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Learn the Truth about Pet Food Ingredients Part 2

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  1. Laurie Raymond

    How does the requirement that the various parts are from “mammals” square with chicken and turkey and other avian flesh being incorporated into pet food? I thought poultry was explicitly included in the meat definition — has this changed?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Poultry ingredients have separate definitions than other meat ingredients – that is with by-products too.

  2. Allison

    Susan, my mom started purchasing a new brand of pet food and asked me about the ingredients. The meat is listed as ‘Fresh ground lean red beef roast and steak meat’ I’ve never seen this before! Any idea what quality of meat this would be? I have emailed the company for further details but no reply yet.

    (Btw. I”m trying my best to get her to feed raw & homecooked as I do so myself but some people seem to be more stuck in their ways of feeding…)

  3. CM

    My vet too suggested a “prescription food” to manage my recently diagnosed hyperthyroid cat. I flat-out refused and decided to do radioiodine, which is the curative treatment of choice. Just the thought of feeding my 14 year old cat that unhealthy food sickened me.

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