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More than you Ever Wanted to Know about Mycotoxins

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  1. Rebecca

    Tree Nuts – what about the walnut based litter that is out there now? My almost 12 month old Ragdoll has had a number of these symptoms since December 2012 and now has been diagnosed with FIP. No Vomiting but gastrointestinal distress, bloody diarrhea, now loss of appetite and weight loss. The blood work presents for possible FIP

  2. […] however science shows that even small amounts of mycotoxins can be dangerous to pets. From the International Journal of Food Microbiology, Drs. Herman J. Boermans and Maxwell C.K. Leung published the report “Mycotoxins and the pet food […]

  3. Peter

    Susan’s interpretation to avoid grain based products is a sound one, and I would add that manufacturers, in dealing with this issue, treat the subject grains with anti-fungal agents and pesticides (to kill the insects that are feed on molds and are thus attracted to the grain products where they form), and, your dog or cat would be exposed to these chemicals long term, along with that long-term exposure to mycotoxins.

  4. JD ward

    I started adding Diatom Earth to kibble to kill mites and any living things. Plus good for dogs. The mycotoxins–can they be killed by keeping foods in freezer for x days?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      To my knowledge – no, mycotoxin cannot be killed through freezing the pet food.

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