immediate area. It’s worth it, if you can find someone that agrees with your philosophies.

      I’ve been very lucky to have 3 different vet’s that I use, that have never forced me into any of that nonsense. I’m not sure if any of your pets were ever given the initial vaccinations, or never vaccinated, but if they had initial vaccinations, you might be able to get by w/ these vet’s that are giving you a problem, of you do titer testing. You could gather all the information on that & present it to the vet’s. How can they argue w/ you then, when you’ve done the titer’s & show them the proof on paper of how that info (from the titer’s) is proof they still have immunity (which I am sure they still have). With that said, you probably might be better off driving a distance verses having to deal with ignorant vet’s that do not hold your beliefs.

      As far as a holistic/homeopathic vet, there is a very well known & highly regarded vet named Dr. Yasson, she is one of the longest practicing certified homeopathic vet’s. My best friend has been using her for many years, with great results, she can’t say enough good things about her. The great thing, is that she does phone consultations. Now obviously you would need a regular vet for blood work, and normal exam. It might at first seem odd, that she could diagnose/treat, without seeing your pets, but her intake questionnaires are extremely detailed & it’s in those details , of how she decides what remedies to prescribe for your pet. If you wanted to find out more info, you could go to her website, checkout her esteemed credentials. If need be, I am sure my friend would even be willing to speak with you on the phone & answer any questions that you might have about her experiences with Dr. Yasson. If that is something you want to do, email me @ and I will get you in touch with her.

      Lastly, I know what you mean about trying to adopt from shelter’s or rescues, that will deny you, because you don’t have your pets regularly vaccinated. As a long time cat rescuer, I struggle finding people who believe like we do & will agree to not continue vaccinating their pets & to feed a species appropriate diet. I don’t know what state you live in, but if you live in the tri-state area, or are not too far from there & you ever want to adopt a cat/kitten, please contact me. My other best friend rescues/adopts out dogs/puppies, so whichever you are looking for, we would love to adopt out to someone like yourself! Gladly!
      We rescue folks are all inter-connected & if you are too far away from NY, I am sure I can hook you up with a “like minded” rescue person/group that is not vaccine crazy. Feel free to contact me any time!

      Be well,

  57. Chris

    Vaccinations can cause seizures. Homeopathy might be something to look into. I use one our of South Carolina (it is all done by email and phone) and my dogs have greatly improved in all areas of their lives since I started homeopathy.

  58. Cheri

    Aw man……….I’m sorry about your little Kirby dog. In my pack of primarily Shibas I had 1 Rottweiler and 1 Pomeranian who was the last of my Pom breeding program. None of the other dogs showed the level of love and devotion as that Pom did. The way she looked at me with so much love in her eyes………I miss her SO much. Small dogs with long hair can pass through and pick up ground covering toxins and just like humans some are more susceptible to the effects of those toxins then others. My Pomeranian looked perfectly trim, active and healthy but she had heart problems. Poor damn small dogs can’t catch a break. So buck up little kitty. Just consider it friends with beni-fits,

  59. Julia

    Oh so many of us can relate to what you are experiencing and most of us, me too, want to add our two cents. My darling 8 pound maltese, Oliver, who was a rescue began having seizures about a year after we adopted him. He was a healthy little guy so we were totally shocked. Like Kirby, Oliver began having seizures and yet, tested totally normal and healthy. We even had a heart specialist do a heart scan and evaluation. His seizures would begin slowly and he would appear as if he knew he was getting ready to have one. He would want me to hold him and his eyes would be fearful. His seizures did not involve screaming or thrashing. He would slowly stiffen, his eyes would roll back in his head and he would collapse and lay stiff for about 40-45 seconds. He would come around slowly and would be drained of energy and snuggle with me for a long while until he fully recovered and would run around the house again. Well, we decided to try a diet elimination to see if he was allergic to any food. After a few months, we discovered that poultry (chicken or turkey) would produce a seizure within 24 hours of him eating it. We completely eliminated it from his diet and he NEVER had another seizure. We had a few times when someone would drop chicken from a spilled morsel of cat food or a sandwich or he would get a chicken treat from someone without us realizing it and he would have one of his seizures – again, within 24 hrs. of ingesting the food. My vet at the time believed me and said he had someone else who had a dog that would seize from chicken. My precious Ollie crossed the rainbow bridge last year because he developed congestive heart failure. We had six months with him after that was diagnosed — but he was seizure free for many years before that.

  60. Maxine Schmidt

    I have no advice, just the best of well wishes for both you and Kirby. It’s stinko to be going through this. Prayers to you both.

  61. barbara m

    How terrifying for you and Kirby, esp when a treatment works for awhile and then the seizures mysteriously return. You are trying all the right things. I am also impressed with the wealth of information provided by your readers.

    As to the CBD oil… It’s been used successfully for children with uncontrollable seizures who have been relieved of symptoms. There’s even a CBD strain called Charlotte’s Web, named after a child with Dravet syndrome, who had 1000 seizures per month and now has almost none. An article about Charlotte by CNN,

    The federal gov now allows below 0.3% THC, (a trace amount) to sell, buy, and ship. When you are buying the oil, there is also the issue of the strain and the percentages of each. Charlotte’s Web strain is 20% CBD and 0.3% THC. On the web, the strains being offered are a wide variety of percentages, so is a bit confusing.

    Since cannabis/hemp has been demonized in the US for the last 80 years, researchers have been prevented from doing studies, except one at U of Miss. Fortunately, the Feds are now giving permission to certain labs for clinical trials. In the meantime dosage seems to be trial and error. Your vet may advise, but it seems that since Kirby is such a wee thing, he may only need only a few drops per meal.

    Sending my best to Kirby, you and your daughter… and for his speedy recovery.

  62. jackie Vero

    Hope things are going better for you and your little one. I would like to further mention from my previous comment that anyone going through the stress of having a dog with seizures should check the Web site of the Epi Guardian Angels for canines with epilepsy. It has a wealth of information and helped me a great deal.

  63. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    Dear Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear about your beloved doggie, and all he is going through! and of course, all that you and your family (that dearly love him), are going through trying to get him well. I know how emotionally draining that can be!

    After reading many of the comments here, most of my suggestions were already mentioned. The only thing I would add to that, is that if you are considering trying adding homeopathic medicine to the present modalities that you are already implementing, (if you don’t already have a practitioner that that you use, or know of), consider Dr. Michelle Yasson. She is one of the longest practicing certified homeopathic vet’s and has a sterling credentials & reputation. My best friend has been using her for years and cannot say enough good things about her. She does phone consultations as well.

    My thoughts and prayers are sent to you and yours, for the expedient renewal of health & healing for your fur-baby. Please keep us updated on your journey of healing.

    Best Wishes,

  64. Deb Dempsey

    We have had remarkable results with Canna Companion’s extra strength CBD in the treatment of seizures. Many of our customers have been able to get their dogs off of prescription meds once they begin using this. There is a link to the company’s video on our website ( and it’s legal in all 50 states. We have been absolutely amazed with how many vets are beginning to get on board with this alternative solution for seizures.

  65. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing your story. I pray for your precious Kirby and that your treatment plan is effective in eliminating any additional seizures.

  66. Betty

    Susan, It might be worth it to check on having the food test that Dr. Jean Dodds has from Hemopet in CA. I had my dog Molly tested because she had constant very soft or runny stools generally with mucous for years. She was reactive to 22 of the 24 foods in the test. she can only eat kangaroo, emu, quail or partridge and hen eggs. I did find kangaroo dog food on line. Expensive but worth it. She is doing fine now. She will be 13 in Feb. 2017. I thought I was doing the best for Molly with the foods I bought but sometimes even the best foods are just not right for all animals. Thanks for all you do for animals!

      1. Betty Burkett

        Thank you Rachel. I just found that out last week. I didn’t know they carried zignature. Molly had been on a raw diet for years and seemed to do well then she started with runny stools etc. I would love to be able to afford emu, quail etc but I can only find this online (for people) and it is like $15 per pound and she eats about a pound a day. She seems to like the kangaroo and her stools are good now.She is my heart dog and such a sweetheart!

  67. aimee

    Hmmm…. multiple events/day, short duration, quick recovery, excitement triggers, older dog,.. while the actual event description sounds like a seizure I’d wonder if these events are truly seizures vs a uncommon form of syncope. It can be hard to tell the two apart sometimes.

    The only testing mentioned was a blood test. I’d want more diagnostics than just a blood test and maybe you have already done them. I’d want a good cardiac exam including ultrasound and a heart monitor in place that captured an event on cardiac tracing. If those were all normal then I’d consider a MRI. Before embarking on treatment you need a diagnosis. My older dogs “seizures” turned out not to be seizures.

  68. Cathy Bienvenue

    It’s just heartbreaking to read this. Progress is being made though, even if it’s baby steps.
    Good luck and prayers to Kirby and you and the rest of the family.

  69. Emma's Mom

    We’ve been through seizures with several small dogs, having rescued about 500 over the years. We recommend homeopathy; it’s amazing and can cure impossible issues. Our dogs/cats get raw goat milk because it’s right for their system. We make keifer from it and daily add it to their raw diet, and to our morning raw smoothies. Not all cats/dogs tolerate cow milk. The other thing I’d do is run a bile acid test (BAT). Several seizure dogs had normal CBC tests but after doing the BAT, it showed liver problems that didn’t show on the full blood panel. Liver issues are common now, especially in small dogs. It’s more vaccine damage. We also use and recommend only homeopathic vets. There are none in our area so we do phone/email consults which have worked out great. Prayers for you and Kirby.

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